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33 ideas for Christmas wreaths to make yourself

Festively decorate your front door! We offer you 30 ideas on how you can make a beautiful Christmas wreath for the door yourself. Do handicrafts together with your children and create a unique, happy atmosphere in your house.


Christmas wreath for the door from gifts of nature


Festively decorate your walls, the fireplace or the front door – the biggest advantage of the Christmas wreath is that when decorated with candles, it can be transformed into a Christmas decoration for the table. Our Christmas wreath ideas start with the traditional green base – you can buy a ready-made green base and decorate it, or you can make a circle with a wire and then tie fir bushes on it. Traditional Christmas wreaths are decorated with flowers and fruits. Red ribbons and lemons are exciting additions, you can decorate the design with artificial snow. Hang bells or a snowman on it and hang the wreath on the door.

Tinker door wreaths for Christmas – 30 ideas and instructions

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Make Christmas decorations yourself – kissing ball as an alternative to the door wreath

Christmas wreath for the door – extraordinary designs


the Christmas wreath ideas, that we offer you here are very diverse – play with the traditional round shape of the wreath and make a green square wreath. Decorate the wreath with small pink balls, or create a whole wreath just from balls. Why not have a heart-shaped Christmas wreath as a decoration? Decorate your wreath with blueberries. Bake cupcakes and tie them together. Make a Christmas wreath out of paper or fabric. Tie the bushes with lace instead of red ribbon. Decorate the wreath with cones and apples. Play around with colors – pink-red, orange, and white are very popular. Let your children draw stars and then paint them, cut the stars and glue them to the wreath. Hang the Christmas wreath on the front door, on the veranda, over the fireplace, in the dining room or on the stairwell. Find extraordinary places – instead of hanging the wreath, you can put it on the cupboard. Create your own unique design and enjoy the happy atmosphere at home!

White Christmas wreath – ideas for crafting

white Christmas wreath tinkering idea

Christmas wreath on the door decorated with blueberries

Christmas wreath door blueberry

White wreath Christmas

white wreath christmas

Ideas for Christmas wreath -fruits

Christmas wreath ideas fruits

Interesting advent wreath

Christmas decoration ideas-make-yourself-advent wreath

Winter decorative door wreath

Winter decoration ideas door wreath

Tinker star – idea

Door wreath star Christmas decor ideas

Door wreath with oranges

Christmas wreath-make-yourself-oranges

Ideas for Christmas wreath with pine cones

Make your own Christmas wreathChristmas wreath with cake


Popcorn Christmas wreath

Make your own popcorn Christmas wreath easily

Paper Christmas decorations


Pink accents in the Christmas wreath

golden ribbon christmas wreath

Red advent wreath

red advent wreath front door christmas

Christmas wreath with red ribbon

red ribbon christmas wreath door

Square Christmas wreath

quadrater christmas wreath idea

Christmas wreath with pink balls


Green ball as a decoration

green christmas wreath door

Sew the advent wreath yourself

Sew-your-own-lace advent wreath

Winter wonderland wedding wreath

Winter wonderland wedding wreath

Christmas wreath in the dining room

Christmas wreath dining room decoration idea

Christmas wreath with apples

Heart Christmas wreath apple

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