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A feel-good atmosphere in winter – decorating with fur and leather

Decorate with fur bedroom cozy winter fur leather accents

Almost everyone likes leather shoes and bags, but when it comes to leather elements in interior design, leather furniture is often not the best if you want comfort and easy maintenance. But there are many other ways in which you can introduce these cozy accents into the house. Fur rugs, cozy blankets, decorative pillows, leather tiles and many other accessories can easily be adapted to any furnishing style and create a uniquely cozy atmosphere in the room. Our ideas would show you that Decorate with fur and leather is not that difficult.

Decorate with fur and leather – choose cozy home accessories

Modern bedroom decorate with fur gray light wood fur bedspread

If you want to decorate with leather, you can start small. A great way would be to do this with a few accessories. For example, there are plenty of beautiful leather-bound books that can be stacked to add a touch of sophistication to your living room or bedroom.

Decorate with fur and leather – Dress up your walls

leather wall tiles luxury home office vintage wood desk

Designers are getting more and more creative when it comes to innovation. We have already presented you with leather tiles for walls and floors. They have a classy look and are perfect for the home office or the dining room. The only place where you can’t use them is of course the bathroom.

Combine fur and leather elements with other furniture in the room

cozy upholstered armchair white wood living room table

When decorating with fur and leather, make sure that these elements are not too dominant. Combine a leather stool with a comfortable upholstered armchair made of a different fabric. A cozy fur on the bed is often coordinated with the color of the wallpaper. The leather doesn’t just come in black and brown. There are many colorful pieces made of imitation fur that have a special charm. White and black fur have a sophisticated look, while the brown ones look rather cozy.

white fur duvet

modern bedroom black red white fur duvet

the fur color matched with the wall color

modern bedroom black fur blanket black

Fur carpet and fur rugs on the window bench

decorate bedroom fur floor window bench

warm colors and a cozy blanket on the sofa

Decorate with fur blanket sofa living room sloping ceiling

Symmetry and decorative cushions made of leather

Decorate with fur leather cushions living room earth tones wood coffee table

Fur carpet in front of the fireplace

decorate fur leather fireplace living room cozy winter

Decorate with fur leather coffee table stool shades of gray

Decorate with fur cushions ceiling corner sofa wood wall coffee table

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duvet fur accent comfort winter

animal fur carpet white black white furniture fireplace

bedroom fur duvet leather upholstery ottoman  bedroom decoration cozy window seat rugs white fur

bedroom decoration cozy brick wall fur bed

rustic living room deco pillow white fur cuddly

fur duvet cozy warm bedroom

decorate home office yellow black leather cowhide floor

decorate fur leather bedroom cottage style stone wall

decorate dining room eclectic chairs white gold dining table

fur rugs white dining room chairs

modern bedroom zebra pattern pillow fur blanket

bathroom minimalist bathtub fur rugs floor