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Pink Apartment Design by Betsey Johnson

Pink apartment by Betsey Johnson

Extravagant New York fashion designer Betsey Johnson expresses her passion for the pink color and luxury in the construction of this fanciful Manhattan penthouse apartment. That Pink apartment design combines modern and classic features in a lively picture of shine. The intense colors and lush decoration represent an atmosphere that is both wild and sweet and delicate, transforming the apartment into the ultimate girls’ paradise.

modern decoration and furniture in the pink apartment

Pink decoration by Betsey Johnson

The 154 m² / 1660 m² living space of the apartment houses an open living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. Each of these spaces is treated with special care, even in the smallest detail, in order to achieve a pristine environment of beauty, style and elegance. As part of the Pink apartment design All living spaces are with the same kind of design – stylish ebony floors and furniture mixed with neutral white and the soft atmosphere of pink color. The walls are light pink in color, reminiscent of cotton candy, and the ceiling with exposed beams is white.

Pink design of living room

Pink Living Room by Betsey Johnson

There are different decorations placed around the rooms that use different shades of pink and other colors to use Pink apartment design Add. Glamorous pink furniture, carpets, framed photographs, vases, classic and modern lamps, mirrors – every detail adds something special to the overall picture of the luxurious apartment. The different colors and materials create a variety in the room, which is very well dimensioned and does not seem too cluttered. That Pink apartment design is further enriched with a few other brightly colored pieces here and there. These are the yellow chairs in the dining area and the golden elements in the bedroom.

Other colorful elements – yellow chairs

Pink Dining Room by Betsey Johnson

Overall, the design uses a rich color palette, but the dominant color is pink. It sets a special atmosphere of overwhelming sweetness that pink lovers will find perfectly harmonious, although for others it may be too much. But no matter what emotions this Pink apartment design brings to you, his strong presence will not leave you indifferent.

by K.H. Christova

Pink bedroom by Betsey Johnson

Pink Bedroom by Betsey Johnson