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10 beautiful and unique Asian decorating ideas

asian decor purple pink colors

Beautiful and unique Asian decoration ideas offer different techniques and methods for the perfect renovation of your apartment or house. Qualitative and inspiring concepts will give every room an extraordinary and elegant look. The different motifs and ornaments will be charming and refreshing and are perfect for your living room, dining room or bedroom. We have put together several designs for you – so dream along and find new inspiration!

Asian decoration ideas with interesting ornaments

asian living room interior

Romi Studio is a designer office based in Indonesia. His latest portfolio presents a wide range of Asian decoration ideas, that are skilfully combined with vintage, minimalism or other modern styles. Several motifs create a uniform decoration scheme, and the typical Asian room division offers better organization for the home.

Beauty and luxury – Asian decorating ideas

exotic asian pattern

The purple color has a leading place in Romi’s interior design. A mixture of Asian geometric shapes and wall design and modern minimalist armchair. The choice of fabrics is impressive from first glance – rough surfaces contrast with silk, while the color nuances on the floor and on the walls are in harmony with the retro decorations on the shelves – statues and ceramics. Like it for Asian decoration ideas heard, Romi’s interiors have an artistic aftertaste, and there is a perfect fusion between the exotic pieces of furniture and the metal elements.

Asian decorating ideas with a modern flavor

asian furnishing ideas mirror table

The unique lighting and the wooden parquet set accents and emphasize once again the comfort and cosiness of the modern Asian apartment, where luxury is balanced by easy maintenance. The combination of kitchen and dining room by Romi represents a stylish interior design where Asian decoration ideas come into their own with a minimalist mirror with an interesting shape. Sweet vases and plants, ornaments in the shape of the sun and other exotic ideas await fans of Asian art and furnishings.


Pink pillows and bonsai in the living room

Asian decorative colors

Asian decor with yellow walls

Leather stool and Asian cupboard

Small figures as decoration

Decorative elements and statues

Furniture and decoration with Asian ornaments

oriental decoration idea

Asian interior style

asian style living room