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Couture furniture from Roche Bobois

Couture furniture -designer furniture-seat furniture-couch-navy-blue-white-stripes

Couture furniture In her flat? How could that happen? Let’s think. Sometimes weird things happen for a reason. What could be the reason for this? Maybe worked in famous designer with a famous furniture brand? Yes it is. The famous French designer Jean Paul Gaultier worked together with the furniture design house Roche Bobois, to produce this splendid furniture. Their real purpose is to prove that fashion and function can work together in a really good way. Don’t expect anything less than one ultra fabulous furniture collection.

Couture furniture – Mah Jog modular sofa in the Hippie chic style

Couture furniture -designer-furniture-seat-furniture-couch-exclusive-style-turquoise

It’s all about glamor and style and there’s no need to prove it. It is worthy review of all of their work. In the meantime, there are some great pieces to discover for your home or office. The progressive collection of furniture includes a Paravent bed, that has an upholstered headboard and a stylish calligraphy motif made of silver and chrome. Another gem is the big one Mah Jog modular sofa by Hans Hopfer, im Hippie chic style from Jean Paul Gaultier padded. It is perfect for the modern urban living space, regardless of the proportions. You can put it however you want, no matter how big your room is.

Couture furniture with wonderful exclusive upholstery

Couture furniture -designer-furniture-seat-furniture-couch-upholstery-colored-pattern-flowers

The designer and Roche Bobois use sensual materials, elusive colors, iconic pieces and pop folklore patterns, lush textures, all of this Couture furniture make it so spectacular. All you have to do is have confidence in a world famous designer and furniture brand. It doesn’t seem that difficult.

Couture furniture – seating modules with character

Couture furniture -designer furniture-seat-furniture-couch-orange-black

Couture furniture – screen bed by Roche Bobois

Couture furniture from Roche Bobois - bed

spectacular couture furniture by Roche Bobois

Couture furniture by Roche Bobois - sofa

Couture seating with an exclusive design 

Couture furniture from Roche Bobois

Couture seating in an eclectic style

Couture sofa by Roche Bobois