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LED glowing shoes: sneaker trend among young people, but not only

Sneaker trend -led-glowing-shoes-fascinating-play of light

Good news for all lovers of comfortable fashion – newer Sneaker trend at the horizon! And this time it is brighter than never before – the shoes are actually glowing. These strange sneakers have an LED bar integrated into the sole, which can be set to light up continuously, but also to change their colors or to flash.

New sneaker trend – shoes with shining soles

Sneaker trend -led-shining-shoes-colors-fashionable-colorful

Whether unusual sneakers or street shoes with flashing white light, the LED shoes signal the wearer with absolute fashion consciousness. These are often preferred by teenagers and kids because they just look cool. You know the cool sneaker trend from the dance floor and it is particularly popular among young people and children. Adults are increasingly presenting a fashion statement on the sidewalk or, for example, while jogging.

Sneaker trend for everyone – women, men, teenagers and children

Sneaker trend -led-shining-shoes-white-ladies-fashion

The glowing shoes not only look good, they also have a practical use – the evening run or the walk after school in the darker months of the year become safer. Some models can even be set to blink or to signal under colors. It works like the conventional LED strips, which reproduce the colors according to the RGB principle or shine exclusively in cold white.

Luminous shoes on the catwalk – Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel

Sneaker trend -led-shining-shoes-mode-chanel-karl-lagerfeld

Who first discovered the shining shoes can not be finally determined. In 2011, Karl Lagerfeld surprised at the presentation of his autumn / winter collection 2011 at the Paris Fashion Week with high, black heel shoes, but this time they were also glowing. The famous designer of German origin always amazes with an unseen and wacky idea on the catwalk.

Shoe trend for bright high heels – Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel


The Chanel high heels with integrated small LED lights may look like they were inspired by a sci-fi movie, but have become really popular and have not been forgotten in some cases. Hollywood actress Julianne Moore was noticed a good 4 years after the presentation of the first LED high heels from Chanel in the brand’s 2014/15 collection with black sandals that shine naturally.

LED shoes – flat sandals with luminous soles by Chanel from the spring / summer collection 2016

sneaker-trend-led-shining-shoes-chanel-fru% cc% 88hling-2016

The hi-tech inspiration is still present in the brand’s more recent collections. On the spring / summer 2016 catwalk, models walked in flat trekking sandals with LED lights integrated into their ultra-thick soles. They don’t look particularly filigree, of course, but they can be used for a change in the cloakroom. However, they go with a casual style of clothing and more towards everyday life.

Sneaker trend among celebrities – stars also wear LED shoes

Sneaker trend -led-shining-shoes-flat-victoria-beckham

Stars and celebrities have not remained indifferent to the new sneaker trend. UK singer Ellie Goldung wore glowing sneakers in everyday life, but also at concerts in 2015, demonstrating her sense of wellbeing. After the USA singer Jason Derulo posted a photo with his cool LED sneakers, the extraordinary model white shoes caused a sensation. Lilly Allen and Rita Ora appeared in 2015 with white platform sneakers and shining soles by the designer Ashish Gupta, who has since become famous for his flashing and glittering fashion. Even fashion icon Victoria Beckham shared a funny Instagram photo as she relaxed and in a good mood on Fridays.

Trendy sneaker trend among young people – bright shoes 


Other fashion-conscious or active in the fashion industry, such as UK TV presenters Fearne Cotton and Gok, fashion bloggers worldwide, present unusual looks with sneakers that are guaranteed to attract attention. The celebrities are also a good advertisement, which aims to bring the extravagant, but also not cheap shoes closer to the masses. For young people and fashionistas, these are definitely a role model and their individual styling serves as inspiration. It should not be forgotten that trends come at a price. You can get designer shoes for around 480 euros or inexpensive ones for around 78 euros.

The sneaker trend also applies to branded shoes – luminous Yeezy from Adidas


Of course, top sports brands like Adidas have responded to the interest and have now equipped their ultra-light model Yeezy with an LED light in the sole. During the day, the sneakers can hardly be distinguished from their conventional version and guarantee the comfort when walking, which the highly popular model provides. The running shoes are available in a wide range of colors for the upper material and are equally suitable for women and men.

Sneaker trend – shining pillar also with Nike Air Force 1


Nike have trusted a different sales strategy and equipped a classic model with LEDs. Perhaps the brand’s top seller and favorite shoe for big and small for decades – Nike Air Force One. The model is very well suited for such a ‘conversion’ due to its relatively thick and robust sole, where the small lights are well protected. The material of the sole also gives a diffuse light, which does not catch the eye.

Sneaker trend for men – shoes with shining soles

sneaker-trend-led-shining-shoes-ma% cc% 88nner-mode

In the meantime, the white sneakers have become a must-have for both women’s and men’s wardrobe and have earned a place in the shoe cabinet of every contemporary person. And not without reason – they just go with every outfit, are comfortable and simply stylish. Recently they have also been offered with an exceptionally luminous sole. A real eye-catcher and also become a trend shoe for 2016!

Sneaker trend for women – sporty shoes in bright colors


The black variant is also a good choice, of course if the wearer prefers to wear dark shades. Such a large selection of different colors of the upper material is also not necessary, as the sparkling lights are eye-catching. For the models with colored light, you can set one foot to light up differently from the other.

Luminous sneaker trend for the ultimate partner look


The LED shoe models are primarily gender-neutral and are therefore perfect for creating a partner look. They are also available in children’s sizes and enable cunning combinations for children and parents in the manner of Mini-Me outfits. You can design your own glowing shoes in the dark and at a very affordable price. In hobby shops you can find fluorescent colors that are also applied to the sole or upper material. Just choose the color according to the material and experiment with neon colors. However, these do not shine as such, but reflect the light.

Sneaker trend in everyday life – LED lights integrated in the shoe sole to match the outfit in color

sneaker-trend-led-shining-shoes-ta% cc% 88glich-outfit-fashion

Fashion bloggers with glowing shoes are pushing through the new sneaker trend


Sneaker trend perfect for personalities with extravagant taste


Luminous sneaker trend popular among young people


Fluorescent shoes glow in the dark