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Festive ideas for beautiful advent calendars


Advent calendars with a great design are the perfect decoration or element in your new plan for freshening up the apartment. The ideas for beautiful advent calendars are interesting and useful things to create a warm, pleasant, and most importantly, festive atmosphere at home.

Ideas for beautiful advent calendars At home


The advent calendar at home is an absolute must in the run-up to Christmas. But you have to know that it can transform a room into a special ambience. The wrong choice, on the other hand, can destroy the entire Christmas concept at home. Think carefully about which advent calendar you want to see on the wall. You should also think of the specific room, and then of the wall, where an original advent calendar will best diversify the atmosphere.

excellent advent calendar idea

Originality and art at home – Ideas for beautiful advent calendars


A nice set of furniture and lovely floors aren’t the only important things in an awesome interior design. Actually a detail of the Christmas decoration like an advent calendar, for example, can bring a festive touch of originality and art to the interior. Take a look at ours Ideas for beautiful advent calendars and recommendations. You can find your favorite advent calendar for your beautiful house.

Choose your amazing ideas for beautiful advent calendars

favorite children's advent calendar

Whichever amazing advent calendar you choose, be sure to see if it would match the overall interior design and Christmas decorations of the premise. Create an individual advent calendar according to your own taste. We will show you some models. As you can see in the picture, every single day contains specific decors and motifs. Include such symbols that represent the Christmas spirit.

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Ideas for beautiful advent calendars – wonderful early night time

Advent calendar-wonderful-early-soft-night time

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An unconventional idea is to create an advent calendar with a new, modern look. You can use an idea of ​​the latest technology era and color trends. For example here we see a strange advent calendar in pink, black and pastel blue. At first glance, these colors are strange when you think of the Christmas spirit. On closer inspection, however, these trend colors look original and stylish. We see the same case with the black advent calendar with white stars – simple but amazing.

Advent calendar with a modern look

Advent calendar modern look

Sweet Ideas for beautiful advent calendars also make these homemade advent calendars. White envelopes, paper stars and shiny spheres look simple but elegant. Box of matches can also be used for a handmade advent calendar. Decorate them all with your favorite Christmas colors and dates. Don’t forget to hide a little piece of paper or candy in there.

Ideas for beautiful advent calendars  – contemporary philosophy

Advent calendar black board

The modern use behind the advent calendar shows how the models have changed over time. Homemade advent calendars with interesting ideas and childishly colorful decorations are more preferred today than the old-fashioned advent calendars. You wear a specific brand or Hollywood celebrity. It’s pretty fun and interesting, especially for the kids, to make a really unique advent calendar. In addition, their imagination and artistic skills are also developed.

Ideas for beautiful advent calendars – make your own with matchboxes


Finally, we would like to say something else. Don’t feel obligated to any particular one of these great ones Ideas for beautiful advent calendars to choose. Let yourself be inspired and make your own advent calendar yourself. A festive living idea with artistic Christmas motifs and creative concepts.



light creative advent calendar to tinker with yourself


unusual advent calendar

unusual advent calendar

Advent tree with small drawers

Small Christmas tree drawers

unconventional advent calendar

modern concept advent calendar

Advent-calendar-christmas-counting down Advent-calendar-beautiful-advent Advent calendar-do-it-yourself-idea

creative idea advent calendar

Advent calendar christmas countdown

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