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30 effective winter decoration ideas for your home in January

As soon as Christmas is over, fir trees and Christmas tree balls are tidied up. But what decoration in January and February? Winter is the most beautiful time of the year for many people, and so that your apartment reflects the season, we offer you some effective winter decoration ideas. Stop wondering how to decorate your home between Christmas and spring, take a look at our tips.

Winter decoration ideas for your home

Winter decoration ideas-at-home-silver-sprayed-pine cones

Red and gold can be seen more in the post-Christmas decorations. Now white and gray tones dominate. You can create a winter wonderland in your home with white, blue and silver. Natural materials can add color accents – e.g. fir green, red berries, brown pine cones, etc..

Winter decoration ideas after Christmas

Winter motifs

Winter decoration ideas-at-home-winter-motifs-serving-board

Decorate with bows everywhere. Use these winter season hallmarks throughout the home. Tie velvet and satin ribbons in winter colors to doorknobs, on the terrace, on the front door or even on lamps and lights.

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Porcelain birds and candles with frost effect

Winter decoration ideas at-home-candles-porcelain-birds-fir branches

Add lots of pine cones and green branches. As symbols of the winter season, pinecones look beautiful and smell wonderful. You can put fir branches on the mantelpiece or even add them to flower arrangements. Also place wreaths of pine cones throughout the house.

Balls and candles on cake stand

Winter-decoration-ideas-at-home-cake-stand-balls-pine cones

Take the candles out. Winter is the perfect time to express your love for candles. Use candles in winter with different scents and colors to create a cozy atmosphere in your home during the cold winter months.

Winter time decoration for windows with fairy lights

Winter-decoration-ideas-at-home-corridor-fairy lights

Hang up fairy lights. You don’t just have to focus on the holidays just yet, but a few fairy lights here and there are wonderful winter decorating ideas. Hang them in a room, add them to the fir branches on the mantle, or decorate the windows.

Window decoration in January

deco ideas after christmas window decoration in january with chalk marker

Another cool idea would be to paint window decorations with the chalk marker. Whether icicles or a whole winter landscape – there are numerous possibilities. If you can’t or don’t want to paint freehand, you can use a template.

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Crockery with Christmas motifs


Set accents in your home with home accessories with a winter theme. Porcelain snowmen, glass vases with balls in silver and gold, bowls with pine cones, pillows with winter pictures or snowflakes. There are a number of winter themes that you can add to your winter theme.

 Winter decoration ideas – birds with glitter spray


Now let’s focus on specific examples of home decor for the winter. Glittering figures in silver or gold can give any living room an elegant touch and create a festive atmosphere. They combine beautifully with other decorations in light, monochrome colors, such as white or gray.

Secret elves made from pine cones


 Winter decoration ideas in the bedroom


When decorating the apartment for winter, you should not limit yourself to only the living room and the hallway. You can also decorate the other rooms with pretty winter motifs, such as the bedroom and children’s room. There you can make atmospheric garlands with snowflakes and decorate the walls with them.

Decoration on the doorstep in winter – lanterns with candles


If you live in a house, you can also beautifully decorate the garden and the entrance area. Welcome your guests warmly and create a festive atmosphere not only for Christmas, but throughout the winter season. Small lanterns with candles are very suitable for the steps in front of the entrance door, because they not only look very decorative, but also illuminate the stairs at night.

Door decoration in winter – white gloves with twigs on the front door


One of the most important elements for a successful winter decoration is without a doubt the door wreath. Door wreaths are usually hung on the front door and warmly welcome guests. However, they shouldn’t necessarily look like a wreath. Great alternatives are various items that are arranged with some greenery and a few pine cones. In this case, it is not a door wreath, but rather a winter door decoration.

decorated mini sapling


If you also want to decorate the table with a beautiful centerpiece in winter, then a silver or metal serving tray is very suitable. You can arrange any decoration on it, such as colored pine cones, green twigs from the fir tree, elegant Christmas balls and other winter or Christmas motifs. A small tree is perfect for the center of the tray because it reflects the Christmas tree.

decorate tray for winter idea for living room table decoration

Decorate the tray for winter with white pillar candles

decorations for january and february - after christmas decorate in silver and white

deco in january and february idea in silver

Winter decoration on the balcony

balcony winter decoration idea with fairy lights fir branches and lantern

Tree decorated with pine cones


If you want a natural decoration for the winter, you can use wood as a material. Small twigs can be easily collected during a walk in the park and great creations can be conjured up with them. In a tall glass vase, for example, you can put the branches you have collected together with some pine cones and decorate them with a string of lights. In the end, you get a glowing and atmospheric decoration that becomes an eye-catcher in the interior.

Winter decoration in the living room – home textiles and pillow prints 


If you want to give your apartment a winter touch, you don’t necessarily have to fill the whole house with Christmas decorations. Rather, you can bring the usual home accessories such as sofa cushions and other home textiles into harmony with the season. A great idea for this are the pillowcases, which you can order with a great, wintery print.

Mason jar with candle and fir branches


Different glass containers go perfectly with a fairytale winter decoration. You can use glass vases, mason jars, jam jars and all kinds of glass vessels for this. Then put a bit of green and a pillar candle in the glass container to turn it into a lantern. Alternatively, you can cover the ground with artificial snow and place different figures on it. In this way, a wonderful winter landscape can be conjured up in the glass.

Christmas balls under glass plate


Some coffee tables with a glass top have a shelf in the middle where you can place various decorations. If you also have such a table at home, you can design the storage space with winter decorations. Christmas balls are very suitable for this, because you don’t have to come up with any new decorations for Christmas.

decorated door handle


You can decorate almost any part of the home if you want. A decoration for the door handle, for example, can put the door in the limelight and look very decorative. However, you should be careful when choosing jewelry. The piece of jewelery should not be too big and under no circumstances block the opening and closing of the door.


Table decoration in January – green branches on the table


green door wreath


Snowman balls


Pine cones on the chandelier


Crystals on the table


 Winter decoration ideas with pine cones


Glass vases with pine cones


Winter decoration in the glass

Winter-decoration-ideas-at-home-glass-vase-winter landscape

unused fireplace


Winter decoration ideas-at-home-glass-balls-birds-table


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