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The stylish interior design of Sofitel Lyon Bellecour

modern elegant stylish interior - lobby

This excellent stylish interior design offers a rare combination between functionality, spaciousness, elegance and customer satisfaction. Yes, this design adapts exactly to customer needs. It even goes a step further – the design is created through collaboration between customers and designers.

The stylish interior design at the Sofitel Lyon Bellecour hotel

elegant stylish interior - hotel in France

Patrick Norguet’s project for the stylish interior design began as a renovation. It was completed in France in 2009. The goal was to create an inviting and cozy interior that doesn’t look flooded with textures. The oldest texture merchant in town, Tassinari et Chatel, came to the rescue. The result is impressive – the talented hand of the designer has created a fascinating interior design with excellent wall decoration. That stylish interior design is not only incredibly beautiful and admirable, but also very tastefully decorated.

Cozy atmosphere and stylish interior design in a hotel in France

modern interior - ceiling decoration

Usually that works stylish interior design not particularly warm in a hotel. But that’s not the typical modern hotel interior design. The room in the hotel looks eclectic, traditional and modern at the same time. Nothing was spared and the quality of the materials is impressive. You can feel a uniform theme throughout the hotel – regardless of whether you are sitting in the lobby, in the bar or in the restaurant. Everything was redesigned and redesigned by Norguet – his artistic and innovative approach is completely convincing and you just have to stylish interior design to like.

Professional lighting sets accents

stylish interior - lighting and decoration

That stylish interior design comes into its own thanks to the professional lighting by Gerard Foucault. The SLA architects helped out as partners in this project. It’s hard to believe that the whole project started out as a necessary renovation. It is also proof that you can always surprise yourself in a positive way, and that change and progress have never looked so beautiful.

 Text: Rebecca T.

Photographer: Renaut Callebaud

Architect:  SLA architecture

Design: Studio Patrick Noguet Team: Thomas Dewynter, Thibaud Klepper

 modern hotel with elegant restaurant interior design

Elegant and luxurious decoration - hotel

modern elegant interior with wooden wall