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DIY: beautiful decoration with driftwood brings natural beauty

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Do you go to great lengths to make your home more beautiful and fresher? You wanted to try something new and are you constantly looking for original decorations for your garden and your house? Then this creative idea is for interesting Decoration with driftwood right for you.

Decoration with driftwood brings nature into the house

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A great idea for decoration will help you organize a perfect garden party or give an original gift at a housewarming or birthday party. If you put colored water-storing plants in a nice piece of driftwood, you get a permanent one Decoration with driftwood, that brings the beauty and magnificence of nature into the home. Succulents and tillandsias are best for this. See how you can create your own small driftwood garden yourself. In addition to driftwood and plants, you will also need sphagnum moss, an electric drill, wooden or plastic sticks, a mask, rubber gloves and a bowl.

Making decorations with driftwood yourself is not complicated

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Usually the succulents do not need any additional glue. After a while the plants are firmly established on the piece of wood. Then you can get this gorgeous Decoration with driftwood Position anywhere in the apartment, a vertical position is even possible. This driftwood arrangement goes well with both the interior and the exterior. The advantage is that these types of decorations last much longer compared to the typical floral compositions. The succulents are easy to care for, which is another plus of this decoration idea. If these grow too high, you can always transplant them into the ground.

First let the sphagnum moss stand in a bowl full of water

Deco electric drill columns make yellow wood

Try to correctly guess the size and shape of the holes

Making a hole Inserting succulents does not make them complicated

Making decorations with driftwood yourself is not complicated at all

decoration with driftwood plastick or wooden sticks

Remove the succulents from the bowl

decoration with driftwood water easy to maintain

Carefully poke the plants into the driftwood!

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 Help yourself with the chopsticks wooden chopsticks currently trendy idea design decoration

Position the decorative element vertically

decoration with driftwood interior exterior gift matching

Perfect for interior or exteriordecorate with driftwood bring fresh nature inside