Decoration & celebrations

Decoration & celebrations

Modern wall art made from recycled wood brings nature into the house

Structures made of recycled wood-patina wood strips

We present you a unique collection that opens new horizons for the recycling of building materials. It consists of various decorative panels made from recycled wood, which represent varied structures. The old barn wood, which is over 80 years old, has been artfully completed with branch pieces and steel. The masterful craft embellishes living room walls and can be integrated into almost all furnishing styles. Get some inspiration and suggestions for your individual wall design!

Exceptional wall art made from recycled wood beautifies the living space

open wall shelf system to arrange recycled wood decorations

The wooden panels create a colorful overall picture of wood species, including white oak, white ash, elm, cut into thin strips. Each segment is hand-selected for its optical advantages, uniqueness and beauty. Complemented by a natural patina that protects the material and shapes its character, the exclusive wall decoration brings nature into your own home. Brown in various shades exudes warmth, security and naturalness. The dark brown elements were once the components of the inner construction, while the silver-brown blocks and boards formed the exterior.

Make home decorations from recycled wood

Wooden blocks urban landscape made from recycled wood

All segments of the wall are heat-treated for stabilization, which reliably kills any additional microorganisms. The colors and textures that are created by nature cannot be imitated. The combination of unique structures and textures adds a new dimension to the room. the made from recycled wood manufactured Decorative pieces are proof of the timelessness of wood.

Unique textures, structures and colors

recycle decoration-ideas wood-recycle wall art modern

Wall art made from recycled wood depicts an urban landscape

Wall trinket recycled wood blocks city landscape

Wall decoration made of old barn wood and branches

Living room wall decoration made from recycled wood branches white sofa

Wood wall sculpture made of old wood and hardened steel

Red painted-wood plate-coat rack metal hooks

2 in 1 – wall decoration and coat stand

Decoration Functional furniture coat rack

Recycled mirror frame made from recycled barn wood

Mirror frame-wood old barn wood recovered-recycling

Sudden sunshine design mirror made from recycled wood

Wooden wall mirror frame-tinkering white-painted

Recycle wood products

Wood textured heat-treated home accessory building materials

Retain the grain and texture of the wood

Barn wood old recycle project apartment stylishly decorate

Living ideas for wall decorations made from recycled building material

Recycle wood as decoration. Imagine the sunset

Wood plate with steel frame, embellished with a natural patina

Wood sculpture-old wood material-patinated steel frame

form Sonnenschein-Design mirror-made from recycled wood

Wood upcycling decoration wall wood types elm ash wood patina

Strips of wood wall apartment decorating ideas shelves storage space

Recycle wall jewelry tinker-wood old barn

Wall art contemporary wall shelf-wood recycled-modern decoration ideas

Wooden blocks types of wood ash elm composition wall decorations

Recycled mirror frame strips made of wood barn wood wall decoration

Wall decoration wood strips recycled textured surface construction timber

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Decoration & celebrations

The curtains set accents in the interior decoration


Impressive curtains are eye-catchers and ensure a cozy room climate. There are many types of curtains, but the main ones are: gathered, transparent and patterned. Ruched curtains were popular in Europe 30-40 years ago. The curl gives a mischievous look, but when used correctly it is attractive and stylish. There is one downside too – they are very dusty and worn out. If anyone in your family is allergic to dust then think twice before using curtains buy this type.

gray ruffled curtains


The establishment, in previous years, will be using transparent curtains marked. You miss a lot of sunlight, especially in summer. Honestly, these are my favorite type of curtains, but they are a privacy breach. They not only let in strangers’ eyes, but also the winter cold. Combine the two types of curtains: the transparent ones and those made of dense, heavy fabrics, so that one emphasizes the contrast as well as using the two functions. Any floral or stripe designs also add to the overall look. Combine the colors de curtains with the entire color palette in the interior decoration.

transparent and dense curtains in combination


No matter what type of curtains you choose, they should match the general style of the room. Do not try to use modern fabrics and decorations if the room is furnished with old-fashioned furniture. As I said, the curtains set accents and are an integral part of the house, so choose carefully.

transparent curtains in red and white


patterned curtain – decoration in the living room

patterned-curtain-decoration-living room

wonderful curtains idea in cream in the living room

wonderful-curtains-idea-living room-cream

stylish dark curtains in the bedroom


green organza curtains in the living room

green organza curtains living room

poet-curtain-combination-interior decoration

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The most romantic restaurants in the world for an unforgettable evening


We present you the most romantic restaurants the world that will surely fascinate you. What is special about these restaurants, what creates the atmosphere?

The world’s most romantic restaurants in Santorini, Greece


The exotic location is a bonus point, but the right atmosphere, in addition to the good cuisine, creates the beautiful interior. Lots of flowers, natural colors, luxurious and comfortable furniture, and above all beautiful lighting – what more could you ask for to spend a pleasant evening with your partner. Each of them most romantic restaurants the world is beautiful for itself and has its own bonus points. There is even a restaurant on the ship where you can enjoy Paris at night and have a glass of wine in good company.

The most romantic restaurants in the world – shipping shows Paris at night

Paris shipping romantic restaurant

In case you enjoy traveling and want to try new specialties, you can make your own list of most romantic restaurants the world, and then visit it together. What is better than shared memories and experiences? Of course, exotic islands and distant countries like Thailand are very attractive, but you can also find romance in your own district, in the small restaurant around the corner. Even more so – romance is a matter of taste and our list can go on and on.

Pure romance – La Veranda Restaurant


Let yourself be carried away by the interiors of the most romantic restaurants inspire the world and create a similar atmosphere in your own living room, garden or patio. Lots of flowers – pink and white are preferred, dark wooden furniture and lots of candles – and you’ve created a romantic mood.

Romance atmosphere – Lounge Restauran in Greece

most romantic-restaurants-world-Greece

Lounge restaurant in Santorini, Greece


Romantic restaurants-La Couvert in Belgium


Restaurant in Puket, Thailand

pure romance restaurant Thailand

Romantic restaurants-La Veranda


Romantic cruise in Dubai


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Top 10 New Year Traditions and Superstitions

happy new year party traditions

There are many typical and not so typical ones New year traditions and superstitions you might have heard of – but there are also some that are sure to surprise you. We present you top 10 of the best traditions for the new year.

Top 10 New Year Traditions and Superstitions – Fireworks

New Years Eve 2013 Fireworks

We start the top 10 new year traditions and superstition with the fireworks – a custom originally intended to scare the evil spirits – nowadays is a festive symbol of New Year’s Eve that brings joy to people.

No. 9 – New Year Traditions – New Years Resolution

New year resolution

The ninth place for new year traditions goes to the resolution for the new year. Try to set realistic goals and make a plan for how you can make your dream come true. No promise is free – it shows that you are determined and rewards your hard work. The parents can make a promise together with the children. The most important thing is that this resolution is desired by everyone and emerges as a consensus. Where there’s a will, there’s a way – family members will stimulate each other to keep the promise.

No. 8 New Year Traditions- Paying Off Money Debts

New-year-traditions-giving-money back

It used to be believed that before the end of every old year you should pay off your debts. In today’s hectic life, that’s not always possible – but you can at least clarify arguments with family and friends so that you can have a quiet break together.

Number 7 new year traditions – kiss at midnight

Kiss midnight New Years Eve custom

What better way to say goodbye to the old year than to kiss your favorite person? In the US, the kiss at midnight is almost mandatory – even at large celebrations, this is a great way to create a romantic mood.

Number 6 new year traditions – singing songs

New year popular songs

This great new year traditions are perfect for all musical and artistic souls – in the past Scottish families started the tradition of singing the poem Auld Lang Syne every new year. Nowadays this custom has died out, at any rate it is a good idea to sing a song with the family and guests – this is how you create a mood at the beginning of the evening.

No. 5 – New Year Traditions and Superstitions

New year traditions

An old and comical superstition in the US is that the first person to walk into your house after midnight is a sign of the following year – if the person is wanted and loved, the next year will bring only good and the reverse – if the person is undesirable, the next year is not going to go very well. Nowadays you can simply spend the party with your favorite people – the year will certainly be similar.

No. 4 and No. 3 – new year traditions and superstitions – lazing around

Lazing after New Year's party

Two superstitions are directly related to it – the first is that on the first day of the New Year no object should leave the house – the garbage inclusive. The next superstition sounds even better – no work on the first day of the new year. In other words, pure relaxation – no laundry, no dishes, no rubbish thrown out. Usually everyone sleeps in and laze around for the rest of the day.

No. 2 – New Year Traditions and Superstitions – Eat, Eat, Eat

festive food new year party

 Closely related to this is the second place – eat as much as you want – the more you eat, the more money you will have in the next year. Losing weight can start from January 2nd.

No. 1 – No. 4 and No. 3 – surround yourself with family and friends

New year midnight

Our favorite superstitions and new year traditions is closely connected with family and friends – it is said that if you are surrounded by love at the beginning of the year, the whole next year will be loving.

From Abigail

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Making hanging planters – great ideas for mini terrariums

house window modern ideas make planters yourself decoration

Low-maintenance plants like tillandsias and other hanging plants are experiencing a decline in trend. Since they do not require potting soil and maintenance, they are very popular with city dwellers. Hanging plants can be grown in glass vases and in mini terrariums. Watering is achieved with a steam shower. One can also be hanging at home Tinker planters. We present you with a few inspiring ideas for this.

Tinker hanging planters – easy craft project for the home

materials make planters yourself nail hammer thread lids

Tinker planters is not associated with a lot of time, energy or money. You will need the following materials: a clean plastic bottle cap, string, spray paint as desired, hanging plants (they are sold in most home and garden markets), hammer, and a thin nail (or some other means of drilling).

Tinker planters quickly and easily

instructions tinker ideas planters trendy lid ideas

Follow our guide to help you create your own mini garden at home. First, drill a hole in the top of the lid. You can do this with the help of the hammer and nail. Apply several coats of the spray paint on the lid to achieve the desired color of the planter. Let the lid dry off each time you have finished dyeing. As soon as you get the surface smooth, stick the string into the hole in the lid. Tie the string around the hanging plants. Then hang the custom-made planters on the bathroom window so that they get plenty of sunlight. The steam shower in the bathroom provides watering for the hanging plants. A practical idea for watering with a spray bottle would be good too.

Spray color of your choice

trendy lid plastic tinker hanging planter ideas

Binding of the hanging plants

make trendy ideas hanging planters yourself

Hanging plant pots refresh the bathroom

trendy hanging plants decoration ideas mini terrarium

Natural jewelry in front of the window

decor ideas hanging planters tinker modern

Green decoration for the home

green hanging planters yourself make decoration trendy cheap

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Kitchen back wall with acrylic glass photo

kitchen-cupboards-orange-brown-photo-print-tiled mirror

Tile mirrors in kitchens and bathrooms protect the walls from stains – food, grease, water or soap. A number of protective materials can be used to lay the kitchen splashback, including vinyl, mosaic, porcelain or ceramic tile, metals such as stainless steel or copper, or glass. Glass tile mirrors have the advantage of being robust and easy to clean. They also offer lots of color and style choices.

Kitchen back wall with an artistic element


While most kitchen splashbacks aren’t visually appealing, an unusual kitchen splashback can be created very easily. Add an artistic element to a tile mirror. The possibilities are endless, but here we suggest a kitchen splashback with an acrylic glass photo.

Kitchen back wall with acrylic glass

Kitchen back wall acrylic glass photo photo wallpaper

Less expensive than glass, but just as clear and reflective, the acrylic glass protects the wall behind the sink or stove. A clear choice like this is the best option in case you don’t want to hide the paint or wallpaper behind another material. Acrylic glass is scratch-resistant and very easy to clean. You can use popular art prints, postcards or patterned paper behind the acrylic glass for a unique kitchen splashback. A number of basic silicones prevent the water from getting behind the acrylic.

The motif

Kitchen back wall acrylic glass photo noodles

Dramatic molten wall paintings or stained glass are expensive and difficult to craft. Turn the wall into a work of art. The kitchen rear wall with acrylic glass photo will be the eye-catcher in the kitchen. In addition, tile mirrors made of thick acrylic glass have excellent reflective properties that illuminate the room. Choose the motif well because it should match the style of the kitchen. Groceries are commonly used, but you can also opt for a landscape photo, marine theme, or family photo.

Bring nature into the kitchen


small kitchen in blue and white


energetic photo behind the acrylic glass

Kitchen back wall-strawberries-acrylic glass-photo-red-cupboards

Set accents with a photo print behind the glass Tile mirror

  Kitchen back wall acrylic glass photo

pink kitchen cabinets and photo print with flowers

Kitchen back wall-acrylic glass photo-pink-kitchen cabinets

Kitchen back wall photo wallpaper glass

Kitchen cabinets with decoration

Kitchen back wall photo print flowers

Acrylic photo with starfish

Kitchen back wall acrylic glass photo starfish

Natural landscape


Kitchen back wall acrylic glass photo palm   Kitchen back wall acrylic glass butterflies

Kitchen back wall tile mirror acrylic glass

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Romantic decoration – How can you design any room

Romantic decoration ideas bedroom roses bedspread country house style

If you are a romantic type by nature, you will definitely want to experience this kind of atmosphere in your home. You can easily achieve this without having to renovate the whole apartment. Every room, whether kitchen, living room or bedroom, can be designed romantically. All you need is the right decorative items. And for one romantic decoration there are countless options to choose from.

Romantic decoration and atmosphere

romantic decoration ideas-shabby-chic-vases

Aside from the colors, which should be light and ideally pastel colors, the motifs chosen also play a role. All flower motifs are wonderful, but especially roses. These can appear on the wallpaper, on blankets, pillows, decorative boxes or other decorative objects. The shabby chic style is particularly suitable for a romantic decoration. Here some examples:

Romantic decoration in shabby chic style


The boxes can, for example, serve as a romantic decoration for your bedroom and at the same time serve to store your jewelry or other things.

A nicely decorated pillow


In addition to the floral motifs, blankets and pillows can also have pretty accents made of lace. This guarantees you a romantic look. You can use them as a romantic decoration for the bedroom as well as for the children’s room, living room or guest room and get a great ambience.

an unusual Christmas decoration in pink and gold

romantic decoration ideas-christmas-shabby-chic-style-dining table

You can create a romantic atmosphere in the kitchen as well as in all other rooms by simply placing a pretty vase in vintage or shabby style. Simply fill this with any flowers. If you want, you can combine this romantic decoration with artificial flowers.

romantic table decorations in pastel tones


Would you like a romantic decoration for the table for a certain occasion? Then you also have the opportunity to play with flowers and floral arrangements here.

Candles and flowers are part of the romantic decoration


And what’s more romantic than a candle? This romantic decoration in combination with pretty flower arrangements guarantee a cozy atmosphere in any room.

Wallpaper with rose motifs in the bedroom

romantic deco ideas-bedroom-wallpaper-roses-pattern-shabby-shic

You can see how romantic wallpaper can be in the photos below. The wallpaper does not even have to decorate all four walls, but can also be an accent on just one wall or a kind of picture by being attached in just one or two strips. They are perfect for a romantic decoration.

a four-poster bed would be a romantic idea

romantic decor ideas bedroom canopy bed chandelier

Get a romantic decoration in the form of curtains or drapes. The same applies here: light colors and romantic motifs. Use it to decorate the windows or create an equally romantic four-poster bed. You will be amazed at the wonderful change a piece of fabric can bring about.

large french windows

romantic decoration ideas-bedroom-turquoise-colored curtains

Shabby chic decoration for the girl’s room

romantic deco ideas-bedroom-nursery-girl

Rose motifs everywhere

romantic-decoration-ideas-rose-pattern-bedspread-children's room

beautiful curtains with rose pattern

romantic decoration ideas curtain rose pattern

Motto “Paris” in the girls’ room

girl's room-bed linen-parisian-deco-mott

Gold and pink


Birch wood candle holder


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Decoration with orchids for a more stylish interior


The orchids represent the second largest family among the flowering plants with blooming seeds. They are regarded as particularly beautiful and in many cultures the orchid is considered the queen of flowers. Orchids grow on every continent with the exception of Antarctica, but mainly in Asia and South America. The has been fascinating for more than 2500 years Decoration with orchids mankind, since the oldest records from the Chinese Empire, around 500 BC To this day, these flowers are considered particularly exotic and attractive. Be inspired by these noble flowers and take a look at some interesting interiors with orchid decor.

Decoration with orchids at home


the Decoration with orchids is a noble addition to the most modern kitchen, beautiful living room or tasty bathroom. In the flower pot, as a ground plant or with other decorative objects, the orchids form the center as the heart of the room. We even find the motifs with orchids as wall decorations with the right colors for the interior at home. This flower looks romantic and impressive in the sleeping area. It is a jewel in every room, effective and one can only sigh with beauty.

Decoration with orchids


A room full of brightness, sun, soft white upholstered furniture and a centerpiece on the coffee table- Decoration with orchids. These flowers love the light and are usually beautifully arranged next to windows or on tables, giving the living room, bathroom or bedroom an exotic note. Even in rural style, the radiant orchids-in-purple are wonderful “mood charms”. Tendency lilac Lilac is used on walls and textiles with the background of the orchid color. Stylish white or berry purple, set impressive and elegant accents with this noble flower in your own four walls.

Living room decoration zen style jewelry box

Beautification of every corner thanks to the orchids


Wall decor instead of real flowers

in front-of-the-mirror-decoration-side-cabinet-chest of drawers

With moss in an organic bowl


In the country style

Table-setting-with-white-orchid-upholstered chairs

For our dear guests


White orchids for more style in the home


Bathroom with white orchids


most modern-kitchen-equipment-with-wood-in-U-shape

Purple orchid flower pot

Fireplace-picture frame-ottoman-bench-bright-interior







Bathroom-natural stone-sink-orchid-blossom-decoration






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