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Celebrate the first day of school appropriately with the decoration school – great ideas & tips

Education decoration ideas and instructions for handicrafts

Regardless of whether you are planning and organizing a party or just a festive breakfast for the big day of your child, the right decoration for schooling should not be missing to get everyone in the right mood. Finally, a new phase of life begins for the child, which is very exciting not only for the child but also for all relatives, and this should be celebrated appropriately. It does not matter whether you are celebrating a small party in a small circle at home, in a restaurant, park or elsewhere, the party decorations for school enrollment help ensure that the first grader feels celebrated and proud of himself and herself right mood comes. But how do you achieve the perfect start-up decoration? We’ll show you that in a moment!

Decoration school – when to celebrate?

Nice decoration ideas for school enrollment with typical school supplies such as pencils and books

Usually the family celebrates after the first day of school. A small festival is organized in the school to welcome all new students. Then they go inside with the teacher for a while, where they are shown the classroom and they can get to know all of their classmates. In most cases the first day of school is already over and the party is celebrated with friends and relatives, who can then congratulate the new school child.

Simple school enrollment decoration for a family breakfast with globe and hexagonal plates

Of course, you can also organize a celebration in advance, e.g. on the Sunday before the first day of school or in the morning during breakfast, if there is enough time. In this case, you can use the party with school enrollment decoration to give the child everything they need for school: school bags, gym bags, pens and pencil cases, rulers and other school materials, but also exercise books and books.

School enrollment decoration ideas

Wooden garland in the form of pencils for decorating the walls on the celebration

Fortunately, in a party or craft store these days, you can find something suitable for any occasion. And what you can’t find in stores, you usually discover after a quick search either online or you can do it yourself. But how can you achieve the perfect decoration start-up? Well, in principle anything that is associated with school can be used: blackboard, chalk, letters, numbers, books and pens are just a few examples. There are confetti in the form of letters that can be spread on the table as table decorations. You can also use it to make a garland as a decoration for school enrollment. The apple was once a traditional gift for the teacher and is therefore also a symbol for the first day of school.

Candied apples as a snack and a blackboard as a background with a pencil garland

By the way, you can make a start-up decoration yourself with all kinds of school materials. Rulers can be hung on the wall or distributed on the table, vases can be designed with colored pencils or pencils and books stacked on top of one another (e.g. the future school books of the new student) can be used to raise a certain object and thus present it better.

Colorful start-up decoration with the motto art for a favorite subject

Did the child have a certain favorite subject in preschool or certain hobbies and preferences in kindergarten? Then you can also use this as a theme for the school enrollment party. For example, your child is passionate about painting, choose drawing as the motto for the school enrollment party and use palettes, brushes, canvas and the like for the school enrollment decoration.

School enrollment decoration for the table with table runner ruler, paper plate in red and school bus

You are also welcome to look for suitable cardboard dishes that you can use for DIY schooling decoration. A nice example are the plates in the shape of apples in the picture above, which all you have to do is add a stem and sheet of green paper. You can also come up with something interesting for the drinking cups. It is important, however, that this introduction to the decoration does not interfere with drinking.

Plan an outdoor school party with a table for guests and a dessert table in rainbow colors

Use blackboard paint wherever you want and paint, for example, cups, signs or other decorations and accessories, so you can then write on them with chalk markers. You can also imitate a blackboard by using a black tablecloth. Small blackboards, as they were once used instead of exercise books, are also great as guest gifts that you can place on or on every plate.

The school cone

Use the school cone as a gift for the student and also for decorating

The school cone, also known as the sugar cone, is possibly the most important attribute for the freshly baked first grader. You can buy these ready-made or you can make them yourself with the help of print templates and design them individually. As the name suggests, the candy must not be missing in the sugar bag. But there is also room for other small gifts. So pens and other things for school can be hidden in it. Remember to store the heavier things below and stow the lighter ones above so that nothing is crushed. If there are smaller siblings, don’t forget to prepare a smaller sugar bag for each of them.

But school cones are not only very practical for this purpose. Since they are a typical symbol for school enrollment, you can of course also make decorations for school enrollment. Whether in 3D or 2D does not matter. The sugar cones can be made into a garland or decorate the table here and there, hang in groups on the window or on the lamp or be used in other ways as a party decoration.

Cake decoration for school enrollment

Cute cupcakes with books as a decoration made of fondant for the school enrollment party

What applies to the rest of the decoration for the first day of school, of course, also applies to the cake, cupcakes or other desserts. All of the mentioned motifs and symbols are suitable for decorating cakes. Depending on how creative and talented you are when it comes to cake decorations, you can create a wide variety of things with fondant. How about books, tiny tablets or homemade apples?

Idea for decorating the cupcakes with letters as labels

If you want it less complicated, you can also form or cut out simple letters and numbers. The cake decoration for school enrollment can also be made out of paper. Small labels with the alphabet and stuck to kebab skewers or straws can be easily stuck in small cakes. It is also original, quick and easy to put rulers, set squares, protractors and pens in the tartlets or cakes. Above all, pencils and colored pencils should be wrapped in foil or something similar (the part that will be stuck in the dessert), otherwise they can soften due to the moisture.

School enrollment Decoration for cake - create a school bus or any other motif out of muffins and cream

Another interesting idea is such a school bus, which is designed from several muffins and a cream and then painted with glaze. Of course, you can also design other motifs for such a start-up. Again, the sugar cone, a blackboard, the apple or several letters and numbers are suitable. Your imagination is the limit. Use any muffin recipe and cream of your choice.

Education in which colors?

School enrollment decoration for girls with party garland in pink and yellow with letters and school bus

The decoration ideas shown in the gallery consist of neutral colors, which can be used for school enrollment decoration for girls as well as for boys. But if you prefer a more gender-related party decoration, you can of course also use the matching colors. A school enrollment decoration in pink, lilac, pink and other delicate colors, for example, are great for little princesses, while blue and green are again very suitable for school enrollment decoration for a boy. However, it is best to use at least two, and even better, three shades to achieve an interesting and varied play of colors.

School enrollment decoration with the alphabet, a globe and delicious cakes

Take a look at some great decoration ideas for school enrollment in the following photo series and let yourself be inspired or copy your favorite ideas. Before you start planning and implementation, we also recommend searching the Internet for suitable finished products. In this way, you can simplify the preparation and devote more time to home-made decorations. By the way, the children can also help with the handicrafts!

Idea to pack the pens as gifts for the school child

Handicraft instructions for school enrollment Decoration with felt pens and toilet paper

Funny popcorn bags with school motifs - books with apples, crayons, school bus and pencil

The black tablecloth imitates the blackboard and highlights the colorful paper plates and the table decorations

Tray with blackboard paint, basket with snacks and beautiful decorations for the dessert table

Cake decoration with apples from fondant and cake garland

Dessert table with blackboard, milk and snacks for the party guests

Decoration idea with a board for the timetable and a sugar bag on the desk

School enrollment decoration with bright colors and delicious desserts to snack on

Make your own decoration signs as school enrollment with motifs suitable for the school

Rustic retro school enrollment decoration with wooden boxes, clipboard and pencils

Original buffet in the form of a yellow school bus as a decoration idea for the first day of school

Surprise first graders and all guests with DIY decorations

Decorate a delicious buffet with vegetables and snacks of different colors

Make apples and other fruits out of lanterns for the party decoration for school enrollment

Search for decorative paper plates with suitable motifs on the Internet as a start-up