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Furnish your modern home in a Scandinavian way

modern Scandinavian style living room

If sleek and simple design is mistaken for modernistic, then the Scandinavian style is considered the modern face of interior design. It combines functionality, comfort and clear lines. Characteristic of this style are the functional shapes, light wood, simple decoration, effective room design, warm colors and nuances that compensate for the harsh climatic conditions. A modern one Furnish your home in a Scandinavian way is easy.

Furnish your apartment in a Scandinavian way – living room design

Scandinavian living room design

The most important feature that characterizes Scandinavian design is the white color. Walls, ceilings, even the floor and fabrics are white. The white color is the perfect background for creative design ideas and delicate colored accents. Anyone who chooses this design will have a bright and open living area. It’s perfect for rooms with high ceilings and large windows. If you have your Furnish your home in a Scandinavian way you must first determine the color scheme. There are two options to choose from – snow white or soft beige. The contrast combinations between white and red, or green and beige create tension in the design.

Furnish your apartment in a Scandinavian way – design from the dining room


The walls shouldn’t draw attention to themselves, they should act as a backdrop. Doors and windows should be painted in accordance with the main color. Large mirrors, with or without a frame, are an absolute must. Pay special attention to the furniture – every single piece of furniture should be symmetrical and bright, according to the main principles. Colored wood or silver elements can serve as decoration. If you have your Furnish your home in a Scandinavian way the fireplace should be the focus. Contrasts can be created with green or purple elements. In the Scandinavian style, lighting plays a major role – the brighter it is in the room, the better.

minimalist design – furnishing an apartment in a Scandinavian way

Scandinavian living room fireplace

Crystals chandeliers, lamps, candles, pendant lamps and modern lighting systems ensure that there is enough light in the room. The Scandinavian interior combines the minimalist basic principles – simple shapes and comfort with a cozy interior, so that the result is an inviting ambience. Who his Furnish your home in a Scandinavian way should just stick to the basic rules and then enjoy a modern and comfortable interior.

By B. Angelov

White living room design in Scandinavian style