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25 creative ideas for advent calendars for handicrafts


Our Advent calendar ideas are fun and a popular way for kids and adults to count down the days until Christmas. These calendars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from ornate, sophisticated, and classy to silly, festive, and fun. Although the calendars are of different types, their purposes remain the same: to impatiently await each day of Advent, to welcome them, and to create a festive mood for Christmas.

Advent calendar ideas


An advent calendar helps to count down the days until Christmas. Similar to a regular calendar, there are actual signs of how many days remain until Christmas. An advent calendar is a daily reminder of how close Christmas is by the owner opening a box each day. Typically, each door or window on the calendar is a day until Christmas. Once the box is opened, it stays open so that it is easy to see how many unopened boxes or days are left until the big day.

Ideas for advent calendars with garlands


The term “Advent” is a Latin word which means “arrival”. Therefore, an advent calendar has to document how many days are left until the “arrival” of Christmas. The anticipation of this arrival begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, known as the beginning of the Advent season.

Unusual packaging


Although all the boxes and Ideas for advent calendars show that it is one day closer to Christmas, what lies behind this box can vary. Some advent calendars have elaborate pictures of houses, gifts, cartoon characters, clocks or numbers on the outside. When the boxes are opened they reveal a number of things. Some calendars include chocolates or other sweets. Some may also include Bible verses, facts about Christmas, facts about the first Christmas, or suggestions for the holiday season.



The first Advent calendar dates back to the early 19th century when Protestants made a chalk mark on their doorstep for each day in December. This is the opposite of the current advent calendar. Instead of determining how many days remained until Christmas, the chalk markings from this early version of the Advent calendar showed how many days had passed since Advent began.

    Books on the mantelpiece


If you have decided to make an advent calendar yourself this year, you have several design options to choose from. If you would like to design an environmentally friendly Christmas calendar that does not leave mountains of mill, you can also use upcycling materials and design great calendars according to your own ideas, which can also be used several times. A great and simple handicraft project is, for example, the advent calendar, which is made from empty toilet paper rolls. Get 24 empty paper rolls and stick them with colored paper or paint them to your taste. It is up to you which materials you would like to use for the decoration of the individual sachets. Wrapping paper or maybe even old newsprint or old magazines work well with this too.

Door wreath made of clothespins


Label the finished rolls with the numbers 1-24 and close the finished rolls on one side by folding in the opening. You can use stamps or number stickers for the numbering. You can also cut out small numbers from foam rubber. Fill in the surprises and seal the other end as well. So that you can hang up the individual rolls, you can wrap them with a thread and attach them to a coat hanger or a taut rope. Leave the thread a little longer so that you can hang the individual rolls offset in height.

Numbered bags


If you would like to make paper advent calendars yourself, bags and envelopes are also a good starting point. Butter bread bags or fruit bags can be shaped into the desired shape and pimped up with paper or washi tape. Cute advent calendars are also made from the to-go café mugs with lids. A great and practical alternative to the Christmas calendars made of paper are calendars made of fabric. You are welcome to make one out of old fabric scraps or fabrics. Especially if you like to sew, you can make nice bags or sacks in the shape of a boot in no time at all. Colorful baby socks attached to a leash with tiny clothespins look really cute.

Numbered envelopes


If you want to make an advent calendar yourself, sooner or later you will be faced with the question of what to fill the door or package with. If you want to surprise children, depending on the size of the Advent calendar and the age of the child, you can fill content such as modeling clay, handicraft sets, painting by numbers, trading cards, bath toys, Christmas decorations or comics. For adults, self-made bookmarks, scratch cards, a shared photo, aromatic spices or an individual coffee mixture are great ideas for Advent calendars. If you like the classic version of the Advent calendar, you can of course pack sweet treats. Roasted almonds, pralines, homemade chocolate fruits or homemade cookies create a Christmas atmosphere and pamper you. If you attach great importance to a healthy diet or a healthy lifestyle in general, you can also give away healthy treats. Wholemeal biscuits, nuts, dried fruit or Christmas tea are suitable gifts for Christmas.

Creative ideas for advent calendars with a muffin tin

creative-ideas-for-advent-calendar-handicrafts-muffin molds creative-ideas-for-advent-calendar-handicrafts-muffinform

If you don’t want to wrap large pre-Christmas gifts in the advent calendar, you might be able to create an advent calendar in mini format. What do you think of using matchboxes instead of boxes? Such an advent calendar in mini format is particularly suitable if you fill it with vouchers or joking sayings. There are no limits to your imagination when designing this mini advent calendar. Decorate the boxes to your heart’s content and glue them on or together in the shape you want. A voucher for a soothing foot massage, a candle light dinner, ice cream for dinner or perhaps a car wash are nice ideas that will be well received. If you want to convey a more joking message, the duty exemption vouchers are a great idea. Scraping ice three times or rinsing three times, sound funny and will certainly be followed by joking comments.

Christmas tree structure


creative ideas for advent calendars with matchboxes


Box with candies

creative-ideas-for-advent-calendar-boxes-candies creative-ideas-for-advent-calendar-books

Felt bags

creative-ideas-for-advent-calendar-handicrafts-felt creative-ideas-for-advent-calendar-tinkering-arrangement

creative-ideas-for-advent-calendar-handicrafts-stair railings

Cone bags

creative-ideas-for-advent-calendar-handicrafts-cone-tree decorations  creative-ideas-for-advent-calendar-handicrafts-buckets-garland  creative-ideas-for-advent-calendar-handicrafts-christmas-decorations






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