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Original and scary Halloween make-up tips for men, women and children

Halloween make-up tips woman ideas skull

Another excellent collection of Halloween makeup tips offers you more exciting suggestions for Halloween. This time the focus is on eyes. Turn yourself completely into a ghost, skeleton, evil king-in or zombie! Black and white gothic make-up or bright colors, great artificial eyelids and feathers as a decoration for a fairy face? Your children will also be delighted with funny make-up – princess, bird tubes or pirate. Awaken your creativity and try out different variants!

Halloween makeup tips for her

Halloween makeup tips wife ideas

 For Halloween, you can transform yourself into a witch or voodoo sorceress – you definitely have to expect less effort compared to the skull that has been so popular lately. In any case, you should practice beforehand – because this is how the flowers will be painted quickly during the day. Rhinestones can also be used.

Halloween make-up tips for him

Halloween makeup tips man voodoo face

Men can also experiment with complete face make-up this year. Skulls and voodoo wizards are enjoying increasing popularity – in any case, the make-up is expensive. If you can’t paint the face on your own, maybe a friend can help. A bit of skill is definitely required, but the end result is worth it.

Halloween make-up ideas – woman with full face make-up


halloween women makeup tips

Creepy Queen of Spades

Card make-up Halloween

Peacock eyes for a fairy


Alice in Wonderland-the Evil Queen


Black and white Halloween make up

black and white Halloween makeup

Extreme body make-up

10 interesting gift ideas for Christmas


Halloween feather eyeshadow

Halloween feather eyeshadow

Make imaginative gifts of money for Christmas

Sad harlequin women applying makeup


Halloween bat eyeshadow

Halloween bat eyeshadow

15 easy ideas – make Christmas decorations with simple materials

Halloween make-up for children

Halloween kids princess

33 ideas for Halloween make-up and costumes by Catherine Falcon

Halloween makeup children’s pirate

Halloween makeup kids pirate

Halloween costumes for children clown

Halloween costumes makeup kids clown

Halloween make up scarecrow


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