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Carving a melon shark – instructions and pictures for the recipe

Melons shark recipe instructions-fruit-fruit salad-children's birthday party

Often parents try to surprise their children with original treats in order to give them joy. Whether for a children’s birthday party or on other occasions, a culinary fruit creation is always popular with young and old. In this way, you will replace traditional sweets, such as chocolate cakes or candies, with a unique and healthy recipe idea. Using these instructions, you can prepare an unusual and attractive melon shark with fruits step by step. This will not only taste good for adults and children, but will also be really fun and hopefully give some people a bit of a creep. The melon shark is sure to be a delicious refreshment for everyone during the long, hot summer days.

Melon shark with fruit salad

Melons shark recipe instructions-fruit salad-children's birthday

Even amateurs can creatively cut a melon shark. Both children and adults will like this tasty surprise. The fruit salad is also a perfect summer souvenir that will be the centerpiece of the table if you serve it in the form of a melon shark. It’s surprisingly easy to prepare, and it can be carved with just a few kitchen tools.

Melon shark recipe instructions-preparation

Start by washing the watermelon. Then dab it off and look for the upper part with the mostly saturated colors.


Then cut off an oblique piece of it. It should make up about a third of the melon and look like the mouth opening. Then lay the watermelon on the cut side and cut a wedge about 4 cm wide. Keep this to make the fin out of it later.


Use a knife to mark 2 strip lines about 3 cm from the edge over the watermelon.

Melon-shark-recipe-instructions-fruit-fruit-salad-paring knife

Now take the vegetable peeler and carefully remove the green peel from the two marked strips.


You can use a small paring knife to carve finer details in the melon peel.


Now it’s time to remove the ruby ​​red fruit mass. Try to cut these out in straight pieces so that you can use them for the fruit salad. Once you’ve cut most of the pulp from the rind, turn the watermelon over and remove the rest with a tablespoon or ice cream spoon. Place the melon shark on the platter.


Then use the paring knife again and use it to carve triangular teeth on the two peeled strips.

Melon-shark-recipe-instructions-fruit pieces

Take the wedge you cut out earlier and shape an oblique triangle from the center to use as a fin.


Hold the fin next to the melon shark and examine the curve you need to cut out of it so that the fin conforms to the shape of the head.



When you’re done with that, attach the fin to the bark with the help of the toothpicks.


Once you’ve diced the pineapple, apples, and pulp from the watermelon, mix them together in a large bowl and place them in the shark’s mouth. Then break a toothpick in half to secure the eyes using the blueberries on each side of the head.


It is advisable to drain the fruit salad in a colander if the dessert is eaten a little later. Otherwise your melon shark will have to swim in fruit juice.

Melon-shark-recipe-instructions-fruit-fruit-salad-children's birthday-jelly

Optionally, you can add a water motif, for example by applying blue jelly. Thus, the melon shark will look like it comes out of the water. Simply prepare the jelly in a baking sheet and store in a cool place until you add it to the serving plate around the melon shark. In addition to the fruit salad, you can add grapes and swim with rubber sharks or other types of fish in the blue jelly.

You can prepare this shark fruit creation a few hours in advance or the day before and then store it in the refrigerator overnight.

Melon-shark-recipe-instructions-fruit-fruit-salad-children's birthday-blue-jelly

Finally, all the steps in a short summary:

Ingredients and accessories

  • an oval watermelon
  • a large chef’s knife
  • a peeler
  • a tablespoon or ice cream spoon
  • a paring knife and a vegetable peeler
  • a large serving platter
  • three toothpicks
  • 1 pc. Fresh pineapple
  • 3 large apples
  • 2 large blueberries or red grapes


  1. Wash and pat the watermelon well.
  2. Cut a third of the watermelon at a slight angle to make the mouth opening.
  3.  Place the watermelon on the cut side and remove a 4 cm wide wedge from it.
  4.  Mark 2 strips, each 3 cm wide, with a knife.
  5. Using a vegetable peeler, carefully remove the green peel from the two strips.
  6. Cut out the pulp with the large kitchen knife. Remove the rest with a spoon.
  7. Carve the triangular teeth with a paring knife.
  8. Tinker the fin from the wedge, adapt it to the shark’s head and fix it with a toothpick.
  9. Make the eyes using the blueberries and a toothpick broken in half.
  10. Put the diced fruit mixture in your mouth either directly or after about 30 minutes.