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20 arrangements of flowers and fruits – do-it-yourself decoration ideas

autumn floral arrangement chrysanthemums roses sunflowers flowers and fruits

I mean, a beautiful bouquet of flowers is always an excellent gift idea? Surely no one will deny that, I strongly assume. Regardless of the occasion, flowers are a special and unique way of expressing your feelings. Flowers expressly show your style and taste, your creative thinking and create a wonderful atmosphere in every home. Let’s take the roses as a first example. Everyone knows the popular saying: “Red roses, red roses are eternal messengers of love …” Well, roses can express romantic feelings very well. Or let’s take the fresh and bright carnations and irises, which create a casual atmosphere and invite you to relax. When arranging a bouquet you give expression of your soul and your personality, you show who you are, regardless of whether you want to do that or not. So, do not hesitate to show off the beauty of a colorful composition that you have created yourself. These beautiful arrangements made Flowers and fruits would give you some ideas.

Decoration ideas with flowers and fruits

Flowers and fruits decoration ideas dahlias berries lime grapes

A new and fascinating trend in arranging the bouquets is that Use of fruits and vegetables in the bouquets. Apples, grapes, lemons, blueberries and other types of berries, all of which are very different in shape and color, definitely add a romantic touch to any floral composition. The addition of different fruits of appropriate colors will undoubtedly be an excellent addition to your bouquet. These fruits and vegetables must match both the occasion and the season. Summer combinations of bright yellow and white flowers should be further adorned with lemons, strawberries or peaches. Pink spring flowers look excellent with fine green pears. If you have a beautiful Bouquet of autumn flowers then you should use fruits like apples, pomegranate, and blueberry. It is your own design, so stimulate your own imagination and bring lots of life to your creations to achieve a creative design, a unique combination of your favorite ones- Flowers and fruits in a beautiful composition. If you want to make an original bouquet, then, in addition to fruit, you can include vegetables in it. If you use a small autumn pumpkin, blue eggplant or red bell pepper, you are sure to get a very special kind of bouquet.

Decoration with flowers and fruits depending on the season

Flowers and fruits decoration ideas do it yourself pomegranate roses

Many people are on the pursuit of vitamins these days. This new trend in arranging flowers also makes us think of interesting combinations that not only look beautiful, but can also be useful. Buttercups and orange, strawberries and kiwi, peppers, radishes, mushrooms can be wonderfully integrated into exotic flower compositions that will be remembered for a long time. The main thing is that they are beautiful, aesthetic, useful and … you enjoy creating them, but also giving them gifts.

floral arrangement orange nuance roses gerbera apple

Autumn carnival

Until the last day of autumn, this season is full of beautiful colors and always delights us anew with its variety of different color nuances and shades. The autumn color palette is predominantly dominated by the colors yellow, orange, red, brown and chocolate nuances. If you want to create an autumnal composition, please pay attention to the special shades that you integrate into it. Your choice would undoubtedly be very large, so you will be able to choose your favorite colors or incorporate bright ones that exude joy and peace. It depends a lot on your own tastes and preferences.

Dahlias and berries

flowers fruits decoration ideas table berry branches dahlias

In order for you to create wonderful bouquets of autumn flowers, first of all, choose typical flowers of this season: gladioli, chrysanthemums, asters, grasses and leaves of trees, small fruits, apples, walnuts. They can be perfectly combined with the always current, at any time of the year, roses, gerberas, carnations. But we can only advise you, really the typical ones in autumn Flowers and fruits preferable for this time of year. They show off the best of this season, mostly through the sheen and warmth of their colors.

Cabbage among the flowers

Flowers and fruits decoration ideas cabbage arrangements

Another idea: charming metamorphosis

Do you need a new planter? You could also use fruits or vegetables that are strong enough and of a suitable size for this purpose. For example, you could make an interesting vase out of elongated pumpkins in orange or green. How does it work? Cut off the top part of the pumpkin, then remove the flesh with the seeds. You can now arrange the plant material in the gap that has been formed. You still need some paper, fold it and lay it evenly on the bottom of your new flower pot. Choose your favorite flowers, if possible in the orange-red tones, they could be of different shapes and textures: silver burl, dahlias, marigolds and place them between leaves. Irises, bulrushes and other autumn flowers are also recommended, they give your composition an unforgettable flair. Also, you can try plants with small petals or smaller leaves, which also look very cute and complement the floral composition perfectly.

A similar arrangement makes a great decoration for the fireplace or dining table.

Apples and pears in the glass vase

summer flowers glass vase bellis sun flowers roses

Roses and pumpkins

autumn table decorations flowers pumpkin bellis roses sunflower

orange nuances

autumn flower arrangements orange nuances citrus fruits

yellow colors

bouquet of flowers fruits bananas lemons berries yellow

floral arrangement green snowball green apples roses

Flowers and fruits table decorations christmas candles red roses apples berries

flowers fruits decoration ideas do it yourself forsythia snowball oranges

flowers fruits decoration ideas tangerines artichokes berries

Flowers and fruit arrangement irises grapes apples

flower arrangement grapes white roses purple kalla

flower arrangements summer lemon glass vase

flower arrangement chrysanthemums easter limes lemons