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Luxurious apartment design

Design by Autoban

Luxury apartment design

This luxurious Apartment design in the European part of Istanbul, Turkey, required an imaginative eclectic approach. While the main structure of the apartment remained largely unchanged, the designers at Autoban have focused on the interior design. Thanks to several innovative ideas, the interior has been redesigned in a creative way.

Modern apartment design in Istanbul

Art deco bedroom design

The wonderful decorative elements in the Apartment design, characteristic of the 19th century have been mixed with modern furnishings. The combination between tradition and modernity creates tension. The ornamental ceiling has been gilded and glitters in different colors. It is an unusual decision in the otherwise functionally furnished room. With the exception of the ceiling, the dining room is furnished in a rather rustic style. The brick wall was painted in a typically minimalist white, while the wooden kitchen cabinets were designed in a classic style. The different elements contribute to the fusion between the designs

Exciting interior – eclectic apartment design


The elegant mix of styles and periods can be seen in the entire apartment design. In each room the ceilings are high and the room – interestingly decorated. The interiors are connected by the white walls, which provide the perfect backdrop for the modern furniture. Each room creates its own atmosphere and is characterized by fresh design ideas. It almost resembles the decors from a theater play.

Elegant apartment design from Turkey

Art deco bedroom design

The white bedroom is well suited for resting and relaxing. An old-fashioned radiator gives the room a retro look. The black and white works of art are reminiscent of urban loft design. The combination between different textures and materials has proven successful. The bathroom with marble floor proves once again that the materials create the right atmosphere. As the designers themselves explain, bathroom design is a reference to Turkish hammam culture. That Apartment design von Autoban inspires with the successful combination of tradition and modernity.

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 Bedroom with a retro look


elegant classic dining room design

modern-interior-dining room

gilded kitchen

modern apartment interior

Luxurious modern living room

Luxury modern living room design

modern library – eclectic interior

modern apartment interior bookcases

modern lighting

modern lighting corridor

elegant black furniture in the dining room


Atmospheric modern facilities, recorded by Lorenzo Pennati