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Celebrate Galentine’s Day: The best ideas for an unforgettable girls’ evening!

February is known as the month of love and in a few days it will be that time again – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. There is hardly any other holiday where the spirits intersect so much – it is either celebrated to the fullest and you have been looking for the perfect gift for your partner for at least a month or you hate him from the bottom of your heart. For most singles, this is the most dreaded time of the year – many times we feel like everyone but us is in a happy relationship. But what if you’ve already found love? In your best friend? After all, hardly anyone knows you as well as the person who you can entrust everything to at any time. Have you heard of Galentine’s Day? It takes place on February 13th and has long become a tradition in America. This day is all about having a good time with our girls and celebrating our friendship! So do something special this year and find out here how you can celebrate Galentine’s Day!

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Galentine’s Day is celebrated on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day. Just gather the girls together, treat yourself to a few cocktails and something tasty and have a good time – doesn’t that sound like the perfect day? Because let’s be honest – we can live without partners, but without our friends we are simply lost. After all, they are the ones who support us in all the ups and downs that life brings and are always there for us, no matter how difficult things get. Even if the holiday was originally intended for women, it can of course also be celebrated by men, because they too need friends in their lives. After all, love for our friends is not a question of gender.

What exactly is Galentine’s Day and how did the holiday come about?

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Galentine’s Day became known through the series “Parks and Recreaion”, when the series character Leslie Knope explains her invention: “Every February 13th, my girls and I just leave our men at home and give full throttle.” The term is a combination of Valentine’s day and the word “Gal” – the English word for girlfriend. This holiday is all about celebrating the unique bond we have with our best friends – whether we’re in a relationship or not. Galentine’s day is a fictional holiday (aren’t they all holidays?), But it would still be a great addition to our calendar. You can celebrate Galentine’s Day however you want – whether dancing, a karaoke evening, a movie night or a slumber party – everything is allowed! If February was a common month this year, we’d suggest you dress up and go out. Unfortunately, in the midst of a lockdown, this is out of the question. But don’t panic – with our great ideas you can still celebrate your friendship and have a lot of fun!

Choose a theme for your party

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We always have fun with our girls, but on February 13th it has to be something very special. If you want to celebrate Galentine’s Day, then you absolutely have to come up with a cool topic – because this is the only way to make the evening unforgettable. Choosing a specific motto will allow you to focus on the smallest details and decorations and make the meeting even more exciting and fun. We always feel at home with our best friend. How about a classic slumber party, for example? Just slip into comfortable pajamas, lie down on the couch and laugh and gossip and gossip about all kinds of things. Or do you miss the restaurants and discos? Then ask your girls to put on their most beautiful dresses and high heels and to apply their make-up accordingly. As a joke, lay out a red carpet and welcome them with a glass of sparkling wine.

Celebrate Galentine’s Day: Take a cooking class and organize a wine tasting

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What shouldn’t be missing from a girls’ evening? Good food and delicious drinks, of course! Instead of ordering something from the pizzeria around the corner, take Galentine’s Day to the next level and take part in a virtual cooking class! Whether sushi, pasta or delicious desserts – the choice is huge and a great opportunity to learn something new. Cooking together is also fun and offers plenty of space for fun conversations. Make things even more interesting and organize a little cooking competition with unknown ingredients to see who is the most creative in the kitchen. You never get enough of wine? Just like wine, friendships get better over time. Come across your friendship with one Wine tasting at home at. You don’t have to be a professional sommelier to do this – it is enough for everyone to enjoy drinking wine and discovering new flavors. And so that you don’t drink on an empty stomach and you can remember Galentine’s Day tomorrow, don’t forget the snacks. Chocolate, a nicely arranged cheese platter and antipasti round off the wine experience perfectly.

Organize a game night

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Our best friend usually knows us best and we can trust her with our greatest secrets. And yet party games like “Truth or Dare” are a great way to add some momentum to the girls’ evening. Or how about you check out how well you know yourself? Each of you write down 10 questions about yourself with four possible answers for each question. Then ask each other the questions and write down your answers. When you’re done, count who got most of the questions right and the winner gets a bottle of champagne.

How about a girls’ flea market?

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All women in the world know the problem: we have so many clothes hanging in our closets that we haven’t worn for years, but that are simply too good to throw away. So why not celebrate Galentine’s Day by organizing your own flea market? Each of you should muck out your wardrobe and take the already sorted out parts with you. Have you always found your girlfriend’s black dress super chic? Who knows – maybe you get lucky and you will finally get it. To make the evening even more fun, you can turn the room into a fashion show and present the pieces you brought with you to a song. And while we’re at the styling stage: Galentine’s Day would be the perfect time to try out a few new make-up looks and beauty trends that you would otherwise not have time for. Do your makeup according to a YouTube tutorial, try intricate nail designs – you can help each other and laugh together at your mishaps.

You can’t go wrong with a movie night

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You’ve probably spent most of the past year in your pajamas or sweatpants. Why should it be any different on February 13th? Make yourself comfortable on the couch and organize a quiet movie night. Kitschy, romantic comedies are simply part of a girls’ night out! Make it a little game by watching a love drama together and whoever starts to cry first has lost.

Celebrate Galentine’s Day and organize a fun karaoke evening

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A karaoke party with our best friends in your own home will be a lot of fun, believe us! You don’t necessarily need a game console for this – a laptop or computer will do just fine. Don’t have microphones? Then just take the deodorant bottle! Regardless of whether it’s hits, hard rock, hip hop or the latest hits – you will surely find the right song for each of you on the Internet! Are you and your girls big fans of “Dancing with the Stars”? Then sign up for one virtual dance class and get ready for an unforgettable Galentine’s Day! Dancing is good for our soul and frees us from tension and stress. Another great way to make the evening special would be to try out new TikTok trends and fun choreographies.

More great and funny ideas for the perfect Galentine’s day!

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  • Take a little road trip – Just because the restaurants and bars are closed doesn’t mean you have to spend Galentine’s Day at home. Take a day trip and explore the streets of a small town you’ve always wanted to visit.
  • Let yourself be pampered – Relaxing together is an excellent way to spend Galentine’s Day together. Treat yourself to a wonderful wellness day at home! Have a foot bath, a homemade face mask, or massage each other’s backs. Enjoy a glass of wine and the girls’ evening is a success!
  • Funny Selfies – Granted, we all have hundreds of selfies with our girls. However, it’s not about looking chic, on the contrary – the group selfie should be as unusual and funny as possible. For example, if you are left-handed, use your right hand to apply makeup. Or try a fun hairstyle – just get as crazy as you want. Every time you look at the photo it will make you laugh again!
  • Write love letters to each other – While you probably do this often enough, Galentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to tell our friends why we love them so much.
  • Goodie Bags – Would you like to give your girls something small for the holiday? Then grab some little bags and fill them with all the things your girlfriends love.

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