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30 ideas for table decorations with winter themes

Winter table decoration white flowers

Are you looking for ideas for Table decoration for a birthday party, engagement or wedding? In keeping with the season, we have collected 20 elegant winter-themed ideas that can inspire you. Elegant, rustic, romantic or fun – the choice is yours. So that you can organize an unforgettable celebration for your loved ones, of course, atmosphere, decoration and lighting are part of it. So let’s start with:

Table decoration with winter theme – elegant company party

Winter party table decoration idea

For your colleagues and employees, for professional partners and customers – create one Table decoration with green accents, lots of small white details like white balls, white stars and lots of white candles. Hang candles over the table to create atmosphere. Clear a corner of the room and organize a small podium where people can speak. A maximum of 12 people can sit at each table – long tables are a good option.

Table decoration for birthday with winter theme

original Christmas decoration idea table

One Table decoration Winter themes don’t always have to be blue and white. Here comes the definitive proof of that – there are plenty of pine cones on the table, red flowers and white candles are reminiscent of Christmas. The cake is decorated with white accents. This decoration will please both adults and teenagers. You can find more great ideas for birthday parties with cake decorations below.

Table decoration for wedding and engagement

Rose wedding table decorations winter theme

For an unforgettable engagement and wedding, the guests have to feel comfortable. Tune everything down to the smallest details – blue napkins on a white plate, a napkin ring decorated with feathers and stones, lots of white roses are simply part of it. Cut white doves out of paper and write the names of the guests on them with a silver pencil. You can place crystal vases for the flowers in the middle of the table. More interesting Table decoration Ideas for different occasions:

Cake as a table decoration

Poinsettia and white table decorations

Christmas tree made from cake

Christmas tree made of candy table decorations

Wedding decoration ideas

Table decoration wedding lace

Table decoration with silver balls

silver-ball table decoration-white-blue

Golden table decoration ideas


Engagement party table decoration

Wedding table decoration idea

Pine cones as decoration on the cake

make original candles yourself

Tinker table decorations yourself

creative table decoration ideas

Blue table decorations with candles

elegant table decoration accent napkins

Green table decoration with winter theme


Pine cones verified with artificial snow


White flowers and paper stars

Tinker-yourself-table decorations-paper-stars

Blue and white table decoration

Crystal-Mugs-Blue-Table Decoration-Winter-Wonderland

Blue cups and bottles

blue-cutlery-cups-crockery-table decorations

All white table decoration

Winter wonderland white table decoration idea

Green fresh table decorations


Interesting candles and golden ball

Candles-festively-decorating-table decoration

Rustic Christmas decor ideas

rustic Christmas decoration table

Red flowers on the table


Red accents on the table

Apple-flower table decoration

Christmas decorations and red cups


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