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20 theme party ideas for a celebration in Africa style

Mottoparty ideas room-design-decoration-africa-party-elephants

Do you like to attend or give interesting parties? Today we have different ones for you Theme party ideas for everything to do with the preparation and design of an African party. With variants for both adults and children, the celebration with jungle motifs ensures a good mood and allows guests to get to know the exotic culture of Africa.

Mottoparty ideas – decoration for an African party

Mottoparty ideas africa-party room design-table decorations-wooden benches-furs

African-style parties are best organized outdoors. Depending on the number of guests, you can put long tables with benches and decorate them appropriately. Artificial furs or blankets with animal motifs go well with the benches. This gives you a pleasant environment that is perfect for a jungle party.

Celebrate with an African look – theme party ideas for outdoors

Mottoparty ideas african-women-figures-flowers-decoration-garden party

Do you prefer a day party? Then we recommend decorating the garden with plastic figures of African women who are carrying something over their heads, such as baskets with flowers or tropical fruits. It is important to create a tropical environment in order to give guests a real African experience.

African garden party around the campfire

Mottoparty ideas campfire-chairs-evening-garden party-jungle-party

In summer, an outdoor party is more popular because of the warmer nights. The sky is clear and full of stars. All you need is some African music and you can put yourself in the foreign country for a few hours. The campfire is also a perfect prerequisite for barbecuing.

Motto party Africa – design of the garden

Mottoparty Ideas garden-africa-party-bar-drink-tent-plane

Another idea for the design of the Africa Party is to convert your garden into a tent camp. You can use different tents for eating and drinking. They can be decorated as you like, for example with small airplane models and African carpets.

Table decoration ideas for jungle party


Would you like to make an African table decoration yourself? For this you need either beautiful napkins with animal motifs or, if available, plates with the same decorations. A combination of the two is also possible. Small animal figures are also suitable as decoration for the table at a jungle party.

Theme party ideas – party props for photos

theme party-ideas-props-masks-giraffe-zebra-safari-decoration

As with any party, props that are used for interesting photos are also suitable here. Masks of animals or with safari elements are really great and with them the party pictures become more fun. Besides, they also go well with children’s parties.

Decoration to celebrate in safari style

theme party-ideas-decoration-africa-globe-suitcase-candle-lantern

Another decoration idea for an African safari party in the garden is the use of lanterns, old suitcases or globes. The idea is inspired by the animated film for Tarzan, a boy raised in the jungle.

Mottoparty ideas for invitation cards to the Africa party


For a theme party, it is always good to prepare the appropriate invitation cards. They should contain the theme of the party, in our case African motifs. We present a variant for the invitations that depicts a typical African woman and landscapes from Africa.

Mottoparty ideas Africa – disguise and accessories

theme party-ideas-costumes-safari-disguise-couple-africa-party

The disguise for the Africa theme party is still a central part of the preparation. The safari clothing is very popular and not difficult to carry out, for which the accessories are most important. In this case, the safari hat and binoculars are meant. Another idea is to buy an animal costume. The possibilities are many – zebras, giraffes, tigers or lions, everything fits into the jungle party. Our final recommendation is for those who want to keep their clothes simpler. You can simply add a few African motifs to your suit or dress and you get a self-made disguise for the party and this really cheap.

Starters with African ingredients for a jungle party


As starters for the theme party, you can top different rolls with spreads that are typical of African cuisine.

Preparing African food for a theme party

theme party-ideas-food-board-grilled meat-dumplings-dip-african

The cuisine of Africa has many delicious dishes. The Boerewors are recommended for grill lovers – these are spicy grilled sausages, typical of South Africa. Other options are fish or meat rolls, which should definitely be served with a spicy or hot sauce. Different types of meat-filled dumplings with chili dip are also popular in Africa.

African cuisine – a must at the Africa theme party


If you don’t just want finger food at the party, but also main dishes, you can hire a catering company and have typical African dishes prepared.

African style party – fun atmosphere and dancing around the fire


As with any party, you can leave a place as a dance floor where the guests would dance and chat. If possible, arrange the dance floor near the fire for a mood like the African tribe.

Africa theme party ideas – traditional African music


The African music and musical instruments are known worldwide. They are rhythmic and suitable for dancing. It is advisable to hire real African musicians, as they have the necessary instruments and are sure to bring a happy mood to the party.

Don’t forget to decorate the dessert with African decorations


Every celebration needs a dessert, for which we have presented some ideas here. Regardless of whether you choose a cake or small muffins, your theme party requires a decoration with the main motifs for the dessert. A lighter alternative would be to decorate tropical fruits and serve as dessert.

Theme party ideas – jungle birthday party for kids


An Africa theme party can also be given for children. For the decoration, small animals and plants are preferable, which can even be handmade. Balloons are always suitable for the little ones. For dining, you can decorate muffins like popular animals, make small sandwiches and, of course, serve fresh fruits and vegetables. Your child will certainly never forget a jungle birthday like this.

Jungle party for children – costume yourself do

theme party-ideas-africa-safari-kids-disguise-vest-binoculars-do-it-yourself

An Africa theme party costume for children is not difficult to make yourself. You will need a brown shopping bag, scissors, buttons, small envelopes, and glue. Simply measure the shopping bag on the child and cut and decorate as shown in the picture. To make binoculars, you need two rolls of toilet paper, felt pads, string and glue. You need the felt glides to glue the two rolls together. With a straw hat and a plush toy, the child’s safari look is ready.

Face painting instead of costumes

theme party-ideas-jungle-party-face painting-animals

An alternative to the costumes is face painting. You can hire a painter who would make up all children like different African animals.

Mottoparty ideas – surprise for the little guests


Children like gifts, so it is advisable to prepare a gift bag with interesting surprises for each child. Examples of this are small animal figures, plush toys or children’s books about Africa.