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Design ideas for a 4 room apartment

modern four room apartment

Luxurious 4 room apartment furnishing is a real challenge for every architect. On the one hand, they have to take into account the architecture, the location and the view; on the other hand, the end result has to correspond to the owner’s ideas. So that the interior design is not only beautiful and functional, you have to consider many things. We present you an interesting design idea and color scheme from the Hemonides Applied Arts Architects who will surely give you interesting ideas.

Four room apartment with luxury interior and simple color scheme

modern apartment roof level

The four room apartment is located in the center of Nicosia, in a quiet and isolated part from the capital of Cyrus, on the ground level of a large residential building. An interior that is both comfortable and environmentally friendly. The works of art are the focus and play an important role in the decoration.

Four room apartment with elegant furniture in the living room

modern living room bookcase

In the living room of the four room apartment impresses a ceiling-high bookcase where the owners’ works of art were placed. Elegant, subtle floor lighting draws the visitor’s attention precisely to this piece of furniture. The comfortable leather furniture offers many opportunities to relax. The orange and yellow colors are very topical at the moment and can add interesting accents to neutral color schemes. The carpet serves more as a decoration.

Dining room with photo gallery on the wall

modern-dining room-metal-chandelier

In the dining room of the four room apartment four different dining chairs are combined. A colored photo album of the family on the wall creates a cozy atmosphere, while the metal pendant light makes the room look modern. The cabinet, which is again decorated with pictures on the walls, is seamlessly connected to the dining room. The furniture is in the Scandinavian style – elegant and simple. The wooden flooring visually connects all rooms.

Bedroom with a small coffee table

Luxury bedroom green carpet

In the bedroom of the four room apartment The focus is on a green composition consisting of a grass-green carpet, a small wooden table and two vases. Luxury doesn’t need a lot of decoration – it can be achieved very easily with the right color contrasts. The bathroom is next to the bedroom – the two are separated by only one glass door. The small bathroom with a shower and gray walls looks stylish. A bonus is the swimming pool, which can be reached from the living room.

Gray color scheme in the bathroom


Modern shower in the bathroom


Modern cabinet pictures