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40 do-it-yourself summer decoration ideas for your garden party

Decoration ideas to make yourself umbrellas-over-the-dining-table-hanging

Invitations are ready, the theme for the summer party has been chosen. Now you just have to finish some details. With so many craft ideas to choose from, the options can be overwhelming. We can offer you some Do-it-yourself summer decoration ideas, that would inspire you.

Do-it-yourself decoration ideas – paper chains as a backdrop


Nostalgia is likely what this paper necklace brings with it. As kids, we made these paper necklaces just for fun. Now it’s time to revive those repressed skills for a good cause and create a festive decoration for your summer party. You would create an amazing effect if you let the colors blend into each other.

Do-it-yourself party decoration ideas

garden party-decoration-idea-parasols-upside down-fairy lights

Another creative idea that creates a charming ambience for the garden party. The combination of umbrellas upside down and fairy lights will delight your guests. Decorate the garden for a summer party or hang it over a dance floor. The effect is very nice.

Do-it-yourself decoration ideas – coloring paper doilies

Decoration ideas to make yourself flower-doilies-garden party

This creative do-it-yourself decoration idea would look great at any party. The colorful paper doilies add the touch you’ve always been looking for. All you need is a range of sizes of paper doilies, food coloring, a glue stick, and string to hang it on.

Make colorful balls out of yarn

Do-it-yourself decoration ideas balls-yarn-garden party

These colorful balls made of yarn are fun and bring a very festive mood to your summer party. You are one of a kind and your guests would be wondering where did you get such cool decorations! You need cotton yarn, balloons, craft glue, newspapers. We have already presented a similar project for Easter, but the technology is the same.

Buffet table made from wine barrels

garden party-summer-buffet-wine-barrel-instead-of-tables-rustic

Great idea for anyone who can get hold of a couple of empty wine barrels. Your guests will feel like they are at a vintage high class party. If you already have the wine barrels, all you have to do is place a flat piece of wood or other solid surface on top to create your unforgettable buffet table.

Door wreath made of cocktail umbrellas

decoration-ideas-make-yourself-cocktail-umbrellas-wreath-garden party

Welcome your guests with a wreath of cocktail umbrellas for an unforgettable summer party! It’s easy, fun, and your guests will love this idea. This affordable idea would be perfect for a summer party or other theme party with a summer flair.

decoration-ideas-do-it-yourself-garden-party-roses-ice cream cone


decoration-ideas-do-it-yourself-garden-party-cookies-flowers-vase-coffee beans

decoration-ideas-make-yourself-garlands-cake doilies-garden party





garden party-pink-white-paper-umbrellas-upside-down-gold-colored-paper-lamps



decoration-ideas-garden party-paper lamp-paper flowers

decor-ideas-garden party-paper-umbrellas-paper lamps-baby shower




decoration-ideas-garden party-lighting-rice paper lamp-tent




decoration-ideas-garden-party-fairy lights-tree-wrapped

decoration-ideas-garden party-fairy lights-brick wall

decoration-ideas-garden-party-paper-balls-along the table


garden-party-lighting-ideas-glass-tea lights-tree-hung



decorating-ideas-do-it-yourself-garden-party-wine-glasses-spice up


paper chain-garland-heart-shape-garden-party-summer

decoration-ideas-garden party-baby shower-gypsophila-pot-straws

decoration-ideas-garden party-buffet-wine barrel-base




lanterns yarn make colorful decoration ideas yourself

summer decor party ideas do it yourself paper doilies food coloring

Make your own paper doilies food coloring blue

Coloring paper doilies garlands make party decorations yourself decoration ideas to do it yourself paper doilies garlands

door wreath cocktail umbrellas make summer decoration ideas yourself

Hang paper parasols from IKEA above the dining table

white paper umbrellas ikea dining table decoration idea

  Garlands and flowers made of paperdo it yourself decoration ideas napkins flowers garlands

napkins flowers garlands party decorations summer

party decoration idea make paper garlands yourself

Garland of balloons

balloons garlands rainbow colors garden party

Summer table decoration ideas

summer table decoration blue tablecloth yellow napkins lemon

decoration ideas garden party summer yellow theme cupcakes

wine barrels wood vintage party decoration buffet table

sunny yellow on the table

summer decoration ideas garden party table decoration yellow