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Colored modern apartment in Hong Kong

Apartment in Hong Kong -modern design-colored wall in the living room

The leading design studio from Hong Kong Moderne created this fresh interior design. That Apartment in Hong Kong is called Rainbow House / The Rainbow House / and is located in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong and comprises 830 square meters – an open living area, bedroom, children’s room. The apartment is characterized by an interesting design and is sure to please everyone who loves dynamism.

Colored interior design – apartment in Hong Kong

Hong Kong apartment colored living room chandelier

The whole design was inspired by the colors in the rainbow – red, yellow, green and orange leave that Apartment in Hong Kong They look cheerful and ultra-modern and create a comfortable atmosphere for working, playing or relaxing. Color accents are set on the glossy white surfaces. The living area is spacious and includes the dining room and a cozy dining area. A painted rainbow connects all the rooms. The three main colors – red, yellow and green are selected in accordance with the colored furniture. Opaque curtains ‘hide‘ the apartment from the outside world and you can enjoy the exciting atmosphere in peace. Everywhere you look, the interior design impresses with its strong colors and dynamic shapes.

Modern apartment in Hong Kong

Apartment in Hong Kong - colored-yellow-table

The bedroom from Apartment in Hong Kong is accessible through the living area. In contrast to the orange living room, one wall in the bedroom is painted green. A small orange desk offers a cozy atmosphere for studying. The design in the modern apartment is simply unforgettable.

Apartment in Hong Kong – children’s room in cheerful colors and white

Apartment in Hong Kong -modern-interior-green chandelier

Modern bedroom in white and green

Apartment in Hong Kong -green-modern-bedroom

Playful interior in rainbow colors

Apartment in Hong Kong Color accents in the modern living room