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Make creepy Halloween decorations inexpensive yourself

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Everyone of us, young and old, likes Halloween. When the cold wind starts to blow and orange pumpkins are on the market, the time comes Halloween decorations. If you are looking for fresh ideas that are inexpensive at the same time, then the following designs are sure to fascinate you. It’s a lot more fun when you prepare the decorations yourself, which is ultimately part of the celebration. If you use recycled and inexpensive materials and are a little creative, you will surely have a unique home decoration.

Halloween decorations – how to make them yourself

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No matter how you want to celebrate Halloween – party or spend the evening with the kids, these will be Halloween decorations Ideas completely transform your garden and veranda.

Halloween decorations – wooden box instead of pumpkin

halloween decorations pumpkin imitation wood crate carving orange

Instead of carving one or more pumpkins, you can use old wooden boxes for the Halloween decorations and simply carve or cut a face into them. Then add a matching orange color and you have an original decoration for each area.

Halloween decorations – faces for trees

halloween decorations tree face scary idea mask

You can make such faces for trees yourself or buy them ready-made. Either way, it’s a great idea to add to the other Halloween decorations. You can find out more about this below.


– You need several cardboard boxes that you need to flatten.

– Draw the shape of the tombstone on the cardboard with a pencil.

– Carefully cut off the pattern. NB: If you are making the decorations together with your children, do not let them play with the scissors.

– Paint the stencil gray and wait for it to dry.

– Write ‘R.I.P.‘ on it. Glue a piece of wood to the template and insert the piece of wood into the ground.

Top tip – make the decoration waterproof by painting the stencil. You will also be able to use Halloween decorations on this meadow for the next few years. To make it look more real, you can paint the stencil ends with white.

Creepy trees – ideas for Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations tree face

If you have trees in your garden, so will you and your guests Halloween decorations certainly liked. All you need is clay for you to create this design. Make eyes, nose, and mouth for each tree and pin them to the trees. Make every detail large enough so that you can be seen from afar. You can play scary sounds for an even cruel atmosphere.

Cruel Trees Faces Halloween


  • Buy cheap clay – choose colors like green, black, brown, and gray so the details look more real.
  • Create cruel but simple shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth. To do this, you will need a kitchen knife so that you can cut out eyelids, teeth, and nostrils. When you’re done, you can fire the details in the oven.
  • Use double sided tape to attach the details to the trees.

Top tip – use ceramic glaze to make your Halloween decorations last longer.

Pumpkins and Jack O’Lantern that will last for years

Halloween pumpkins decoration

Traditionally, no Halloween can take place without the carved pumpkins. If you like your creepy Halloween decorations If you want to make it yourself and keep it for years to come, you can buy artificial pumpkins. Larger stores and malls will certainly offer these – some models can even be carved and lighted.

Halloween pumpkins cruel


– Buy the necessary number of artificial decorative pumpkins – choose the appropriate shape and size.

– Draw your design on the pumpkin – try different designs! We are only giving you a few examples, the possibilities are practically endless.

– With a sharp knife, cut off the preferred design and cut a hole where the lighting will later have to fit.

– Sand the ends with sandpaper.

– You can buy an appropriate size LED light for lighting.


These typical Halloween decorations look great both in front of the house and in the living room. For those looking for design ideas, these sites can come to the rescue:

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Celebrating Halloween – Many Designs You Can Push

Stoney Kins offers a wide range of designs that are unusual

Pumpkin Glow is the best source for fancy pumpkin designs

Better Homes and Gardens – for traditional and modern designs

Glass vessels with body parts

Glass jars-body parts-Halloween decoration ideas

If you are fans of Halloween decorations Mad Scientist Style, you can add a table or shelf to Dr. Transform Frankenstein. This variant is super effective and saves a lot of money.


– Collect several glass jars of different shapes and sizes.

– Find creepy things for each glass jar – plastic insects, fake fingers and eyes, body parts, or even doll parts. Anything is possible – spaghetti can look like intestines.

– Wash each glass jar and arrange them on the table.

– Fill each glass jar with water and add two-three drops of egg colors.

– So that you can achieve the optimal effect, illuminate the glass vessels with LED lights.

Big spiders


Of course, large spiders are an absolute must when we’re about Halloween decorations speak. You can easily make a large spider out of several black plastic bags and attach it in front of the house entrance or hang it on a tree and scare your guests. Or you can even make several spiders to ‘climb‘ on your house.

Instructions for each spider

You will need – 9 large black plastic bags, suitable materials for the filling – old newspapers or even tree leaves, duct tape, string, and a glue gun to make the spider, and materials for the eyes and teeth.

15 Halloween make-up tips for the whole family


– First fill a plastic bag with the newspapers and close it – this is the head and body of the spider.

– Fill the second plastic bag with less newspaper and glue it through the middle so that it becomes a leg of the spider. Make seven more legs and attach them to the body with glue.

Top tip – you can make the spider’s eyes from almost any material – plastic cups, for example, will fit. You can cut the teeth out of cardboard. The big spiders – WatsCraft

And so we are at the end of the first article for Halloween decorations – the next one will follow shortly with many more ideas for this interesting celebration!

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Creepy and Inexpensive Halloween Decorations – Part 2