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Do-it-yourself Halloween garden decorations – simple ideas

do-it-yourself halloween garden decorations glitter decoration pumpkin spider cobweb

For Halloween you should not only think about your house decorations, but also your outdoor celebration. What can you do to transform your yard or garden for this gruesome and amusing festival? Here are ideas for Do-it-yourself Halloween garden decorations, give your family and party guests goose bumps. For Halloween or on the “Eve before All Saints’ Day”, everything revolves around the dead who come to life in the dark of night. Wrapped in darkness, the outdoor areas become mysterious terrain full of surprises. What is lurking in the shadows in your garden or yard? Adding tension to the natural drama of the night is not difficult. It just took a little imagination and a few basic materials.

Do-it-yourself Halloween garden decorations – a pumpkin owl

halloween garden decoration to make yourself pumpkin owl idea funny

A pumpkin for Halloween doesn’t have to be carved to be original. And a creepy look is not necessarily required for the decoration. How about you try this owl as a Halloween garden decoration to make yourself? It’s not as difficult to make as it might seem at first glance. You need a large, orange pumpkin and two ornamental pumpkins is white or another contrasting color. As shown in the photo, cut these to the eyes, feet and head feathers. You can fasten the pieces with wooden skewers.

Do-it-yourself Halloween garden decorations – corn wreath

do-it-yourself halloween garden decoration door wreath corn colorful colors

Instead of flowers, use corn to make a door turnout. These Do-it-yourself Halloween garden decorations is just as easy to make as the one above. You need a frame made of wood. This should be a little wider. Then get some small and, preferably, colorful corn on the cob. Arrange them on the picture frame as above, then glue them in place.

Make a cat figure yourself

halloween garden decoration do-it-yourself cat black idea lawn

For this Do-it-yourself Halloween garden decorations it is best to ask your husband for help if you have no experience with saws. Draw a cat on a wooden board, then have it sawed out. Then paint them a black color to match Halloween. Of course, you can also use cardboard. Then you must not leave the cat outside in the rain!

Make bats yourself

do-it-yourself halloween garden decorations bats black paper

These bats are made from construction paper. But here, too, you can use wood, like with cats, to guarantee a longer shelf life. As is typical for them, hang the bats upside down from a tree.

Original Halloween designs by Marian Parsons and Layla Palmer

Halloween family tombstones

Do-it-yourself Halloween garden decorations – creepy tombstones for a cemetery atmosphere


Do-it-yourself Halloween garden decorations

These creepy ones Do-it-yourself Halloween garden decorations look like real, gray and gloomy. Set as a backdrop for your party festivities, these tombstones will create an amazingly creepy atmosphere. To make the tombstones you will need:

• Styrofoam plates approx. 5cm x 30cm x 91cm – one plate will make 2 tombstones

• a serrated bread knife

• a trimming knife

• a permanent marker

• black spray paint

• dark gray and white acrylic paint

• a 6 or 7 cm brush

Step 1: To get the contour of the tombstones, download some pictures of simple tombstone shapes from the internet. Draw these on your styrofoam sheet. Choose simple shapes that you can easily reproduce. Use a large, round pot lid or something similar for the curves.


Step 2: Cut the tombstone shapes out of the styrofoam sheet according to the contour you drew. Use the serrated bread knife. The knife cuts through easily, but creates quite a hodgepodge, so this is better to do outside of it. Cut at an angle to the foam. This activity should not be performed by children unless they are supervised by adults.


Step 3: Draw your creepy design on your blank tombstone. Again, let yourself be inspired by the images of the real gravestones, but don’t forget, simple images such as: crosses, skulls or RIP are recognized immediately. Don’t worry about making corrections. It’s not a problem before painting the tombstones.


Do-it-yourself Halloween garden decorations

Step 4: When you’re happy with your sketch, then it’s time to make your Halloween tombstones more realistic – by carving the design into the surface. This is easy with a serrated trimming knife. Simply scratch the surface according to your sketched lines with the tip of the knife and to a depth of 2-3 cm. For best results, hold your knife at an angle.


Step 5: The final steps are to paint your tombstones. First, use the black spray paint to cover the entire surface. This must be done in a well-ventilated area or outdoors. Use long strokes from different directions to ensure even coverage. Again, this should not be done by unsupervised children. Let the paint dry well before moving on to the next step.

Halloween-garden-decoration-do-it-yourself-styrofoam-tombstones-spray paint

Step 6: To create a strange authentic stone effect, dry the black surface with acrylic paint in this step. Start by applying a thin layer of gray paint with the 6cm brush. Pull the brush lightly across the surface so the paint doesn’t get into the carved design. Let this layer dry.

Halloween-garden-decoration-do-it-yourself-tombstones-apply-acrylic paint

Step 7: To add more depth to the color effect, put a second layer in the same way but this time a mixture of dark gray and white acrylic paint. Let this layer dry completely.

Do-it-yourself Halloween garden decorations

Step 8: Apply a third and final coat of white acrylic paint using the same technique as before. Adding these several layers of paint makes a very realistic granite countertop. Let this last layer dry and your tombstone is ready to display.

Helpful tip: To position your Halloween tombstones outside, put bamboo or metal skewers in the tombstone and glue them firmly into the ground. For authenticity, place your headstones close together and on uneven angles to repeat an old graveyard effect.

Scare your guests with gruesome Halloween garden decorations to make yourself


Do-it-yourself Halloween garden decorations

For a super terrifying effect that kids are sure to love, how about some scary ghosts floating around your yard. It’s easy to create these spooky Halloween garden decorations do-it-yourself with inexpensive craft items. For best effect, these great spirits will look fantastic hanging from trees. Or alternatively on the veranda, to ‘Trick or Treaters’ a real shock! admit.

For each ghost you will need:

• 6-8 packages of muslin or cheesecloth

• 1 large styrofoam ball

• 2 small styrofoam balls

• A paint roller extension rod or similar stick

• 2 m rulers

• A hammer

• 2 short large headed nails

• A jug of liquid fabric starch

• an empty spay bottle

• a sheet of black felt

• Scissors

• textile glue

• large sewing needle

• fishing line

Step 1: To create frames for each ghost, build a skeleton by crossing the paint roller extension rod and two foot rulers as shown. Use a large headed nail to pin these together, one on top of the other.


Step 2: Attach the extension rod in a non-windy place for easy coverage of the ghostly fabric.


Step 3: Attach the ghost’s head by placing a large styrofoam ball on top of the extension rod.


Step 4: Bring the hands of the ghost by attaching a smaller styrofoam ball to each of the outstretched sticks.


Do-it-yourself Halloween garden decorations

Step 5: Draping the cheesecloth is the point where your ghostly figure starts to come to life, so to speak! Start by draping the muslin over the frame as shown. Continue adding fabric and folding until you are happy with the result.


Step 6: Fix your ghostly figure in place with spray starch: dilute the tissue starch and pour it into the spray bottle. Saturate the head arms and upper structures with the starch solution. Release the body from strength so that your ghostly form will swing in the wind.


Step 7: Once the starch has fully hardened, it is time to start creating the ghost’s creepy facial features. The shapes are up to you. For an adult party, the phantom’s features can be made particularly gruesome, but for a kids’ party maybe you could look for friendlier or comic effects. To create the eyes and mouth, cut these simple shapes out of black felt and use a fabric glue to glue them onto the head.


Do-it-yourself Halloween garden decorations


Step 8: Now it’s time to remove the little styrofoam balls that made up your hands. Do this with care so as not to damage the delicate shapes in the stiffened fabric.


Step 9: To expose your mind, you need to attach fishing line to the arms. Use a large sewing needle to sew a long length of fishing line through the fabric of both hands. Knot these tightly so that your appearance does not disappear in a gust of wind.


Step 10: Finally, add the fishing line to the head, again using the large sewing needle, bring a great length of fishing line to the top of the mind on the head. If possible, thread the needle straight through the styrofoam ball for extra strength. Knot this length of fishing line very securely.


The really exciting part of the whole process is displaying your fabulous floating phantoms on trees or hooks in the yard or on your doorstep to ‘greet’ guests. Of course, these creepy ghosts would look super dramatic when placed near your terrifying headstones. Combine these dramatic ones Do-it-yourself Halloween garden decorations with some of the creepy lanterns and carved pumpkins featured in our other Halloween articles for a perfect, spooky outdoor party.

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Do-it-yourself Halloween garden decorations

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