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You can find out how you can creatively wrap gifts in foil thanks to our tips

Not everyone has the talent to wrap gifts nicely in wrapping paper. All that cutting, folding, and gluing can be pretty nerve-wracking. If that applies to you too, you are probably looking for an alternative. And we have great news! You can wrap gifts nicely without wrapping paper by simply wrapping the gifts creatively in foil.

Wrapping gifts creatively in foil - ideas for baskets, bottles and bouquets of flowers

And the key word here is very simple. Because packaging works particularly well with film and even those who have two left hands can do it. Today we would like to show you exactly how you can creatively wrap gifts in foil. Whether it’s a pretty gift basket, bouquet of flowers or other types of gifts – find out how to best wrap gifts with foil.

Wrapping gifts nicely – tips

Crafts with foil and decorations for wrapping gifts

  • Instead of a roll of film that you cut to size, you can also use ready-made film pockets that are welded shut on three sides. This is not only useful for baskets and similar containers, but also for bouquets.
  • There are not only colorless foils. You are also welcome to consider colored or patterned variants if you want to wrap gifts with transparent film.
  • You can also combine several foils. For example, use a colored or patterned one first and then a transparent one on top. Wrapping gifts nicely with foil in two or more layers is no more complicated than with one layer. Simply place all the layers on top of each other on the table and wrap the gift as described in the instructions.

Wrapping gifts creatively in foil – ideas

Christmas gift idea with cookies and box

Most of the time, gift baskets are wrapped in foil. So the recipient immediately gets an insight. In addition, the basket itself is very pretty to look at, which is why it should not be hidden behind opaque paper. A basket is packed after it has been filled, and it’s very simple:

Wrapping gifts in foil – instructions for a basket

Wrap gifts creatively in foil and decorate with a bow

  • Cut a piece of foil that is significantly larger than the height of the basket. This is the only way to get enough material to be able to tie it well afterwards.
  • Spread out the piece of foil and place the basket in the middle of it.
  • Now take all four sides up and tie them with any string you want.
  • Then hide the cord with a pretty ribbon and, if you like, with a bow.

These instructions are also suitable for boxes, round gifts or other shapes.

Wrap bottles creatively in foil as gifts

Creatively wrap bottles as gifts in foil with simple instructions

Would you like to pack bottles? Foils are also great for this. Again, the piece of foil should be larger. The film is then usually tied to the neck of the bottle. You can also use a film with only one open side and then just slide it over the bottle instead of putting it in the bag. Just experiment a little. You can do that with additional decorations as well.

Wrap a bouquet with foil

Give away a beautifully wrapped bouquet on various occasions

If you want to creatively wrap bouquets of flowers as gifts in foil, you need a piece of kitchen paper that you moisten beforehand. It is used to keep the bouquet hydrated until it is placed in a vase. Cut out a piece of foil about the size of the bouquet. Then spread the foil out on the table so that one of the corners is facing up and place the moistened kitchen paper in the middle.

Step by step instructions with fabric foil and decorative tape

Shorten the ends of the flower stems a little and then place these ends on the kitchen paper, which you then wrap around the stems. Now fold the bottom corner up and then one of the two sides that you fix with tape. Finally, fold over the other side and glue this on too. You can hide the area with the adhesive strips with a ribbon, a bow or other decorations.

Give away flowers in a vase

Wrap gifts nicely with foil - idea for vases with carnations

How about if you don’t just give away a bouquet, but a few flowers in a vase? You can also creatively wrap such gifts in foil. Just proceed as with the bottle and tie the foil to the narrowest area of ​​the vase.

White foil for colorful flowers

White foil for a bouquet with pink flowers

Simple packaging for gifts made of foil

Creatively wrap baskets as gifts in foil with instructions

Foil bags for biscuits and other sweets

Foil bags are well suited as packaging for cookies