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Celebrate New Year’s Eve – great ideas for a successful decoration

New Years Eve Celebration Table Decoration Ideas Gold Stripes

As soon as Christmas is over, it only lasts a few days and the next festival is just around the corner. For the New Year, many people take the opportunity and want to celebrate New Year’s Eve with family and friends. Fireworks, raclette, fondue and a glass of sparkling wine should of course not be missing here. At least as important, however, is the corresponding decoration, which differs significantly in some details from the previous Christmas decorations. On New Year’s Eve, many households are more modern and glamorous than at Christmas, where tradition and comfort played an important role. In the area of ​​decoration, too, guests can confidently be welcomed with the glittering cheerfulness of New Year’s Eve.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve – Receive the New Year with glitter and glamor

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The decoration for New Year’s Eve can be modern and glamorous. Finally, at the beginning of the new year, colorful fireworks glisten in the sky. Since in most apartments the Christmas decorations are still placed in the living rooms on New Year’s Eve, the decoration on New Year’s Eve is more concentrated on the dining table. Here is celebrated in good company, which can be underlined with typical decorative items.

All decorative items that glitter and shine go well with a festively decorated table on New Year’s Eve. These include, for example:

– decorative crystals

– shiny ribbons

– high-gloss candle holders and flower vases

– Decorative items made of glass or silver

These glamorous decorative details come into their own when the classic white tablecloth is dispensed with. On New Year’s Eve, the tablecloth can confidently take on a completely different color. Black, purple or bordeaux red are ideal for fun rounds until late at night. If you don’t want to buy a new tablecloth and prefer to use the tried and tested white model, you can create dark color accents with placemats. These are now available in numerous colors such as silver, gray or black. Placemats can either be placed at the individual places or highlight the center in the middle of the table. In addition, the use of placemats is a sensible measure if a raclette grill is to be in the middle of the table. Dripping grease will not stain the tablecloth and can simply be wiped off after the party. According to offers at Witt-Weiden Such placemats are available for around 10 euros and in many colors that also look good in New Year’s Eve decorations.

At the guests’ seats, shiny porcelain, silver and glass underline the effect of the decoration. Napkins in a special color such as silver or black underline this. If you want to give your own decoration a loving and hospitable touch, you can put a small marzipan pig or a potty with lucky clover at each place, which the guests can take home after the party.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve – Focus on the fireworks

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As already mentioned, a beautiful New Year’s Eve decoration is designed according to the model of the fireworks. Anyone who has already brought a lot of glitter and sparkle to the table can give the fireworks a very special role at the table. Real rockets and firecrackers are of course out of place here, because they must not be ignited in the apartment. They should also not be used as decorative objects, as spontaneous ignition – for example from a candle or the hot raclette grill – can cause immense damage.

So while the “real” fireworks are intended for use in the open air, hosts can use homemade fireworks Crackers Bring a party atmosphere to the table. These candies are a great idea for the New Years Eve party for a variety of reasons.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve – Decoration for Outside

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Since everyone gathers in the garden at midnight to greet the New Year, it is also worth creating a suitable decoration here. In order to offer your own guests a cozy atmosphere, it is worth setting up a standing table. Everyone can put their champagne glasses down here and concentrate fully on the fireworks. Depending on the weather, a roof should also be provided. A wide umbrella or a small pavilion are ideal for offering guests a dry and cozy place. In this regard, however, it is important that the fireworks are not set off near the screen or pavilion in order to avoid fire or personal injury.

The decoration of the dining table can be continued on the high table. Decorative crystals and shiny ribbons also form a pretty ensemble on the small table that guests like to look at. Those who want to awaken a little more festive feelings distribute sparklers to the guests and set up torches in the garden. The small flames bathe the garden in a cozy light and give at least a little warmth inside.

Celebrating New Years Eve – festive decoration in gold and pink

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Celebrate New Year’s Eve – table decorations in a subtle color scheme

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Festive table decorations for New Years Eve – Happy New Year garland

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Golden glittering details on the table

New Years Eve Celebration Table Decoration Plate Wall Clock