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Make Christmas decorations yourself – tips and ideas for the house

tinker christmas decoration yourself pine cones fabric balls colorful idea

Tinker Christmas decorations yourself – We have summarized cut-out stars, paper birds, Christmas hearts and many other ideas with templates and instructions for you here. Let yourself be inspired by our suggestions and create unique designs and models that will fascinate your guests and family!

Tinker Christmas decorations yourself – a door wreath made of Christmas balls

tinker christmas decoration yourself wreath idea christmas balls colorful pink blue

Tinker Christmas decorations yourself means above all to present interesting, original and elegant designs. We have put together some original ideas for you – for example, you can cut stars out of white paper or fold them out of newspaper.

Tinker Christmas decorations yourself – Christmas tree made of cord

tinker christmas decorations yourself fir tree paper funnel cord green

You can make this Christmas decoration yourself by first shaping paper into a cone of any size. Then wrap them with green string while taping them in place at the same time. How tightly and regularly you wind the string around the cone depends entirely on your taste and the result you want to achieve. Finally, remove the paper. If you want, you can add Christmas motifs like asterisks.

Make stars out of newsprint

tinker christmas decoration yourself diy paper star tree decoration idea

You can make such pretty stars out of newspaper or the pages of an old book. All you have to do is fold the paper as shown and glue the individual “flowers” together.

Craft idea for Christmas made of bobbles

tinker christmas decorations yourself snowman bobble instructions red blue

Make such pretty snowmen out of simple, white pompons. Tie them together and add plush wire earmuffs and a ribbon scarf. Use small twigs for the arms.

Christmas decorations made of paper stars

Moravian star tinker music notes

The absolute classics are the paper stars made from sheet music decorated with red ribbons. We have summarized the most interesting designs of stars and snowflakes for you and presented them here – they are really easy to imitate and will create a cozy atmosphere in the house.

Make Christmas decorations yourself – Christmas heart


Tinker Christmas decorations yourself – Creating red and white paper or fabric Christmas hearts is easy, especially because of the simple shape. At the same time, the heart can be a lot of fun for you and your children if you cut them out and the child paints the templates.

Tinker Christmas angels

Christmas angel-tinkering-tutorial-tips-ideas-christmas decoration

Christmas angels can not only be cut out of paper, but also made of wood and decorated with feathers. White, gold, even brocades – be creative and create your own unique Christmas decoration idea.

Make Christmas decorations yourself – paper birds


Tinker Christmas decorations yourself – Paper birds can be hung on the ceiling as a decoration or decorate the Christmas tree. Stick to the simple design and white color or decorate the birds with golden decorations and you have mastered a beautiful decoration for your house.

Cut out stars yourself Make a tutorial template


Make white cut-out stars yourself


Cut out star house decoration Christmas

Christmas tree-star-tinker

Decorate the outside with glowing Christmas decorations

Cut out star house decoration Christmas

Red Christmas heart on the Christmas tree


Christmas angel made of wood

Christmas angel wood decoration idea

Unique angels for handicrafts


Make elegant paper angels


Cut out Christmas angels from paper

christmas narrow cut template

Christmas angels to cut out and paint


Paper birds Christmas decor ideas

Tinker paper-birds-Christmas-decoration-ideas

Christmas decorations with birds in the house

christmas decoration mirror

Paper bird to cut out – template

Paper bird template cut out

Make paper Christmas decorations

Tinker paper Christmas decorations

Tinker Christmas tree decorations

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