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Make your own Advent wreath with candles – ideas and tips

advent wreath with candles plate design birch moss modern style

Christmas is slowly approaching and everyone is looking for fresh decoration ideas. If you want to surprise your favorite people this year, or if you want to create a stylish and traditional warmth, make your own Advent wreath with candles – these inspiring suggestions are for you.

Advent wreath with candles – color schemes

advent wreath with candles rustic style bells silver branches lanterns idea

Before you get down to work, and yours Advent wreath with candles First think about the color of the rest of the decoration. White color schemes, purist or minimalist furnishings will benefit from a silver or purple Advent wreath, while classic or modern interior design looks equally good with traditional red-green color combinations and golden candles.

Advent wreath with candles – modern designs and simple decoration ideas

advent wreath with candles pretty bows red fir green gold bells

When you have already decided on the color scheme, collect the materials that you will use for it. Modern Advent wreaths with candles are easier to make because they don’t follow the traditional shape – so you can combine four purple candles with purple and silver balls as decoration. Or as an alternative – paint pine cones in different sizes with special paint – purple, pink, blue – and combine them with four tall purple candles – it always looks good and is relatively easy to imitate.

Make a traditional Advent wreath with candles

advent wreath with candles red snowflakes mushroom rustic bark ribbons

Anyone looking for a traditional Advent wreath with candles has decided, must first have fir bushes and cones and attach the green base – the wreath. Alternatively, you can buy a finished green wreath and then decorate it with fruits, white or red flowers, pine cones and mushrooms. The candles can be red, gold or white. A nice variant, which is very easy for handicrafts, is to buy white lace instead of tying the candles with red ribbon and stick them to the candles. You can decorate lavender candles with green fir trees and white stars. Those who like to bake can bake a cake and then place four candles on it – definitely a delicious alternative.

Make an advent wreath with beans

advent wreath with candles white beans craft idea loop red white

Modern advent wreath silver candles

tinker with silver advent wreath cones

Red candle Christmas decorations

red candles Christmas table decorations

Elegant purple advent wreath with stars

purple advent wreath beautiful table decoration

Make a simple Advent wreath yourself


Purple candles and pine cones – make an advent wreath

tinker purple candles advent wreath

Advent wreath white candles

Cake advent wreath candles

Cake advent wreath candles

golden candle christmas flowers

tinkering classic advent wreaths


modern purple advent wreath

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Make your own Advent wreath with candles – ideas and tips

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