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Solid wooden furniture – design ideas from France

cozy sitting area padded armchair

We present you design ideas for massive Wooden furniture from France. Fine lines, beautiful ornaments and surprising new production techniques define these outstanding designs, which present different interior ideas and influences from all over the world. Wooden furniture is always trendy. The wood material is like no other, so it is not easy to present interesting and innovative models, but Grange has managed to bring fascinating collections to the market.

Solid wooden furniture for the living room

blue-accents-living room-ornamented-carpet

The company was founded more than a hundred years ago and is known for its delicate fabrics, interesting color combinations and high-quality manufacturing. Since 1904, Grange has based its production in Monts du Lyonnais, France. Solid wooden furniture require a lot of time-consuming work and can only be produced after long training. The company’s professional employees create such beautiful designs that they fascinate people from all over the world. Grange has its own production regulations, which are a company secret and by which you can always recognize your furniture. The perfect interior looks uniform and the furniture should complement each other so that in the end there is harmony in the room. Decoration should be consistent with the rest of the furniture. That is why Grange has created a stylish and beautiful interior in every room and room.

Solid wooden furniture for the bedroom

Wooden bedroom furniture candle holders

Nothing can create a homely and cozy atmosphere like massive wooden furniture. After each production stage – construction and production – the furniture was transformed step by step into a work of art. The production of wooden furniture usually takes longer than other furniture, but it is worth waiting – because the timelessly elegant designs that emerge afterwards can be with you for a lifetime. The fabrics with which the furniture is upholstered have been carefully selected so that they are in harmony with the interior and set beautiful accents. The mix of the traditional and the modern is simply excellent, and is the hallmark of the furniture manufacturer Grange.

Purple carpet and massive wooden table in the dining room


Classic cuisine with orange accents

Tile kitchen wooden cabinets

Space-saving idea – Kabinet

Office Furniture Cabinet Home

Rustic bedroom with orange wooden furniture


Natural stone wall and wooden furniture in the dining room

Natural stone wall-dining room-wooden table-dining chairs