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Architect Stefano Dorata impresses with Italian elegance

Mediterranean elegance design

The architect Stefano Dorata creates exceptional and simply visionary designs that are characterized by creative decorations, elegant furnishings and a simple color scheme. Italian timeless elegance best defines Dorata’s work.

Stefano Dorata – stylish interiors


The interior design should show individuality, imagination and flexibility. Stefano Dorata is a master in this art. His interior designs have proven to be intuitive, functional, stylish and comfortable. The hallmark of Dorata’s work is the refined and elegant combination between modern furniture and interesting works of art. He has created his interiors with great attention to detail.

Interesting decoration in the interiors by Stefano Dorata

Leather armchair stairwell house interior

Every project by Stefano Dorata is a wonderful mixture of tradition, culture and modern functionality. The residents feel like they are on a journey, surrounded by works of art, beauty and tranquility. You feel like you are in a different reality, which is characterized by fine textures and high-quality materials. The beige color defines every area and elegant accents are set sometimes as lighting, sometimes as curtains, sometimes as interesting flower pots.

Stefano Dorata’s interiors open up a brave new world


Every interior is a world of its own. It’s a space where you want to return, a house that everyone would call ‘home‘, an exotic atmosphere where you can entertain friends, a stylish setting where colleagues can sit down and work on joint projects. What is special about the work of Stefano Dorata lies in the room layout. His innovative designs for smaller rooms are very impressive and offer exciting color combinations. All decorations fit the main theme and are still original.

Cozy little sofa in the living room

cozy-small-sofa-living room

Mediterainic style-staircase decoration-lantern

Mediterranean style staircase decoration lantern

Plush sofa design and elegant purple picture in the living room

Plusche sofa design

Interesting decoration for the living room – floor lamps

stefano dorata decoration

Dining room in a simple color scheme and leather chairs

Stefano Dorata dining room