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Small apartment design from the USA

Designed by Haiko Cornelissen Architecten

 modern apartment - living room

The apartment is called Wall-All and is located in Queens, New York, USA. It was designed by the architect Studio Haiko Cornelissen Architecten, which has offices in New York and Amsterdam. The small Apartment design offers the absolute maximum of functionality within the small living space. The concept of the project is to redesign the rooms so that more space is created for the most frequently used areas, the apartment

Modern apartment design from New York

 elegant interior - living room

The apartment consists of three separate rooms – an open living area and two bedrooms. Thanks to the innovative Apartment design the living room was enlarged and took over the functions of the kitchen, cabinet and library. The cabinet is hidden behind a sliding wall and the bookshelves are attached to another wall. The kitchen is small and compact, with lots of hidden cabinets. The bedrooms and the shared bathroom are also designed accordingly. Many built-in cupboards offer more space and allow the minimalist interior design to come into its own.

Exciting apartment design

 elegant fireplace and interesting table

The designers opted for a neutral color scheme. The living room has a white ceiling and walls with black elements and a black floor. The planted dining table and the colored books add to a modern and interesting look. The bedrooms and bathrooms are as minimalist as possible, painted in white and also with black flooring. In contrast to this, the bathroom is completely designed in light colors. Some metal surfaces contrast with the white tiles. The apartment design looks modern and offers enough space for the residents to feel comfortable.

By K.H. Christova

white fitted kitchen in modern small apartment

white kitchen - modern small apartment

modern interior – white bedroom

elegant bathroom design


white bedroom in small apartment

elegant bathroom with white tiles

elegant bathroom design

modern small apartment – blueprint

modern small apartment - blueprint