Decoration & celebrations, Halloween

Decoration & celebrations, Halloween

Interesting Halloween pumpkin designs as a decoration idea


Halloween is short from All Hallows Evening ‘, also known as‘ All Hallows Eve ‘. This fascinating festival is celebrated around the world every year on October 31st. The exciting Halloween story begins with the Celtic rituals for fruitful harvest, and is connected with pagan and Christian festivals. According to legend, the dead wandered the world that night before leaving the earth forever the next day. Typical Halloween symbols are the carved pumpkins. In this article we are going to show you some interesting Halloween pumpkin designs created by a group of innovative people. Detailed instructions will help you to follow suit.

Halloween pumpkin designs as a fun decoration for the festival


This selection of Halloween pumpkin designs will surely give you fantastic decorating ideas so that your house will turn into a real atmospheric property.

Halloween Pumpkin Designs – carved pumpkins with Chinese motifs

halloween-pumpkin-designs-dragon-chinese-carving-carzen-lantern-hollowed out

This elegant design was inspired by the decoration of the ancient Chinese tableware. The motif is delicate and elegant, in any case arouses associations with Halloween. the Halloween pumpkin designs look even more attractive if the pumpkin is white.

Spooky Skeleton Pumpkins – Halloween Pumpkin Designs


Both adults and children will love this design. the Halloween pumpkin designs are arranged in pairs, and it looks like the ghost’s hand is reaching down from the ditch. The more of these weird couples there are in the garden, the better effect you will get.

Painted black and white Halloween pumpkins


This exciting Halloween pumpkin designs can serve as an innovative decorative element for the whole season. Designed by Liz Demos of Savannah, they’ll turn heads and put everyone off. The elegant color scheme will suit any modern interior. So enjoy the “Op Art” of this exciting idea.

Halloween pumpkin city

Halloween Pumpkin City

An entire village was painted on this group of pumpkins – a super chic alternative to the traditional decoration that will delight any fan of modern art.

Terrifying decoration for the fireplace


This decoration in the fireplace will scare everyone. Each of these pumpkins is illuminated, and together they are an unforgettable picture. It is better to use electric candles, otherwise the risk of fire is too great. the Halloween pumpkin designs represent an excellent variant for every house with a fireplace.

Crescent moon

Scary Halloween Pumpkin

This simple but very beautiful Halloween pumpkin design by Paul Lowe from New York will turn heads. He used awl to drill small holes in the pumpkin. Small light bulbs create a spooky atmosphere.

Pumpkin tree on the bookshelves

Halloween pumpkin painting

This extraordinary arrangement for Halloween pumpkin designs has a magical effect. The pumpkins are painted with appropriate motifs and placed on the bookshelf in a specific order. The best thing about this idea – very creative and easy to imitate.

Smart idea – Halloween pumpkins instead of lanterns

Halloween porch decoration

A really fun idea, these Halloween pumpkin designs are decorated as old lamps. The designer Marissa Corwin from New York was inspired by the old street lamps. As Marissa herself explains – they are more elegant than the usual pumpkin decoration and this is especially appreciated by adults. First you need to cut out the hole and then draw the appropriate shape around it.

Carved pumpkins in shapes that you already know from your interior

Halloween pumpkin carving

An aesthetic effect is easy to achieve by simply carving the pumpkins into shapes taken from fabric designs in your own home. Prepare a carving template for the motif in advance.

How to develop your own Halloween pumpkin designs

black and white halloween pumpkins

You will need a tablespoon, sharp kitchen knife, paper, LED lighting, and paint.

STEP 1 – Cut off the lids while holding the knife at a slight angle. A smart option is to cut the pumpkin from the bottom and empty the pulp.

STEP 2 – As you break free of the pulp, be careful not to pierce the pumpkin surface.

STEP 3 – Using a pen, outline the design you have chosen. Most of the designs here are very simple and don’t require a template, but if you are unsure, you can find one on the internet.

STEP 4 – Start cutting out the shape.

STEP 5 – use string lights to light the pumpkin for safety.


Halloween pumpkin shape

The half moon design can be illuminated by LED lights. The carved pumpkin with thorn motifs should only be cut out down to the inner layer so that the pulp contrasts with the pumpkin surface.

Arrange Halloween pumpkin designs tastefully

Only when you have found the right place for this exciting decoration can the Halloween pumpkin designs let it come into its own. For example, if preparation of the bookshelf is necessary, do it in advance.

Painted black and white pumpkins

white-pumpkin-table decoration-halloween

Some designs do not require carving, just painting – first draw the contours and let your children do the rest – Halloween is ultimately a family celebration and the preparation can be at least as much fun as the celebration itself!

by Jaz

Black and white pumpkins with a cracked effect


Spooky decoration for Halloween


Traditional pumpkin carvings 

Halloween pumpkin decor ideas

Cut out imaginative motifs in a pumpkin

Halloween interior decoration

Elegant motifs for pumpkin carvings


Halloween pumpkin designs with skeleton motifs

Skeletton Pumpkin Hallowen

Paint bright pumpkin with black motifs

black and white pumpkin halloween decoration

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Creepy and Inexpensive Halloween Decorations – Part 2

creepy-halloween-decorations-bats-front door

As a continuation of our last article, there are more great ideas to inspire you. As before, all of these are creepy and inexpensive Halloween decorations easy to make and cost little or nothing. The added benefit is that many of these ideas are long-lasting and you can save them for years to come. That is why they are twice as economical. For those of you who are environmentally conscious, recycled materials play a role in this article. Bats, ghosts and severed hands – they’re all here to create the atmosphere you need for your unforgettable Halloween party. So if you prefer yours Halloween decorations to tinker yourself, read on and enjoy the creativity.

Creepy Halloween Decorations – Create a spooky lantern


Don’t throw away your plastic milk bottles, at this time of year you can recycle them for yourself. These plastic bottles are super maneuverable and ideal for turning into spooky lanterns and other spooky Halloween decorations. Quite a number of these create an eerie path that visitors would love. You can get inspiration from all sorts of sources for face designs as well as express your own ideas. Skeletons, aliens, vampires – any image with powerful facial features will do well.


• You will need a bunch of large plastic milk bottles, black kraft paper, and small lights to fit any ghostly lantern. LED lights are ideal.

• First, rinse and dry each milk bottle.

• Then use a paper knife to cut a small hole in the bottom of each milk bottle.

• To make the creepy facial features for any Halloween lantern, you’ll need to cut out eyes, a nose, and a mouth out of the black paper. Simple forms are the most expressive. For younger kids, make these more cunning, at adult parties you can make the faces really off-putting.

• Turn the milk bottles so that the handle is pointing backwards. Glue the strange facial features on the flat side and place your little light or artificial candle inside.

• Place as many lanterns as you can along the edge of a path or along a wall for a fabulous effect.

TOP TIP: For a colorful and festive effect, you could use Christmas tree lights to illuminate the ghostly trails.

Spooky Halloween Decorations – Fill your house with flying bats

Halloween-decorations-bat-mask-paper-cut out

The image of the bat, always associated with Halloween and spooky activities, could be especially terrifying to the senses. With a few pieces of black felt and tape, you can create a fluttering colony of bats that would fly in your living space as fast as a vampire’s wink! These traditional creepy Halloween decorations are very quick and easy to do.


• Collect or buy pieces of black felt or black kraft paper. The more you have, the better the effect.

• Using white chalk or something similar, draw the outline of a bat on each piece of black felt or paper. Carefully cut this out. You can get good templates for the bat shapes from the internet.

• Apply double-sided tape to one side of each bat silhouette. Lay the bats on your walls, ceilings or kitchen cabinets.

TOP TIP: To create a super scary chandelier with the bats on, try this idea. Instead of using duct tape, punch holes in the tips of the bat shapes. Then thread various lengths of invisible fishing line or string through each bat and expose them from the ceiling. This creepy Halloween decoration looks great and casts eerie shadows in the room.

 Handicraft idea for Halloween – decorate bottles with paper

Halloween decorations bottle paper

Scary Halloween decoration idea with pumpkins

Halloween decorations-pumpkins-cat-ghost






Scary Halloween decorations – skeletal hands for Halloween fun


You can make this creepy Halloween decorations use as candy bags or to play pranks on your kids. The materials needed are a pack of transparent plastic gloves, like this one, that is thrown away after use. Put the fake hands in unexpected places around the house to surprise and scare your family and guests.



For the best effect, use a white permanent marker to draw skeletal hands on the outside of the clear gloves. This is not too difficult to do, you will find plenty of templates on the internet.

• Fill each transparent glove with small candy, popcorn, or shredded colored paper. For even more gruesome fun, each hand could be filled with jelly for a cold shaky effect. To create a bloody severed hand, fill the transparent glove with shredded red paper for a horrific bloody effect.

• Tightly secure the open end of the glove with an elastic band to hold the contents in place.

To expose your decorative severed hands, make hooks out of paper clips and slide them through the elastic bands. Hang them around the house with clear fishing line to create the illusion of ghostly floating hands.

TOP TIP: To make the children happy, you can also use the skeleton hands as Halloween candy bags.

Creepy and inexpensive Halloween decorations – banners and garlands

Creepy Halloween decorations garlands

And now for something less cruel. Why not add a festive Halloween banner or garland to yours Halloween decorations. This is a great way for you to prepare the house for the ghostly events.

Described here is an easy way to make a simple festive garland with an appropriate saying. Of course, you can simply use this idea for advice and personalize your garland with any materials and accessories. For elaborate and creepy Halloween decorations.



• Choose a suitable Halloween saying or greeting for your decorative garland. Simple messages like “Happy Halloween” or “Trick or Treat” are fine.

• Choose craft paper or card stock in a color combination that goes with your other decorations. For a creepy garland, black, red, and green are good. If you want a festive autumnal impact, use brown, orange, red, and purple which are the colors of the season.

Cut the colored paper / cardboard into squares or other shapes of your choice. Of course, you will need one for each letter of the message.

• Use colored markers carefully and draw in each of the letters. For a professional look, download stencils from the Internet.

• Make a small hole in the top of each letter, then slide a paper clip through each of them as a hook.

• Hang the decorative letters on a long piece of string or ribbon.

• Your Halloween garland or banner is now ready to be hung.

Scary inexpensive Halloween decorations banner

TOP TIP: For a much more exciting effect and to personalize your garland, add decorations or decorative cut-out shapes between the individual letters. Spraying fake cobwebs for a really strange appearance.

So the preparation of inexpensive Halloween decorations can be really fun and these festive ideas will definitely invite you and your family with party spirit. Combine these simple ideas for decoration with those described in the first article. Your house would be guaranteed to be a real house of horror on the “All Saints Eve”. It is far more original to display homemade ornaments, and your family and guests will be amazed at your efforts.

by Jaz


15 Halloween make-up tips for the whole family





Creepy and inexpensive Halloween decorations

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Make creepy Halloween decorations inexpensive yourself

halloween decorations pumpkins carve artificial faces candles

Everyone of us, young and old, likes Halloween. When the cold wind starts to blow and orange pumpkins are on the market, the time comes Halloween decorations. If you are looking for fresh ideas that are inexpensive at the same time, then the following designs are sure to fascinate you. It’s a lot more fun when you prepare the decorations yourself, which is ultimately part of the celebration. If you use recycled and inexpensive materials and are a little creative, you will surely have a unique home decoration.

Halloween decorations – how to make them yourself

halloween decorations ghosts tinker cloth white face front yard

No matter how you want to celebrate Halloween – party or spend the evening with the kids, these will be Halloween decorations Ideas completely transform your garden and veranda.

Halloween decorations – wooden box instead of pumpkin

halloween decorations pumpkin imitation wood crate carving orange

Instead of carving one or more pumpkins, you can use old wooden boxes for the Halloween decorations and simply carve or cut a face into them. Then add a matching orange color and you have an original decoration for each area.

Halloween decorations – faces for trees

halloween decorations tree face scary idea mask

You can make such faces for trees yourself or buy them ready-made. Either way, it’s a great idea to add to the other Halloween decorations. You can find out more about this below.


– You need several cardboard boxes that you need to flatten.

– Draw the shape of the tombstone on the cardboard with a pencil.

– Carefully cut off the pattern. NB: If you are making the decorations together with your children, do not let them play with the scissors.

– Paint the stencil gray and wait for it to dry.

– Write ‘R.I.P.‘ on it. Glue a piece of wood to the template and insert the piece of wood into the ground.

Top tip – make the decoration waterproof by painting the stencil. You will also be able to use Halloween decorations on this meadow for the next few years. To make it look more real, you can paint the stencil ends with white.

Creepy trees – ideas for Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations tree face

If you have trees in your garden, so will you and your guests Halloween decorations certainly liked. All you need is clay for you to create this design. Make eyes, nose, and mouth for each tree and pin them to the trees. Make every detail large enough so that you can be seen from afar. You can play scary sounds for an even cruel atmosphere.

Cruel Trees Faces Halloween


  • Buy cheap clay – choose colors like green, black, brown, and gray so the details look more real.
  • Create cruel but simple shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth. To do this, you will need a kitchen knife so that you can cut out eyelids, teeth, and nostrils. When you’re done, you can fire the details in the oven.
  • Use double sided tape to attach the details to the trees.

Top tip – use ceramic glaze to make your Halloween decorations last longer.

Pumpkins and Jack O’Lantern that will last for years

Halloween pumpkins decoration

Traditionally, no Halloween can take place without the carved pumpkins. If you like your creepy Halloween decorations If you want to make it yourself and keep it for years to come, you can buy artificial pumpkins. Larger stores and malls will certainly offer these – some models can even be carved and lighted.

Halloween pumpkins cruel


– Buy the necessary number of artificial decorative pumpkins – choose the appropriate shape and size.

– Draw your design on the pumpkin – try different designs! We are only giving you a few examples, the possibilities are practically endless.

– With a sharp knife, cut off the preferred design and cut a hole where the lighting will later have to fit.

– Sand the ends with sandpaper.

– You can buy an appropriate size LED light for lighting.


These typical Halloween decorations look great both in front of the house and in the living room. For those looking for design ideas, these sites can come to the rescue:

Pumpkin-carved eye

Celebrating Halloween – Many Designs You Can Push

Stoney Kins offers a wide range of designs that are unusual

Pumpkin Glow is the best source for fancy pumpkin designs

Better Homes and Gardens – for traditional and modern designs

Glass vessels with body parts

Glass jars-body parts-Halloween decoration ideas

If you are fans of Halloween decorations Mad Scientist Style, you can add a table or shelf to Dr. Transform Frankenstein. This variant is super effective and saves a lot of money.


– Collect several glass jars of different shapes and sizes.

– Find creepy things for each glass jar – plastic insects, fake fingers and eyes, body parts, or even doll parts. Anything is possible – spaghetti can look like intestines.

– Wash each glass jar and arrange them on the table.

– Fill each glass jar with water and add two-three drops of egg colors.

– So that you can achieve the optimal effect, illuminate the glass vessels with LED lights.

Big spiders


Of course, large spiders are an absolute must when we’re about Halloween decorations speak. You can easily make a large spider out of several black plastic bags and attach it in front of the house entrance or hang it on a tree and scare your guests. Or you can even make several spiders to ‘climb‘ on your house.

Instructions for each spider

You will need – 9 large black plastic bags, suitable materials for the filling – old newspapers or even tree leaves, duct tape, string, and a glue gun to make the spider, and materials for the eyes and teeth.

15 Halloween make-up tips for the whole family


– First fill a plastic bag with the newspapers and close it – this is the head and body of the spider.

– Fill the second plastic bag with less newspaper and glue it through the middle so that it becomes a leg of the spider. Make seven more legs and attach them to the body with glue.

Top tip – you can make the spider’s eyes from almost any material – plastic cups, for example, will fit. You can cut the teeth out of cardboard. The big spiders – WatsCraft

And so we are at the end of the first article for Halloween decorations – the next one will follow shortly with many more ideas for this interesting celebration!

From Jaz

Creepy and Inexpensive Halloween Decorations – Part 2

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The creepy Halloween decorations for a great party

creepy halloween decorations witch hat popcorn idea candy feathers table decorations

“The zombies were having fun

The party had just begun

The guests included Wolf Man

Dracula and his son ”

 “Monster Mash” song by Pickett and Capizzi

Scary Halloween decorations for a dessert table 

creepy halloween decorations dessert table spider tablecloth tattered

The house on one Halloween party to prepare is serious business! If you are going to do it, do it in style! Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year, loved by adults and children alike. There’s a good chance of getting your hair free and dressing up as extravagantly as you want – the more dramatic the better. Halloween is the perfect time to put on those super creepy, weird and wonderful costumes and transform them into someone (or something) terrifyingly different. As a result, the theatrical scary halloween decorations an absolute must for an unforgettable party.

The creepy Halloween decorations for the front door

creepy halloween decorations door cobweb pumpkins skeleton lamp

Start with the front door, surprise and delight your guests with a spectacular Halloween entrance. Decorate your front door with seasonal and appropriate ones scary halloween decorations. A great idea would be to frame the entrance with dried corn on the cob and seasonal garlands of oak leaves. These are best prepared at least a month in advance. The gruesome scarecrows are made from dried pumpkins. These are painted white, painted with black or colored felt pen, and then impaled on sticks. The scarecrows are then secured in large plant pots filled with foam.

Party decoration in the form of a door wreath

creepy halloween decorations wreath ghost berries branches black

Halloween is that night of the year when creating a spectacular party atmosphere is hugely important. You have to completely remodel your home to become a believable crypt, vampire castle or monster warehouse. Traditionally, the focus is on the creepy Halloween decorations grotesquely carved Jack O’Lantern (Halloween pumpkins). These are easy to carve with simple kitchen utensils (don’t forget to cook delicious seasonal soup or spicy pumpkin pie with the meat). A lantern looks striking, but whole groups of them are even more exciting. So that your Halloween party gets an even more atmospheric atmosphere, some funny but tasteful decorations are presented here.

Decoration with a scary effect

creepy halloween decorations spider web dessert table carpet pumpkins white

You can decorate the main room of the party this way with tattered fabrics. This is a wonderful way to imitate cobwebs. Then distribute a few more pumpkins. As you can see, these don’t have to be carved to look attractive.

Paranormal portraits


Enchant your living space with eerie photographs of your family and ancestors.

Step 1: Make black and white copies of your family portraits on normal printer paper and cut them according to the finished picture frames.

Step 2: To give the photocopies an old look, wash them lightly with a sponge from a very dilute solution of black paint mixed with water. Let the paper dry. An alternative is to use cold tea or coffee (without milk of course).

Step 3: Using a very sharp knife, carefully cut the eyes in front of the portraits

Step 4: open the picture frame back, remove the glass, then place the ancestor portrait inside.

Step 5: Place tiny red LED lights in the eye sockets. Put the finishing touches on with fake cobwebs.

For extra creepy images, cut small triangles out of white paper and give your paranormal portraits fangs!

Mysterious Halloween lighting ideas

halloween pumpkins

Bright ceiling lights are not at all desirable for Halloween. They won’t add to the supernatural party atmosphere. Perhaps, limited electric LED lighting, or dramatic directional or accent lighting. Try to cover lamps with a gossamer black fabric so that the illuminance is subject. If you want to make these temporary shades more “dazzling”, glue shiny gemstones or metallic moons and stars onto the fabric. Candlelight is the most impressive and appropriate form of Halloween lighting and will have the best effect of yours creepy Halloween decorations to show.

NB. Please make sure that all candles are secured and safe from fire, otherwise your could be fabulous Halloween party turn into a nightmare in real life!

How to make candlesticks into scary Halloween decorations

DIY candle holder Halloween party idea

To create super atmospheric lighting, you need something plain glass candle holders or even jam jars.

Step 1: Measure the height and circumference of the glass candle holder you are decorating.

Step 2: Scan or download a strange, wonderful black and white image to your computer. (Don’t forget to check for copy restrictions) then use Adobe Photoshop or similar software to adjust the size and format of each individual image to fit your glass or can.

Step 3: When the picture is the right size, print it off. Leave it on for a few minutes to allow the ink to dry completely.

Step 4: cut the paper so that it is the size of your candlestick and 1.5 cm wider than its circumference.

Step 5: Wrap the paper tightly around the glass candle holder and fix the overlap with double-sided tape. Add a candle to your ghostly candle lamp and light it!

For another form of “do it yourself” candle lighting that is both effective and fun to make – please read on.

Light your way with Halloween lanterns Tin cans

DIY tin can instructions Halloween lighting

For this super creepy one Halloween decoration you’ll need: tin cans, a 3.17mm drill bit, screws, wooden stakes or broomsticks, black, white and orange spray paint, and a supply of candles.

Step 1: wash the cans and remove the labels

STEP 2: Fill the cans with water and freeze them.

STEP 3: Drill holes through the side of the cans and one on the bottom.

Step 4: remove the ice and spray the cans with the paints.

STEP 5: Drill a hole in the wood rod and poke it in the earth.

Step 6: Attach the jar to the broomstick and light the candle.

Simple but impressive lighting effects that you can use year after year!

Halloween party decoration ideas

halloween party decoration ideas

So we’ve found that lighting is important for creating the right Halloween mood and that candlelight is preferable. Combine flickering candles with your grotesque pumpkin Jack O’Lantern, seasonal foliage and your weird paranormal portraits and you are well on your way to perfect one Halloween party prepare. Enhance your creepy Halloween decorations Continue with fake cobwebs, dust and maybe dried leaves on the floor and you are really ready for an exciting Halloween party.

by Jaz

Creepy Halloween decorations are a dramatic party eye-catcher at the entrance

Halloween front door decoration idea

porch decoration halloween

Halloween porch decoration

Halloween porch decoration

        scary Halloween drinks – party decoration – Ice hand

halloween drinks party decoration

Enchant the party with super creepy Halloween decorations



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Halloween party decorations will delight your children

Halloween party decorations -pumpkin-carriage-rhinestones-decorated

You can only meet evil spirits, ghosts and other scary creatures on Halloween night. All children want to be scared on October 31st. ‘Trick or treat‘ the children scream in the streets and small hordes of witches, wizards, vampires, phantoms and other mythical figures wander through the streets in search of sweets. Few happy children will go to a themed party. Imagine the Halloween party decorations that will get any party going.

Create the mood with handmade Halloween party decorations

Halloween party decorations garden-white-cloth-ghosts

There are plenty of shops where you can buy good party decorations – in any case, it is much more fun if you make the decorations together with your child. Create unique ones quickly and easily Halloween party decorations – we offer you some ideas like.

Bats in front of the front door


The entrance makes the first impression and needs your attention. A simple but effective type of Halloween party decorations are the bats at the door. You need black fabric or cardboard and a pair of scissors, white chalk, duct tape, bats – stencils in three sizes / you can find them in Google /.

STEP 1: Find three matching bat stencils and cut them out of white paper. You will only use half of the small sized bats.

STEP 2 – Fold the bats in half through the middle and glue them to the wall.

STEP 3 – Glue the other bats to the wall and door as shown in the picture – the smaller bats at the bottom and the larger bats at the top.

STEP 4 – In the end, the bats should only be glued to the wall in the middle so that the wind can move their wings.

Evil Ghosts – Halloween Party Decorations

Halloween party decorations ghost garden decoration balloons

One of the most unusual and effective types of Halloween party decorations are these little evil ghosts. For a really exciting atmosphere, make a lot of ghosts and decorate the whole room with them. They’re a bit scary, but also quite cute, which makes them perfect for smaller children. For the drafting you will use small paper cups, small balloons, duct tape, cheesecloth, PVA glue, black cardboard, and fishing line.

PREPARATION – Balance two paper cups on top of each other and glue them together. Blow a balloon and glue it to the top cup. Cut the fabric into approximately 8 inches wide squares and fill a container with fabric hardener / 50/50 solution /.

To make it faster, prepare several balloon constructions in advance so that you can make more than one ghost at a time.

STEP 1 – Soak the squares of fabric in the solution and cover the construction of the balloons and cups. Let them dry up.

STEP 2 – Pop the balloons once the mold is dry. Cut two little black eyes out of the cardboard for each ghost and glue them together.

STEP 3 – Separate the ghost from the cups and fray the ends. Tie the ghost to the chandelier by fishing line.

halloween party decorations chair cheesecloth

Generally the black, orange and red colors are used Halloween party decorations associated. Combine these colors for a spooky atmosphere. Or cover the furniture with white sheets – on the other hand it looks good, on the other hand your furniture is well protected. If the room is lit by just a few candlesticks, it looks even better. Outrageous noises like ghosts or creaking doors go very well with this decoration.

Traditional Halloween party decorations – Jack O’Lanterns


Children love this traditional one Halloween party decoration – so let them help. Your child can paint any stencil, then hollow out the pumpkin. Pumpkin carving can be difficult and dangerous for children, so it is better for you to do the job. The smart idea is to use LED lighting instead of candles.

Original Halloween party design

For the children, the absolute highlight of Halloween is undoubtedly the sweets. It doesn’t matter if these are homemade or bought from the store – they are an indispensable part of the party. So why not hide candy in the room and use it as a Halloween party decorations use?

Cruel lollipop in the shape of tombstone – Halloween party decorations

Halloween party decorations lollipop gravestones

STEP 1- For each lollipop, press out two tombstone templates, then glue them to black cardboard. Then let them dry and then cut the cardboard according to the template. Leave a little black border as shown in the photo.

STEP 2 – Attach the lollipop to the template you cut in this way

STEP 3 – Use a black ballpoint pen to write the word RIP on the stencil

Halloween can be an experience for you and your children, and this one Halloween party decorations are part of the fun.

halloween-party-decorations-candy-kids-dress up

halloween party decorations candy bar dress up kids

Pumpkin Candy Halloween

Halloween candy decoration

Halloween party decorations bats stencils

Bed sheet Halloween decoration

Halloween party decoration ghosts

Halloween Party Decorations Pumpkin Cutting

Pumpkin with angry face


Bed sheet as decoration  

Halloween party decorations sheet

Sweets as creepy Halloween party decorations

exciting Halloween decoration idea

Original Halloween party design

Sweets – ideas for decorations for Halloween


Pumpkin for Halloween – ghost

Pumpkin cut Halloween decoration

Halloween candy -black- tablecloth

Halloween party candy

Decoration over the fireplace

Halloween decoration idea fireplace

Pumpkin cut funny

Ghost pumpkin cut

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Scary Halloween table decorations and strange bar decoration ideas

Halloween table decorations black-white-spooky atmosphere

The focus of the Halloween celebration is of course the right food and drinks. No house decoration can do that Halloween table decorations  replace – whether scary, scary, or spectacular – here are some great ideas that will boost your creativity.

Spooky Halloween table decorations


Gwynne Wasson has elegant Halloween table decorations presented by an extraordinary color scheme. This arrangement is ideal for buffets. Simply attach an old lace curtain to the wall, then arrange a center piece of black candle holders – where guests can find candy instead of candles.

Green Halloween table decorations

creepy cobweb Halloween table decorations

Orange colored decorations contrast with the otherwise dark color scheme. An alternative to this design is white cobwebs on the green tablecloth, black accents on the napkins and elegant black plates.

Blood red – Halloween table decorations with a vampire theme


Blood red is at the center of the Halloween table decorations by designer Courtney Dial. Perfect for Dracula and his creepy guests – so that you can imitate this tasteful Halloween decoration idea, you first need a black tablecloth made of velvet – the perfect background for the crimson accents. Red napkins are folded in so that they look like dripping blood. The red candles serve as a balance to the ornamented candle holder. The bright candlelight is perfect, by the way, and will let the red wine come into its own. This fabulous design is sure to cause a sensation among guests.

Halloween table decorations – skull


It’s one of the genuinely terrifying Halloween table decorations – skulls on the table remind guests that they are mortal. The color scheme is full of contrasts – black and white. A delicate tablecloth is reminiscent of cobwebs and creepy skulls form the decoration in the center of the table.

Black and white hallowen decoration

black and white table decoration Halloween

The theme is continued with the buffet setup. Orange color is the only other color in the room. The black and white color scheme allows the skulls to come into their own and at the same time creates an elegant ambience. Black candlesticks go well with this decoration and are reminiscent of the old black and white horror film.

Halloween table decoration – idea

Halloween table decoration idea

Bones, skulls, witch hats and many other interesting traditional Halloween symbols were used. If you want to imitate this exciting decoration, then you absolutely need one thing – glittering skulls. We offer you another alternative that is easier to imitate – black skulls and candlesticks that match and decorative little white pumpkins.

Trendy glittering skulls

The designer Tamgypsy has designed a Halloween table decoration that glitters. It’s designed with a sense of humor so the skulls don’t look that scary. The decoration is colored, can even look a bit kitschy, but it attracts everyone’s attention.

DIY – strange bar decoration idea for Halloween

Bar decorations Halloween

Based on design from ‘Salvage Secrets‘ by author Joanne Palmisano

It’s a great idea that will be a nice addition to yours Halloween table decorations will be. The strange bar decoration idea is suitable for handicrafts and we will give you step by step instructions so that you can achieve a similar effect in your own home. As a base you will need an old serving trolley that you can use as a creepy Halloween bar.

Wine bottle label for Halloween

Wine Bottle Etiquette Halloween

You will still need – serving trolleys, white cobweb-like fabric, glue gun, glue, beer and wine bottles, computer and printer access, fake spiders, fake hand, cardboard, red paint, and oatmeal.

Wine bottle etiquette-do it yourself


Step 1 – So that you can make interesting bottle labels for your Halloween bar, you can download and print samples online. These will turn the ordinary wine bottles into scary drinks. The labels can be changed, so you can develop your own personal design. Use glue to attach the new labels to the bottles.

Interesting tablecloth cobwebs


step 2 – For maximum effect, attach the white fabric to your Halloween bar as shown in the photo. Glue it on the corners, but leave enough free space so that you can easily reach the lower shelf.

Big black spider

false spider halloween

step 3 – Buy or make a large black spider and attach it to the fabric. If you want you can arrange several smaller spiders around the big one.

Step 4 – To make it look more authentic, you can also grind fake blood on the shelves. Oatmeal on the blood will look like skin and human parts.

Step 5– Wrong hand on the trolley gives the bar a ghostly effect.

Step 6 – Arrange the wine bottles and glasses. A black candle can light up the bar – and that’s it! Someone want a drink?

Happy Halloween.

Halloween table decorations-wine glass-red-jelly-edge



Halloween-table decorations-painted-pumpkin-glitter-skull-branches

Halloween table decorations candy-glass-holder-black-stickers

Terrifying Halloween tablecloth

terrifying Halloween tablecloth

Interesting Halloween decoration

Happy Halloween decoration

Halloween table decorations-scary-ideas

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Original and scary Halloween make-up tips for men, women and children

Halloween make-up tips woman ideas skull

Another excellent collection of Halloween makeup tips offers you more exciting suggestions for Halloween. This time the focus is on eyes. Turn yourself completely into a ghost, skeleton, evil king-in or zombie! Black and white gothic make-up or bright colors, great artificial eyelids and feathers as a decoration for a fairy face? Your children will also be delighted with funny make-up – princess, bird tubes or pirate. Awaken your creativity and try out different variants!

Halloween makeup tips for her

Halloween makeup tips wife ideas

 For Halloween, you can transform yourself into a witch or voodoo sorceress – you definitely have to expect less effort compared to the skull that has been so popular lately. In any case, you should practice beforehand – because this is how the flowers will be painted quickly during the day. Rhinestones can also be used.

Halloween make-up tips for him

Halloween makeup tips man voodoo face

Men can also experiment with complete face make-up this year. Skulls and voodoo wizards are enjoying increasing popularity – in any case, the make-up is expensive. If you can’t paint the face on your own, maybe a friend can help. A bit of skill is definitely required, but the end result is worth it.

Halloween make-up ideas – woman with full face make-up


halloween women makeup tips

Creepy Queen of Spades

Card make-up Halloween

Peacock eyes for a fairy


Alice in Wonderland-the Evil Queen


Black and white Halloween make up

black and white Halloween makeup

Extreme body make-up

10 interesting gift ideas for Christmas


Halloween feather eyeshadow

Halloween feather eyeshadow

Make imaginative gifts of money for Christmas

Sad harlequin women applying makeup


Halloween bat eyeshadow

Halloween bat eyeshadow

15 easy ideas – make Christmas decorations with simple materials

Halloween make-up for children

Halloween kids princess

33 ideas for Halloween make-up and costumes by Catherine Falcon

Halloween makeup children’s pirate

Halloween makeup kids pirate

Halloween costumes for children clown

Halloween costumes makeup kids clown

Halloween make up scarecrow


Other interesting articles

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Funny Halloween recipes – scary appetizers and spooky finger food

funny halloween recipes scary-appetizer-spooky-finger-food-muffins

Halloween is a holiday that is fun and exciting for both children and adults. Many people prepare special costumes and decorations thematically related to it. In order to create an authentic atmosphere, funny and scary food must be prepared for this festive occasion. So that your table is covered with the right finger food and appetizer for the party, we offer you these simple Halloween recipes. It doesn’t take much time to prepare, but you will be able to haunt and entertain your guests at the same time.

One of the reasons why this celebration is so much fun is the creativity that we show our friends and acquaintances for the Halloween recipes and thus give them a treat. We have selected some tasty and fun suggestions specifically for this.

Easy Halloween recipes

funny halloween recipes scary-appetizer-spooky-finger-food

You can find numerous Halloween recipes on the net, but if the food has to be prepared quickly and easily, then a simple buffet with the appropriate spooky starters is the right decision. The primary highlight of every Halloween party is of course the carved grinning pumpkin or the jack-o-lantern, which can be used either as a decoration or as a dining option. Just try out these interesting and quick Halloween recipes for your next All Saints Day.

Spooky ghost pizza


You can prepare Halloween recipes for children of all ages. For example this adorable ghost pizza that is made like any other normal pizza. As a creative Halloween topping, you can create spooky ghost shapes that will be great fun for everyone at the party.


  • Homemade or ready-made pizza dough
  • 1 tbsp virgin olive oil
  • Tomato sauce, ready-made or prepared in advance
  • 250 g mozzarella cheese
  • chopped black olives
  • whole green olives
  • Rosemary leaves


Preheat the oven to 225 degrees. Grease and flour a pizza pan and roll out the dough on top. Spread the tomato sauce over the whole surface and bake for 8 minutes. You are now cutting out ghost shapes from the mozzarella. Place the ghosts on the pre-baked pizza dough and place the eyes on the pre-formed ghost heads based on the chopped black olives. Put the ghost pizza in the oven again for about 5 minutes until the cheese has melted. Once the pizza is baked, do some spinning by sticking the rosemary leaves into the green olives as legs. Place the spiders next to the ghosts and your spooky finger food creation is ready to be served.

Witch’s broom made of pretzel sticks and cheese

funny-halloween-recipes-creepy-appetizer-witch-broom (2)

These snacks are easy and quick to make. They are sure to be a big hit at any Halloween party. The appetizers are easy to assemble and you only need three ingredients. Witches’ brooms are a finger food treat that your guests are guaranteed to enjoy.


  • 250 g Gauda cheese (optionally another type of cheese)
  • 1 pack of pretzel sticks
  • Fresh chives


Cut the cheese into pieces about 3 cm long and 2 cm wide. Make longer cuts down the middle of each piece so it looks like a broom. Insert a pretzel stick into the uncut end of each piece of cheese. Tie a strip of the chives together and cut off the rest. complete!

Eyeball Caprese Salad for Vegetarians


A low-carb version of the healthy Halloween recipes that are super easy to make. The eye salad is a great vegetarian alternative to the meaty appetizers and sweets that are usually served at a Halloween party.


  • Basil leaves
  • Mozzarella balls
  • black olives
  • Cocktail tomatoes
  • Balsamic vinegar


First cut the tomatoes in half and the olives into slices. Next, crush the mozzarella balls a little with a spoon. This gives them a bit more texture and makes them look bigger and spookier. Then put the basil leaves on a tray and put a layer of tomatoes, mozzarella and olives on each. Then season everything with the balsamic vinegar and serve this finger food either with toothpicks or with crackers.

Halloween recipes – witch hats


If you want to surprise your children at the Halloween party, these cute witch hats are ideal. They are made with ice cream cones and round biscuits. You can use dark couverture for the color.


  • 8 ice cream cones
  • 150 g dark or whole milk couverture
  • 8 cookies, round and flat
  • Sugar or chocolate sprinkles


Melt the couverture over a warm water bath and brush the waffles with it. You can fill the ice cream cones with various sweet surprises to make the children even happier. Dip the biscuits in the rest of the couverture and press each one on 1 waffle to make a hat. Put sugar or chocolate sprinkles on top and you’re done!

Foamy bones


Haunt guests big and small with these light, airy appetizers made from meringue.


  • 3 or 6 chilled egg whites
  • 1.5 cups of sugar


Beat the egg whites to snow in a heatproof bowl over a pan of boiling water. Gradually add sugar until it dissolves and the mixture becomes warm. Transfer the meringue to a plastic bag with the tip cut out. On a baking sheet with parchment paper, inject the mixture into bone shapes, each about 10 cm long. Bake the scary snacks for about 1 hour and then let them cool down. Serve the frothy bones with a matching “bloody” dip made from any red sauce or sweet jam.

Halloween Recipes – Muffin Spiders


Scary tarantulas made from muffins can also create a creepy feeling in your guests and be a delicious surprise for the children at the Halloween party.

Ingredients for 10 pieces:

  • 60 g butter
  • 150 g of brown sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 150 g of flour
  • 1 teaspoon Baking powder
  • 4 teaspoons of cocoa powder
  • Chocolateglaze
  • for the eyes – candies, and for the legs – waffle sticks
  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • Paper molds for muffins


Mix the butter, sugar, eggs, flour, and baking powder together. Portion the mixture into the baking molds and place them in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for about 20 minutes. Melt the chocolate icing and use it to glue the spider legs from the waffle sticks together. Let the muffins cool well together with the tinkered legs. Cover the surface of the haunted culinary delight with the remaining glaze and carefully tuck 6 legs and 2 eyes into each tartlet. Finally sprinkle with the chocolate sprinkles. The creepy appetizers are ready for the table.

Apple bites with 3 ingredients


Halloween recipes can be very simple, but the next one is particularly easy and also low in calories. The apple bites can be served as a starter or dessert and create a real scary atmosphere on the table.

First cut the apples into quarters. Then make a mouth opening on each piece by slitting two cross cuts with the knife. Spread jam or peanut butter on it so that it looks like a bite from a vampire or a monster. Then pierce several slivers of almonds on either side of the openings so that your apple bites are equipped with sharp teeth. You can of course also use sunflower or pumpkin seeds for this.

With the help of these quick Halloween recipes for spooky appetizers and creepy finger food, you can delight your guests with fun, festive treats.



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