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Make carnival costumes for groups yourself – 18 ideas

February will begin soon and Mardi Gras will come with the fun costume sessions and masked balls. The friends meet, funny noise and music can be heard everywhere. For all party people who want to spend these festive days unforgettable, we have some great ones Carnival costumes for groups compiled in a list. For any horny clique that wants to stand out from the crowd, wearing the same clothes has always been a good idea. This is your opportunity to show that you came to the party with your family or how cool your team of colleagues can have fun. The ideas given not only bring you a lot of fun during the great days, they are also suitable for making yourself. The variety is great, your imagination is the limit!

Do-it-yourself-make-yourself-super-mario-video-game-princess-peach-luigi-toad-balloons for groups

Carnival costumes for groups: the party starts with participation

Mardi Gras costumes for groups do-it-yourself-three-stone-scissors-paper

When choosing the right festive attire for several people – friends, family members or colleagues – think again about the habits of everyone and consider the character of each person. After the right decision is made, the costume materials need to be taken care of. The festival begins with the common preparation!

Making carnival costumes for groups – not necessarily complicated

Do-it-yourself carnival costumes for groups-domino-black-white-dots-domino effect

Here a group of funny girls took the domino effect as inspiration for their dominoes carnival costumes. This idea has good advantages for a couple – the black and white clothes in this case are not only funny, but also stylish and can be noticed from afar. The domino effect can be represented in unforgettable images.

Tinker domino costume for a group with fabric to stick on

There are several ways to make a domino costume. First decide on the black clothes that will serve as the basis for your costume: mini dresses, leggings with tunics, black long-sleeved blouses with pants are great. Then cut out circles and lines from iron-on fabric in white and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to pin them onto the garments.

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The playing card motif goes well with strong players

Mardi Gras costumes for groups-make-playing-cards-women-white-black-red

The symbols of the rectangular pieces of cardboard easily become effects for elegant strapless dresses. Such carnival costumes for a group of women with red and black accents bring a funny attitude.

Let your friendship shine

carnival costumes groups-make-yourself-scrabble-letters-boards-black-yellow-party

All board games can serve as inspiration for carnival costumes for groups – Scrabble, “Mensch ärgere dich nicht”, “Monopoly” or, why not, “Cards Against The Humanity”. Think about the favorite game that you and your friends had the funniest times with and that will lead you to the right decision.

Food and drink motifs turn into elegant carnival costumes

carnival costumes groups-make-women-milkshake-cherry-popcorn-dresses

What you particularly enjoy eating and drinking with your friends can become the inspiration for your costume design. This idea also gives the opportunity for you to get your own style of clothing during Mardi Gras.

The accessories give the festive tone

carnival costumes-groups-make-it-yourself-cherry-whipped cream-DIY-scissors-paper-red-artificial cotton-white

As shown above, only a party accessory can transform clothing into a Mardi Gras costume. Follow these simple instructions and your friends if they want to feel like cherries on the top of the cake.

Another tasty idea

carnival costumes-groups-make-yourself-sushi-soy sauce-nori-salmon-rice-white-food

Sushi motifs in a group’s carnival costumes can easily be imitated. One of them is playing the bottle with the soy sauce – he is said to be dressed in black. To appear like sushi rolls with nori, a pillow that resembles salmon root is attached around the stomach with a black scarf.

A very simple and colorful idea


The carnival disguise for fans of M&M’s can easily be realized if the group has decided on costumes that look together at the last moment. Ordering T-shirts in the corresponding colors with the logo letter of the favorite sweets does not take longer than two days. You just have to know the right clothing sizes.

Get inspiration from social networks


Here is the tip for all Facebook, Twitter and Instagram fans. Each of your friends draws the logo on a picture the size of their upper body, rounds the corners of the box and you are all ready for Carnival.

Carnival costumes for groups with a common clothing style


A group can show all partiers that they want to have a great time together in their favorite style. Whether the steampunks or the hippies, a great effect is not difficult to achieve with the right clothes and jewelry.

 Martoschka figures – for everyone who celebrates colorfully

carnival costumes-groups-make-yourself-matryoshka-doll-children-makeup-headscarf-fabrics-colorful

All colorful scraps of fabric come to the aid of this costume idea. It goes well with families with two or more children, with groups of friends with different heights. With the colored headscarves, aprons and the typical red-coated cheeks of the matryoshka dolls, the men look particularly ridiculous.

The costumes of film fans at Mardi Gras always make a special impression


The characters of the film heroes are not difficult to imitate. Dress, leggings, silver-colored boots and a funnel as a hat are all necessary so that you look like the tin man from “The Wizard of Oz”. The Dorothy Gale in your group must wear a girl’s dress and bring a dog – a toy, and why not her own favorite.

Two ideas for crafting the Ninja Turtles tanks


Clothes in green and the corresponding ninja weapon toys will transform your group of friends into the popular comic heroes from the 90s.

“Breaking Bad” – the excitement increases


Yellow protective suits, protective breathing masks, a pair of crutches – these are the attributes of the Heisenberg and Jesse clique. The dress, made of a nylon sack and filled with blue boxes, helps the ladies to participate in this idea.

Carnival costumes for group – The Disney Princesses


Romance is close to the heart of most women. The ball gowns and the curly wigs are the perfect accessories for all jokers.

The makeup fans dressed together for Mardi Gras


The logo of a favorite brand can visually unite the carnival costumes of your group. The necessary handicraft materials are colorful cardboard sheets, clothes in neutral tones – black or white. And your good mood!

It’s also fun with colleagues at Mardi Gras


Take advantage of the opportunity to have fun with colleagues about everyday activities. You create the fun atmosphere with creativity in the carnival costumes. Every profession is an infinite source of inspiration.

101 Dalmatians – classic in carnival clothing in black, white and red

carnival costumes-groups-make-yourself-dalmatines-cruella-de-vil-white-black-red

Jeans with suspenders, yellow t-shirts and hats – we are The Minions