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Cool ideas for hallway design


If you’re looking for new ideas for hallway design, we’re here to help – we’ve got some exciting suggestions and tips on how to create an interesting and useful interior design.

Ideas for hallway design – organization

elegant pink console table hallway

When your guests arrive, the hallway is the first part of the apartment or house they see. It is therefore important to use the hallway to make a clear statement about the interior style that you have chosen for the entire interior. Our Ideas for hallway design offer different creative solutions for every facility – from modern to traditional. At the same time, the hallway is traditionally very narrow and there is not much storage space. You must therefore maximize the space. The first and foremost rule is – find enough storage space and keep the hallway tidy. You basically have two options – either you can add a closet – and then keep the hallway itself as simple as possible, or organize the shoe closets and clothes stalls in an interesting way.

Ideas for hallway design – wall paint

Stone floor-hallway-blue-wall paint

If you have a narrow hallway, choose a light color. Black and white stripes are suitable for well-lit, sunny hallways, especially houses. Chandeliers or pendant lights are a must. If you hang a large mirror in a narrow hallway, the room will appear larger. For a better effect, you can add subtle wall lights above the mirror. If you’re after Ideas for hallway design looking, check out these that will fit the size and shape of your own hallway. Interesting colorful wall tattoos can serve as accents. When the wall decal colors are coordinated with the carpet, this is a perfect combination.

Hallway design ideas – choose flooring and ceiling

classic-style-hallway design-wood flooring

The floor covering for the corridor should be the same as in the other rooms. If you have different floor coverings, occupy the hallway according to the room that is most often with the door open / living room for example /. the Ideas for hallway design always have the right ceiling – whether simple / purist and minimalist interior design /, or with decoration and ornaments / traditional and royal style / – the suspended ceiling is a good option.

Hallway design ideas – choosing the right furniture

ultra-modern-minimalist-interior-hallway design

The console table and mirror are usually included, but why not set up the dressing table with a chair, or a bookshelf, or just a photo wall as a decoration instead? Be creative and let yourself be guided by our suggestions.

Creative hallway design with storage space ideas


Dark color scheme in the hallway

dark stripes wall decal hallway

Beige-brown color scheme and interesting hallway shape

beige-brown color scheme hallway design

Bookshelf in the hallway

Bookshelf Hallway Storage Ideas

Rattan armchair in the hallway

Entrance hall rattan armchair

Hallway with glass floor

Glass floor hallway design luxury house