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La cave a vin 9 by Cyrille Druart from Paris, France


Cyrille Druart said of this project that “We tried to paint the dusty picture with a wine bar tied together is, to clean. Instead, we wanted to turn it into a cozy, bright, colorful room. Fixed in the modern age anchored .”

La cave a vin 9 is located in the dynamic lively district of Les Halles, right in the heart of Paris. Cyrille Druart. The interior breaks with convention and offers a completely different type of venue for good food, good wine and good company. The styling of La Cave one of 9 is well matched to the experiences and expectations of discerning Parisians in the 21st century.

The creative concept behind this stylish one Urban interior design


The image of red wine flowing richly into the glass is stimulating. It became an exciting and creative concept, combined with all the formal elements of this fashionable wine bar. This isn’t a great venue, but what it lacks in the space then catches up with an impact in design.


This distinctive urban interior design seems to be based on colors associated with flowing red wine into a crystal clear glass, black and white with a dramatic splash of red. In addition, the wine and glass imagery focuses on defining lines and an interesting stretch and distortion of shape. Take this into the interior design and we can see how elegantly flowing lines are highlighted – in the metallic high stools, edges of transparent furniture, glass shelves, also in reflections on the bottles themselves.


Although it has a relatively small area, the use of a mirror on the ceiling maximizes the height of the bar. This creates a fascinating illusion that has a visual effect and complements the fascinating atmosphere in the bar. The atmosphere in La cave a vin 9 is intimate and welcoming with just a hint of the unexpected.

Transparency and light create this unique Urban interior design.


The impact of the wine glass imagery is brought to life through the creative use of colored LED lighting that has been positioned to illuminate transparent furniture and furnishings from within. This unusual strategy is largely responsible for uniting the entire design concept as one. The abundance of materials in the interior of the wine bar is diverse and full of energy – stone walls and raw concrete contrast, sleek polished metals, glass and polymers. Under the influence of the captivating lighting, all these complex elements merge as if on one canvas. Indeed, harmonious and fluid, as in the powerful abstract painting that hangs over the main bar. Interestingly, this is based on the vision of the wine flowing into a glass. So the urban interior design concept closes the circle.

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Urban interior design – wine bar in Paris – stone wall decoration

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Imagery in urban interior design


fascinating toilet design in La cave a vin 9 by Cyrille Druart


blue LED lighting from the tap

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Amazing bar counter in La cave a vin 9 by Cyrille Druart

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Wine cellar

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