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The creepy Halloween decorations for a great party

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“The zombies were having fun

The party had just begun

The guests included Wolf Man

Dracula and his son ”

 “Monster Mash” song by Pickett and Capizzi

Scary Halloween decorations for a dessert table 

creepy halloween decorations dessert table spider tablecloth tattered

The house on one Halloween party to prepare is serious business! If you are going to do it, do it in style! Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year, loved by adults and children alike. There’s a good chance of getting your hair free and dressing up as extravagantly as you want – the more dramatic the better. Halloween is the perfect time to put on those super creepy, weird and wonderful costumes and transform them into someone (or something) terrifyingly different. As a result, the theatrical scary halloween decorations an absolute must for an unforgettable party.

The creepy Halloween decorations for the front door

creepy halloween decorations door cobweb pumpkins skeleton lamp

Start with the front door, surprise and delight your guests with a spectacular Halloween entrance. Decorate your front door with seasonal and appropriate ones scary halloween decorations. A great idea would be to frame the entrance with dried corn on the cob and seasonal garlands of oak leaves. These are best prepared at least a month in advance. The gruesome scarecrows are made from dried pumpkins. These are painted white, painted with black or colored felt pen, and then impaled on sticks. The scarecrows are then secured in large plant pots filled with foam.

Party decoration in the form of a door wreath

creepy halloween decorations wreath ghost berries branches black

Halloween is that night of the year when creating a spectacular party atmosphere is hugely important. You have to completely remodel your home to become a believable crypt, vampire castle or monster warehouse. Traditionally, the focus is on the creepy Halloween decorations grotesquely carved Jack O’Lantern (Halloween pumpkins). These are easy to carve with simple kitchen utensils (don’t forget to cook delicious seasonal soup or spicy pumpkin pie with the meat). A lantern looks striking, but whole groups of them are even more exciting. So that your Halloween party gets an even more atmospheric atmosphere, some funny but tasteful decorations are presented here.

Decoration with a scary effect

creepy halloween decorations spider web dessert table carpet pumpkins white

You can decorate the main room of the party this way with tattered fabrics. This is a wonderful way to imitate cobwebs. Then distribute a few more pumpkins. As you can see, these don’t have to be carved to look attractive.

Paranormal portraits


Enchant your living space with eerie photographs of your family and ancestors.

Step 1: Make black and white copies of your family portraits on normal printer paper and cut them according to the finished picture frames.

Step 2: To give the photocopies an old look, wash them lightly with a sponge from a very dilute solution of black paint mixed with water. Let the paper dry. An alternative is to use cold tea or coffee (without milk of course).

Step 3: Using a very sharp knife, carefully cut the eyes in front of the portraits

Step 4: open the picture frame back, remove the glass, then place the ancestor portrait inside.

Step 5: Place tiny red LED lights in the eye sockets. Put the finishing touches on with fake cobwebs.

For extra creepy images, cut small triangles out of white paper and give your paranormal portraits fangs!

Mysterious Halloween lighting ideas

halloween pumpkins

Bright ceiling lights are not at all desirable for Halloween. They won’t add to the supernatural party atmosphere. Perhaps, limited electric LED lighting, or dramatic directional or accent lighting. Try to cover lamps with a gossamer black fabric so that the illuminance is subject. If you want to make these temporary shades more “dazzling”, glue shiny gemstones or metallic moons and stars onto the fabric. Candlelight is the most impressive and appropriate form of Halloween lighting and will have the best effect of yours creepy Halloween decorations to show.

NB. Please make sure that all candles are secured and safe from fire, otherwise your could be fabulous Halloween party turn into a nightmare in real life!

How to make candlesticks into scary Halloween decorations

DIY candle holder Halloween party idea

To create super atmospheric lighting, you need something plain glass candle holders or even jam jars.

Step 1: Measure the height and circumference of the glass candle holder you are decorating.

Step 2: Scan or download a strange, wonderful black and white image to your computer. (Don’t forget to check for copy restrictions) then use Adobe Photoshop or similar software to adjust the size and format of each individual image to fit your glass or can.

Step 3: When the picture is the right size, print it off. Leave it on for a few minutes to allow the ink to dry completely.

Step 4: cut the paper so that it is the size of your candlestick and 1.5 cm wider than its circumference.

Step 5: Wrap the paper tightly around the glass candle holder and fix the overlap with double-sided tape. Add a candle to your ghostly candle lamp and light it!

For another form of “do it yourself” candle lighting that is both effective and fun to make – please read on.

Light your way with Halloween lanterns Tin cans

DIY tin can instructions Halloween lighting

For this super creepy one Halloween decoration you’ll need: tin cans, a 3.17mm drill bit, screws, wooden stakes or broomsticks, black, white and orange spray paint, and a supply of candles.

Step 1: wash the cans and remove the labels

STEP 2: Fill the cans with water and freeze them.

STEP 3: Drill holes through the side of the cans and one on the bottom.

Step 4: remove the ice and spray the cans with the paints.

STEP 5: Drill a hole in the wood rod and poke it in the earth.

Step 6: Attach the jar to the broomstick and light the candle.

Simple but impressive lighting effects that you can use year after year!

Halloween party decoration ideas

halloween party decoration ideas

So we’ve found that lighting is important for creating the right Halloween mood and that candlelight is preferable. Combine flickering candles with your grotesque pumpkin Jack O’Lantern, seasonal foliage and your weird paranormal portraits and you are well on your way to perfect one Halloween party prepare. Enhance your creepy Halloween decorations Continue with fake cobwebs, dust and maybe dried leaves on the floor and you are really ready for an exciting Halloween party.

by Jaz

Creepy Halloween decorations are a dramatic party eye-catcher at the entrance

Halloween front door decoration idea

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Halloween porch decoration

Halloween porch decoration

        scary Halloween drinks – party decoration – Ice hand

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Enchant the party with super creepy Halloween decorations