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Make pink nails yourself – 24 modern nail designs and tips

Pink nails-do-it-yourself-nail-designs-white-pink-modern-accent

It is always nice to be able to look after and do the nails yourself. So you not only save money, but you will certainly get praise for the successful nail design. If you are not really keen to experiment, but still want to look forward to an attractive manicure, then you can pink nails also do it yourself. The light nuances, such as light and soft pink, milk pink and the nude tones, look particularly natural and beautiful, uncomplicated patterns can be easily conjured up. Read on to find out how!

Make pink nails yourself – clean and care for them first

Pink nails-do-it-yourself-nail-designs-french-stripe-care-tips

If your fingernails are brightly colored, which also often have poor opacity, you should clean them up and shape them nicely. The nail polish residues must be removed in any case, then shape the nails with arrows, shorten them with the nail clipper if necessary. Our tip: unfortunately, very long nails are not really modern these days. Quite the opposite, short and medium-long ones are trendy.

Make pink nails yourself – use suitable products, aids and tools

Pink nails-do-it-yourself-nail-designs-nail-polish-tools-tools

An important prerequisite for a successful manicure is of course the qualitative products, that does not necessarily mean expensive, branded products. Nail polishes that you have had for a year or more are best to throw in the bin. The nail polish changes its consistency over time, becomes thick and not easy to apply. Because of the thick layer it cannot dry out properly and you risk spoiling your whole nail design. The expensive products are best kept in the refrigerator and do not shake the vials vigorously before use, but leave them briefly on one side and then on the other.

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Light nuances and nude pink nails – for natural, well-groomed fingernails 

Pink nails-do-it-yourself-nail-designs-nude-light-pink-natural

When you can’t invest a lot of time in a homemade manicure, keep your pink nails plain. Don’t forget that more could be less. Grab a natural, fresh pink shade and wear an extra shiny top layer.

White – make pink nails yourself – sweet color combination


The color combination white and pink makes for a cute, girlish appearance and is particularly suitable for spring. Paint a third of the fingernails white and the rest pink. Of course, the other way round is also possible. To achieve a precise line, use special adhesive tape, tape, for nail design.

French manicure reinterpreted – pink nails


Everyone knows the French manicure and it has become a bit boring. Inspired by the classic variant, so delicate and stylish at the same time, a playful version can be created. Wear delicate milk pink as a base and replace the white stripe with one in trendy rose gold.

French but different – white, light pink and rose gold


The moon manicure appears similar, but the other way around. The usual arch on the edge of the nail is transferred to the top of the nail base. Decide on one of the two variants or use the techniques in a nail design. Then it is advisable to opt for delicate nuances and not for high-contrast ones.

Make pink nails yourself, but rose gold


Rose gold is a definite trend not only in nail design, but also in fashion and jewelry. It shines and shines with refined elegance, not as intrusive as silver and gold, is also suitable for everyday use.

Make pink nails yourself easily and effectively – soft pink and gold


Pale pink and gold can be combined well. You can conjure up the geometric shapes quickly and cleanly using the tape technique. Just make sure that each layer of nail polish dries out really well.

Pink nails and golden glitter – unobtrusive, special and party-like


It works really easily with glitter varnish that you apply over pink nails. Glitters shimmer in the glitter lacquers, which are sometimes very fine and create a metallic effect. There are also some on a transparent basis that contain particles of different sizes. The second can be implemented as ombre effects in subtle manicure.

Pink nails with ombre effect and glitter


Ombre is current in hair styling and also in nail design. The effect is achieved by professionals using dabbing or spraying techniques. Two colors are required for this, light and a little darker, which should blend gently into each other.

Ombre nails with sparkles – pink and white


Add a glamorous finishing touch with a layer of top lacquer with a glitter effect. Our tip: paint the fingernails in the lighter shade and then the darker one with make sure that the colors run into each other correctly.

Pink nails and silver accentuate just one fingernail


Simple pink nails can handle glitter quite well. Go for silver or gold, depending on the jewelry you wear and prefer.

Who said that red and pink don’t go together??


Red and pink don’t go together, advise fashion experts. Today, yes. Pink nails with accents in red go well with spring and summer, make for an even more sunny mood. Simply paint your fingernails in a variety of ways, one way and one way.

Make pink-red nails yourself – heart manicure

pink-nail-do-it-yourself-nail-designs-heart-red-pink-light pink

The heart manicure is also a trend in nail design that shouldn’t be claimed. Draw little hearts in pink on the fingertips and a little smaller underneath. Our tip: choose nail polish in sweet colors, such as pink, raspberry or strawberry red.

Heart manicure on gel nails – white, red, pink and cute dots

pink-nails-do-it-yourself-nail-designs-gel nails-white-pink-red-hearts

Gel nails lend themselves to numerous experiments when it comes to nail design, and they also last longer. Another advantage is that transparent effects can be conjured up. This variation on the heart manicure is really cute and easy too. Use the nail polish brush to form a heart at the tip of the nail. On the other finger, just leave the spot transparent – paint everything except the heart in color.

Pink nails with playful patterns – leopard print


You can treat yourself to extravagant pink nails inspired by the catwalk if you simply choose a beautifully patterned fabric from the last fashion show. Let it act as inspiration and try to imitate the design.

Pink nails – make zig-zag patterns yourself


Zig-zag patterns are really popular, but not really easy to make yourself. Fortunately, such ready-made adhesive strips are available in the drugstore. This creates regular zig-zag stripes of equal thickness and width and there is no trace of crooked lines.

Sugar cute pink nails – instructions

pink-nail-do-it-yourself-nail-designs-pattern-candy-cane-dots-white-light pink

Inspired by the lollipop, this nail design looks like a treat. A girlish combination of pale pink and white stand for women who feel spontaneous and young like girls.

Make dots and hearts in white and pink yourself

pink-nail-do-it-yourself-nail-designs-white-light-pink-pattern-candy cane

To master nice little dots, you can use a hairpin or the tip of a toothpick. You can either paint a heart freehand or make a stencil out of adhesive tape.

A girly nail design – pastel colors and roses 


For romantic nail design with roses you should be able to use the small brushes a little more practiced. The picture instructions are for those who are advanced, but anyone can conjure up the geometric pattern quickly – the tape technique also helps here. Our tip: make sure you get a thin adhesive tape especially for nail design and master all kinds of geometric shapes on your fingernails.

Pointy pink nails with rock accents


Pointed nail shape is very trendy lately. However, perfectly shaped, pointed fingernails can be a real challenge. Our tip: determine the center of each fingernail and use a nail arrow to shape regularly on both sides.

Almond-shaped fingernails in white and milk pink

pink-nail-do-it-yourself-nail-designs-tip-white-pink-almond shape

Make nail design yourself – tips


In order to achieve a perfect, effective nail design yourself, special tools are required. Don’t compromise on it and don’t replace the self-adhesive stencils with plain tape. Everything is already available in the drugstores and there is sure to be one near you.

* Nail designs in pastel colors with roses from Divine Caroline

* Heart manicure in pink and red from Blush Hour

* For some of the step-by-step instructions, see Lulus Nail Designs