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Cake or cake for school enrollment – 15 impressive ideas and designs

Cake for school enrollment motiv-cake-back-to-school-cake decoration-pencil-idea

School is about to start and almost all school children are excited about it. School beginners in particular are looking forward to the upcoming start of school and are preparing for the school enrollment party. An important point here is the dessert. You can either use a cake or a Cake for school enrollment or replace them with appropriately decorated cookies or tarts.

Decorate the cake for school enrollment

Cake for school enrollment simple-cream-cake-decorating-motifs-school-cake decoration

Tidying up children’s rooms and replacing toys with school supplies means only one thing – schooling! And the perfect back-to-school party needs a perfect cake with appropriate motifs. You can turn any cake into a suitable dessert for the occasion by printing a school bus, some books and writing materials from paper and sticking them on sticks. You can then place the decoration in the middle of the cake. This way you get a nice cake for school enrollment without wasting a lot of time in preparation.

Creative ideas for the cake for school enrollment

Cake for school enrollment fondant-satchel-school-things-creative-idea-back to school-name

For parents who want to make not only the day but also the dessert unforgettable, cakes with fondant can be transformed into any school item. For example, cakes that look like a large satchel with school supplies are suitable for starting school. The details are most important to get a good end result. If you are not an expert in working with fondant, we recommend that you order the cake for schooling instead of baking it yourself.

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Surprise the schoolchild with a large cake for school enrollment

Cake for school enrollment floor cake-back to school-celebrations-motifs-ruler-wax crayons-pupils-school bus

The cake for starting school is almost as important as the school cone. Therefore, parents and relatives can surprise the school child with a larger cake with several sticks and make his eyes light up. However, one should adjust the size of the cake to the number of invited guests so that there is not too much left over.

Sheet cake for school enrollment with matching lettering

Cake for school enrollment cake-colorful-lettering-cake decoration-ruler-apples-pencil-chalkboard

Sugar lettering is often used on motif cakes. Congratulations, child’s name, school, and grade are common decorations for the school enrollment cake or cake. If, on the other hand, the cake is given to the teacher, you can write a few nice things for her with the sugar script.

Back to school fondant cake with the child’s name

cake-school-fondant-school-school-bus-name-flowers-cake-decoration-back to school

Fondant cakes definitely offer the largest selection of ideas and designs for any occasion. Large edible letters that write the child’s name and fondant figures such as school buses are very popular with children when they start school.

Decorate the cake for school enrollment with congratulations


A nice design idea for the back-to-school cake would be to decorate it with a fondant school blackboard and write down a brief congratulation. Choose a shorter sentence, such as: “Congratulations on starting school!” Or “Happy birthday!”. Longer poems and sayings about the start of school are more likely to be part of the greeting card.

Colorful cakes for school enrollment

cake-torte-schooling-wax crayons-colorful-cakes-ideas-back to school

For school enrollment, we recommend colorful cakes that look funny. Designing a cake like crayons or crayons is an original idea that combines all the colors of the rainbow. If you make the cake yourself at the start of school, you will need food coloring to create the colorful effect.

Bake your own cake for school enrollment


You can easily make the cake or cake for the start of school yourself in the form of a school cone or a pen. Next, we would like to show how the school enrollment cake is designed as a pencil. The preparation is super easy and does not take too much time. You will need the ingredients for a simple sheet cake, a baking sheet, buttercream, food coloring, and a piping bag.

Pencil cake for school enrollment – instructions

cake-cake-training-self-baking-instructions-steps-cake decoration

First bake a vanilla or chocolate sheet cake in the tray and let it cool. Then with a sharp knife cut the cake in the shape of a pencil. Next, coat it with white buttercream and make markings for the different colors. Then spray the different parts with the right color until the pencil cake is ready for school enrollment.

Matching cake decorations and the most popular motifs for starting school

cake-school-school-cake-rectangular-lettering-sugar script-back to school-motivational cake

The suitable decorations for the cake for school enrollment are diverse. You can either use just one motif as with the pencil and crayon cake, or you can combine different cake decorations. School cones, writing materials, rulers, erasers, school blackboards and chalk pens made from fondant are very popular. Lettering and simple bills also go well with a cake for school enrollment.

Prepare a popular cake for school enrollment


When starting school is celebrated, you shouldn’t necessarily prepare or order a motif cake. If your child has a favorite cake, it can be prepared for the occasion. In the following we present the recipe for a simple cake for school introduction with chocolate chips and colorful sugar sprinkles.

Simple recipe idea for school enrollment cake


For a cake that tastes just like a chocolate cookie, you need:

– 170 g melted butter

– 250 g of brown sugar

– 125 g fine sugar

– 1 large egg + 1 yolk

– 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

– 500g flour

– 3/4 teaspoon baking soda

– 1/2 teaspoon sea salt

– 250 g chocolate drops

– 80 g colored sugar sprinkles.

The finished mass is baked in a baking sheet at 175 degrees for 25 minutes. For schooling, you can serve the cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and enjoy it either cold or warm.

Make cake decorations yourself at the beginning of school

cake-enrollment-cake-cake-decoration-cake-decoration-back to school-ideas-fondant

With colored fondant you can make beautiful cake decorations for school enrollment and decorate the cake, cake or other dessert with it. For the alphabet, you can use cookie cutters so that all letters have a good shape and look the same.

Cupcakes instead of cake for school enrollment


Instead of a cake or a cake for school enrollment, you can prepare cupcakes or muffins and decorate them with the self-made cake decorations. Finally, you can sprinkle with sugar sprinkles and serve them to friends and relatives when they start school.

Bake cookies for school enrollment

cake-school-cookie-molds - apple-exercise-book-pencil-chalkboard-decoration

The self-baked cookies represent an alternative dessert to the cake for school enrollment. Like the cakes and tarts, they can be decorated as desired and are a crispy surprise for the schoolchildren.

Back to school tinker cake with school supplies


Are you looking for creative ideas for school enrollment that will impress your school starter and at the same time find application in school? You can make a cake yourself out of school supplies for the start of school and give it to the child as a gift when they start school.

Cake made from school supplies for back to school – instructions


To make the school supplies cake for school enrollment on several levels, you can use several boxes of different sizes and glue them together. You will also need different school materials such as wax crayons, felt-tip pens, scissors, glue and similar utensils that you need in school.

Make your own cake for school enrollment as a gift


Follow the instructions in the pictures to make this original back to school cake yourself. With a small chain of pennants with lettering at the top, you can congratulate the schoolchildren and wish them a happy new school year.