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16 water bomb game ideas for the kids or pool party in summer

Water bomb game suggestions for fun pool and summer parties

Whether for a pool party, a garden party or a simple summer afternoon – water bombs are always suitable and ensure great fun. Children in particular have fun in the water fight and let off steam in the process. But not only children enjoy games with water bombs. Even the child in every adult secretly longs to play with water bombs. Then what are you waiting for? Go buy a large number of depth charges and get started right away – with family or friends. But don’t think that only water fights are possible. On the contrary, numerous other games can be played with water bombs. And today we have put together a list of creative and funny ideas for you. So you will have enough choice for the whole summer. Just pick any water bomb game and the fun can begin. While some are more suitable as water games for children, others can also be chosen for adults or play together.

Water Bombs Game – Kick Water Balloons

Water bomb games are plentiful and great fun

This water bomb game is prepared quite quickly and easily. Just fill lots of balloons with water, tie them up and spread them on the floor. Now you have to try to step on it. The following applies: the fuller the balloons are, the easier it is for them to burst. Feel free to create a water bomb game where two people or teams compete against each other. Both sides get an equal number of water balloons and whoever bursts all of them first wins. You can also deliberately fill some balloons less and label them with dots. These more difficult depth charges will then earn you more points. In this case, you should burst as many balloons as possible in a given time.

Catch and throw

Water bombs throwing and catching game for children and adults

Two teams are formed for this depth charge game. Each team is given two wash bowls (or other large containers), one empty and the other filled with plenty of water bombs. Both teams line up at a distance of at least 9 meters from one another. The boundaries can be marked to make it easier to adhere to. Now the water fight can begin. Each team throws the bombs at the other, but at the same time has to try to catch the opposing team safely. These are collected in the empty bowl and must not be thrown again. Whoever has the most balloons in the bowl at the end wins the game.

Race in a circle

In summer every water bomb game is suitable for refreshment in the heat

If you are looking for simple water games that do not require any special preparation, you can also choose this water bomb game. For this you form teams of two players each, who have to hold a water balloon between them at stomach height. This way, they have to walk a predetermined circle (or a straight stretch if a circle is not possible) without helping themselves with their hands. If the balloon breaks while running, a new one is taken and you have to start again from the start line. If it is dropped, you can take it again, but you also have to start over. Depending on how much space you have available, several teams can compete at the same time or individually and you stop the time and then count who has brought the most balloons safely to the finish. This game is also suitable for the beach.

Pool party games for kids and adults – playing with your feet

The water bomb games can also be played at an adult party

Lots of laughter and great fun are guaranteed with this water bomb game. Two teams are formed. All players sit in a row next to each other and face the opposing team. Each team receives an equal number of depth charges at one end of the row and an empty container at the other end, and the game can begin. Set a specific time (e.g. 2 or 3 minutes). The first player in line takes a water balloon from the container and places it on his feet. With the help of the feet, this is then placed on the feet of the next player and so on. The last player places the bomb in the empty container. Whoever has collected the most water balloons at the end wins the party game.

Towel Race

Water bombs game idea for adults and children and for party or weekend

Put two teams together. Two players from each team always compete against each other at the same time. Each team receives an equal number of depth charges and a towel that the two players on each team must hold at one end. Another player (or the referee) places a balloon in the middle and the race can begin. The two players must now run to a predetermined location and back again without the bomb bursting. As soon as you get back to the start, swap them with the next two players. Whoever brings all balloons to the finish line first wins. For adults and older children, small obstacles can also be set up, such as a stool that you have to climb over or a limbo bar that you have to walk under and so on. Make sure the ground is not slippery as there is a lot of running.

Hot potato

Hot Potato Water Bomb Game is even more fun than the original

In the classic variant, music also comes into play. The water bomb is the hot potato and is thrown from one player to the other. The throwing player should call out the name of the player who is to catch. If the “potato” falls on the ground, it must be picked up by the named player and thrown on. The depth charge continues to be thrown until the music is stopped. Anyone who then has the “potato” in their hand has burned themselves and is eliminated. The same applies if the balloon bursts. The game becomes even more fun if you poke a tiny hole in the balloon with a needle before filling it with water. Then on the one hand the water splashes out of it and it becomes more difficult not to burst it when caught. Alternatively, you can leave out the music in this water bomb game and just drop those who burst the balloon. But so that this does not take too long, they should be filled a little more.

Water bombs play with your nose

Game ideas for the whole family and friends in summer

This water bomb game is easy to explain. The bombs must be rolled from the start line to the finish line, using only the nose. Of course, whoever is faster wins. This game idea can also be implemented with teams.

Games with water balloons and forks

Games for the kids party or pool party with balloons full of water

Again, this is a racing game that requires two (or more) teams. The first player on each team is given two forks on which to balance a water balloon. The balloon may only be held with the forks. This way he has to run to a certain point, turn around and run back to the starting line, where the forks and balloon are passed to the next player. If the depth charge bursts along the way, you have to go back to the start and start over. The winner is the team whose players turned a round first.

Clean shaving foam

Playing with water in the garden with ideas for young and old

You need two balls, a stand on which the balls can be placed without them rolling, shaving foam and of course water bombs. The balls are then copiously sprayed with shaving cream and placed on the stand. The aim of this water bombing game is to throw the balloons at the balls and use the water to rinse off the shaving foam. For this purpose, each team receives a ball and plenty of depth charges. Whoever cleaned his ball first is the winner.

Slippery throwing game

Throwing game with water balloons for teams of two people

Everyone chooses a partner. Both face each other (so two rows are formed) and have to rub their hands with liquid soap or a dishwasher. Then they throw themselves a water balloon, which is quite complicated because of the soap. Anyone who bursts a balloon is eliminated. The remaining pairs then each move one step further apart and it is thrown again. This is how the water bomb game continues until there are only one pair left. After each throw, the players have to move one or more steps away from each other.

Throwing Water Bombing Competition

Colorful garland of water balloons for pinata water bombs game

The aim here is to determine who can throw the farthest. Define a line to cast from. A referee stands on the other side and watches where the depth charge lands. The point is then marked as desired (e.g. with cones). Another option is to build different goals that need to be hit. Or you can set up a panel with dots. Everyone receives a certain number of throws and collects points. The water bomb game wins if you collect the most points.

Pass the water bomb with your chin on

Kicking water balloons is very popular, as is rolling water balloons with your nose

A difficult but also very funny task is to pass a water balloon under the chin to the next player. To do this, form two teams. The first players on each team clamp the balloon with the start signal between their chin and neck and then have to pass it on to the next player, without using their hands, of course. The second player picks up the balloon with their chin as well, and so on. If the bomb bursts, a new one is started all over again. The team that is the first to pass a water balloon on to the last player on the team wins the water bomb game.

Dancing a chair differently

Girl and boy play in the garden at a party

The principle of this water bomb game is similar to the popular party game “chair dancing”, except that no chairs are required. Instead, water balloons are distributed on the lawn – one less than the number of players playing (e.g. 10 players = 9 water bombs). Now music is played and the players have to run in a circle around the balloons while the music is playing. Once the music stops, everyone must try to get hold of a balloon. The one who hasn’t got one has 10 seconds to hide or run away before the others throw the depth charges they have got hold of.

Pop balloons with your buttocks

Buy an accessory for quickly filling water bombs

Two teams each receive an equal number of depth charges for this depth charge game. As soon as the starting signal is given, the players must try to pop all the balloons with their buttocks. The hands must not be used to hold the water balloon, but at most to bring it back and position it if it has rolled too far away. The team that pops all the balloons the fastest wins.

Guessing game

Get plenty of water bombs and the fun in the garden can begin

For this exciting guessing game, a player is chosen who has to come up with an object, a person, an animal or something similar. To prevent cheating, he has to write down what he thinks about or give it to a referee. The player also receives a container full of depth charges. Now the other questions begin to ask about the object, which can be answered with “yes” or “no” (e.g. “Is it an animal?”, “Is the object round?”, “Is the person an athlete?” And so on Further). For every question that is answered with “no”, the players who ask the question are thrown a water bomb. If the answer is “yes”, they will again be spared.

Original volleyball as water bomb games

Idea for a volleyball game with water bombs and towels

A volleyball net is set up for this water bombing game. Two teams are formed, the number of players on each team must be even, so that pairs can be formed. Each couple is given a towel that is held by the ends. Also give each team a container full of depth charges. The referee now places a water balloon on one of the stretched towels. The two players must then fling the balloon over the net and towards the other team. The other team must again catch the bomb with a towel and throw it back again. You keep playing like this until the balloon either falls to the ground or bursts. Then the opposing team gets a point and the game continues with a new balloon. It is best to play the water bomb game up to 21 points, just like in real volleyball.