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Victorian style living room set up

Luxury furniture-living room-Victorian

We present you an exciting classic design idea that is being rediscovered – the Victorian living room with a modern taste. It is a room where, surrounded by royal decorations and luxury, time will be forgotten. So pamper yourself with a cup of tea and enjoy this unique journey back to the Victorian era. A Victorian style living room it is easy to set up as long as you stick to a few basic rules.

Victorian style living room – elegant and classic

white-victorian-chairs-living room

The furniture for the Victorian style living room is rich, pompous and wealthy – made of polished teak or palm wood – stable and at the same time magnificent. The chairs are covered in silk, thin leather or other noble fabrics that give a feeling of pure luxury. Golden ornaments symbolize greatness and grandeur. They are delicately combined with the motifs on the carpet.

Green Victorian style living room


The floor is usually covered with parquet and is reminiscent of the times when the kings were the most important people in the country and set the tone for everything, including architecture. Other fascinating wooden elements can be found in the frame. Large mirrors with frames made of ebony reflect the royal atmosphere in the room. Retro pieces of furniture are adorned with golden figures and give the feeling that time has stood still. You can dream and relax in the Victorian-style living room.

Victorian style living room – pure romance


Ornaments, furniture and royal colors in the  Victorian style living room are impressive, but there is still a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the room. The gentle mix of materials and fabrics inspires and you want to stay forever. Every single element in the interior design is appropriately selected and creates tension. In contrast to the somewhat boring view through the window, the Victorian-style living room is reminiscent of past splendor and sophistication.