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Christmas wreath for your door – festive ideas for a warm heart feeling


Stylish examples so that we can inspire your creativity

The festive Christmas wreath is a traditional symbol of Christmas and is hung on the entrance doors to warmly greet guests. Here are some beautiful ideas created by leading stylists and designers. It’s not too difficult as long as you get some basic supplies. The base can be bought from florists, craft stores, or markets and these are made from various materials such as foam, dried grass, and wire. You will also need floral wire to attach your decorations to the wreath. There are numerous websites that will guide you through the building process. We found particularly simple instructions on ’saveoncrafts’. This organization will also provide you with all the materials to make your own designer Christmas wreath.

A luxurious Christmas wreath in red and gold


This gorgeous and luxurious Christmas wreath was designed by Laura Bruen. It includes classic red decorations in various shapes and sizes. These are pinned to the wreath base to create a sensational and festive wreath for your front door. Add gold ribbon for contrast with the shiny red glass balls.

Shiny Christmas wreath with ornaments


This beautiful Christmas wreath combines sparkling flowers with vintage ornaments for a most unusual and delightful display. A picture of a winter landscape behind the wreath adds interest to the center. This design is created by Barbara Ann.

Double the effect with two wreaths

Christmas wreath front door

For a grand entrance, why not two wreaths. This photo shows the glorious examples with richly decorated ribbons of velvet and brocade. Each wreath is adorned with a breathtaking wreath bow at the bottom. To create a similar effect, decorate the rest with ornaments and flowers. This design comes from Leanne Michaels Interiors.

Glamorous Christmas wreath

golden-door-wreath-bronze ribbon

If you like a touch of sparkle and glamor in your Christmas decorations, then this gorgeous designer door wreath will inspire you. To recreate this effect, transform a simple wreath with metallic embellishments and spray paint. The example shown here consists of sprayed pine cones, metallic ribbon and leaves. The combination of bronze, copper, silver or gold creates a fabulous effect.

Designer Christmas wreath inspired by nature


Atmospheric ideas for Christmas decorations in the dining room

If your preference is for a natural Christmas wreath but without sacrificing influence, here is a beautiful example combining traditional materials like magnolia leaves, berries and pine cones with more unexpected elements like artichokes. The artichokes add exciting shapes and a beautiful subtle color.

A culinary Christmas wreath for all the senses

Sage-oregano-rosemary-laurel Christmas wreath

The Christmas wreaths are not only intended for the front door. Here’s a fine example of this – beautiful, useful, and perfect for the Christmas cheer in the busy kitchen. The kitchen is definitely the heart of the house for Christmas, so this space deserves its own seasonal makeover. An edible wreath is not just for food fans, it looks amazing. This combines sage, oregano, rosemary and laurel – all herbs associated with Christmas.

Christmas wreath with a modern twist


This beautiful example shows how traditional winter berries and evergreen foliage can be mixed with fashionable highlights like feathers and a patterned ribbon to create a contemporary version of the Christmas wreath.

by Jaz