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Unforgettable Thanksgiving Day with great table decoration ideas

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Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving is a holiday that is mostly known in the United States and Canada. Originally, Thanksgiving arose as a religious and cultural celebration, which today in America is seen more as an opportunity for time out with families and friends. It is a celebration where everything revolves around the family – and of course a cozy dinner should not be missing.

Thanksgiving – Table decoration ideas from the USA

 Thanksgiving great table decoration ideas

The fourth Thursday in November is called in the US Thanksgiving And in Canada, the second week of October is Thanksgiving, especially when the seasons change and winter is slowly coming. Of course, this change can also be felt on the table decorations. When it comes to it, you think of wood, autumn leaves and fresh flowers that stand in the center of the table and create a cozy atmosphere.

Fresh and interesting table decorations for Thanksgiving

 Autumn-winter table decoration ideas

Your guests will love this delicate and original Thanksgiving Be amazed at the table decoration. On each plate there is a small box with gifts – candles, sweets or other things. The candle holders are tied with twine, while the spool of twine serves as a vase for autumn decorations.

Decorate Thanksgiving Day napkins and dishes

Napkin rings name tags guests

A great option for that Thanksgiving is to cut out blue autumn leaves from fabric and place them on the table as a decoration. Leave the leaves so that they overlap and place a vase of fresh flowers on top. Stamp the white napkins with autumn leaves and choose dishes with autumn motifs. Decorate each card with the name of your guests with colored ribbon and feather. Wooden cutlery can add extra warmth to the design.

This is how easy and creative you can set up a table decoration inspired by Thanksgiving and create a cheerful and cozy atmosphere for your guests. Unleash your creativity and create a unique ambience in the dining room!

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Elegant simple autumn decoration


Tableware – decoration ideas for Thanksgiving

Autumn motifs - tableware - decoration ideas - Thanksgiving

Stamped napkins with interesting floral motifs

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Thanksgiving buffet