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Scary Halloween table decorations and strange bar decoration ideas

Halloween table decorations black-white-spooky atmosphere

The focus of the Halloween celebration is of course the right food and drinks. No house decoration can do that Halloween table decorations  replace – whether scary, scary, or spectacular – here are some great ideas that will boost your creativity.

Spooky Halloween table decorations


Gwynne Wasson has elegant Halloween table decorations presented by an extraordinary color scheme. This arrangement is ideal for buffets. Simply attach an old lace curtain to the wall, then arrange a center piece of black candle holders – where guests can find candy instead of candles.

Green Halloween table decorations

creepy cobweb Halloween table decorations

Orange colored decorations contrast with the otherwise dark color scheme. An alternative to this design is white cobwebs on the green tablecloth, black accents on the napkins and elegant black plates.

Blood red – Halloween table decorations with a vampire theme


Blood red is at the center of the Halloween table decorations by designer Courtney Dial. Perfect for Dracula and his creepy guests – so that you can imitate this tasteful Halloween decoration idea, you first need a black tablecloth made of velvet – the perfect background for the crimson accents. Red napkins are folded in so that they look like dripping blood. The red candles serve as a balance to the ornamented candle holder. The bright candlelight is perfect, by the way, and will let the red wine come into its own. This fabulous design is sure to cause a sensation among guests.

Halloween table decorations – skull


It’s one of the genuinely terrifying Halloween table decorations – skulls on the table remind guests that they are mortal. The color scheme is full of contrasts – black and white. A delicate tablecloth is reminiscent of cobwebs and creepy skulls form the decoration in the center of the table.

Black and white hallowen decoration

black and white table decoration Halloween

The theme is continued with the buffet setup. Orange color is the only other color in the room. The black and white color scheme allows the skulls to come into their own and at the same time creates an elegant ambience. Black candlesticks go well with this decoration and are reminiscent of the old black and white horror film.

Halloween table decoration – idea

Halloween table decoration idea

Bones, skulls, witch hats and many other interesting traditional Halloween symbols were used. If you want to imitate this exciting decoration, then you absolutely need one thing – glittering skulls. We offer you another alternative that is easier to imitate – black skulls and candlesticks that match and decorative little white pumpkins.

Trendy glittering skulls

The designer Tamgypsy has designed a Halloween table decoration that glitters. It’s designed with a sense of humor so the skulls don’t look that scary. The decoration is colored, can even look a bit kitschy, but it attracts everyone’s attention.

DIY – strange bar decoration idea for Halloween

Bar decorations Halloween

Based on design from ‘Salvage Secrets‘ by author Joanne Palmisano

It’s a great idea that will be a nice addition to yours Halloween table decorations will be. The strange bar decoration idea is suitable for handicrafts and we will give you step by step instructions so that you can achieve a similar effect in your own home. As a base you will need an old serving trolley that you can use as a creepy Halloween bar.

Wine bottle label for Halloween

Wine Bottle Etiquette Halloween

You will still need – serving trolleys, white cobweb-like fabric, glue gun, glue, beer and wine bottles, computer and printer access, fake spiders, fake hand, cardboard, red paint, and oatmeal.

Wine bottle etiquette-do it yourself


Step 1 – So that you can make interesting bottle labels for your Halloween bar, you can download and print samples online. These will turn the ordinary wine bottles into scary drinks. The labels can be changed, so you can develop your own personal design. Use glue to attach the new labels to the bottles.

Interesting tablecloth cobwebs


step 2 – For maximum effect, attach the white fabric to your Halloween bar as shown in the photo. Glue it on the corners, but leave enough free space so that you can easily reach the lower shelf.

Big black spider

false spider halloween

step 3 – Buy or make a large black spider and attach it to the fabric. If you want you can arrange several smaller spiders around the big one.

Step 4 – To make it look more authentic, you can also grind fake blood on the shelves. Oatmeal on the blood will look like skin and human parts.

Step 5– Wrong hand on the trolley gives the bar a ghostly effect.

Step 6 – Arrange the wine bottles and glasses. A black candle can light up the bar – and that’s it! Someone want a drink?

Happy Halloween.

Halloween table decorations-wine glass-red-jelly-edge



Halloween-table decorations-painted-pumpkin-glitter-skull-branches

Halloween table decorations candy-glass-holder-black-stickers

Terrifying Halloween tablecloth

terrifying Halloween tablecloth

Interesting Halloween decoration

Happy Halloween decoration

Halloween table decorations-scary-ideas