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New look at the modern interior design in Asian style

asian style in interior design

Chinese or Asian-inspired interior design has always been popular and enjoyed in the West for centuries. Presented here are images that show how Asian style interior design has evolved into contemporary tastes. As you can see, the predictably dominant red and green colors are gone. There is a new design scheme that is fresher and lighter at the same time. This splendid collection of Asian style interior design will undoubtedly be inspiring when you want to change your interior design scheme.

Asian style in modern bedroom

royal asian style in modern bedroom

Fresh, light and elegant, these are the words that describe the oriental approach, and these labels apply to many too Asian style interior design. Chinese arts and crafts are mainly inspired by nature, which produces an abundance of stylized images on prints, ceramics and decorative items. Many of these motifs have been adopted here by interior designers and reconfigured to suit modern interiors.

Royal Asian style in the bedroom

asian style in the bedroom

In addition to the influences from the natural world, Asian artists also enjoy a graphic representation of the structure and an emphasis on two-dimensional shapes. This can be seen in the way that certain examples of  Asian style interior design focus on exaggerated linear features like the edge of stairs and window frames. The colors range from bright shades to more subtle pastel tones. Some room furnishings focus on a monochrome black and white design scheme. The variations on the Chinese theme are wide and can be adapted to an infinite number of architectural styles. Sometimes opulent, often minimalist, these rooms are illustrations of design success stories and show the versatility of using one Asian style interior design.

Asian style in living room design

royal asian style in the living room

Many of these rooms have surprisingly regal furniture that adds a luxurious majestic ambience to the interior design scheme, possibly a reminiscence of the days of prosperity and commerce that only started in the 17th century. Other interiors take advantage of the simplicity of the pure lines and spaces. Interestingly, a fusion of these two opposites is also dated in a more eclectic approach Asian style interior design evident.

Majestic dining room design in Asian style

majestic asian style in the modern dining room

If the concept of interior design in Asian style has conjured up pretty predictable and trite images up until now, then maybe the time has come to re-discuss this design and open up to a wide range of new and exciting design possibilities.

by Jaz

Luxurious living room in Asian style

asian style in the luxurious living room

Wonderful interior design – Asian style

asian style in modern interior design

Luxurious living room design in Asian style

luxurious asian style in the living room

modern interior design in asian style

asian style in modern interior design

Modern apartment with an Asian flair

asian style in the design of kitchen and dining area

bedroom design in asian style

Royal armchair in Asian style

king armchair in the living room deco - asian style

asian style in the living room - colored interior design