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Wreath of dried flowers DIY: Tips for drying flowers and beautiful craft ideas

Decorating with dried flowers is a beautiful trend that has recently made a comeback. Whether it is about tying an original drying bouquet, displaying pressed flowers in a pretty picture frame or even decorating candles with dried flowers … the inspirations are numerous and adapt to every budget. As you might have guessed, today we’re taking another look at these natural beauties. Dried flower wreaths are a great way to say goodbye to summer and start autumn with creative design. So let yourself be inspired by our ideas for a wreath of dried flowers!

Drying fresh flowers: this is how it works

Velvet grass Laugurus poppy capsules and meadow flowers

Before we dive into the colorful ideas we’ve picked for you, let’s first take a closer look at how to make dried flowers. In fact it is very simple. Pick your favorite flowers from the garden or those that you want to dry. Then remove the leaves and the damaged flowers.

In order to properly carry out the drying process, it is important to choose a dry, dark place as the darkness will help maintain the original colors. Then hang your flowers upside down by securing them with string or elastic. It can take up to a few weeks to dry, but sometimes a few days are enough. Don’t hesitate to check back regularly.

Preserve flowers with glycerine

Preserve twigs for vase with glycerine

However, there are other techniques that can make the drying process of your flowers easier and faster. One of the most common is the use of glycerin. With a little trick, a lot of the color is retained and the petals don’t become brittle. Fill a vase with 100 ml of glycerine and 200 ml of water. Then dip your flowers in it and wait for the stems to absorb the mixture. The drying process is complete as soon as more small glycerine pearls emerge from the tips of the petals.

These are two of the most popular methods of making dried flowers. Once you master them, you are ready to incorporate these remarkable floral elements into your own home. But also keep in mind that small bouquets of dried flowers are available in craft and flower shops. So, if you are one of those busy people, don’t hesitate to buy them ready-made and use them right away.

These flowers and grasses are particularly suitable for a dry wreath:

Thistle pampas grass and co for dry wreath

  • Roses
  • Meadow flowers
  • Heather
  • lavender
  • Hydrangeas
  • yarrow
  • Garden everlasting flower
  • Craspedia
  • Velvet grass
  • Gypsophila
  • chamomile
  • Wheat stalks
  • Sea lavender
  • Paper button (Ammobium alatum)

Note: The thistle and co. Become even more prickly when they dry. Therefore, it is best to wear gloves when tying. The “Questar blue” thistle in particular can add special highlights to your wreaths.

Make great wall decorations from embroidery frames and everlasting flowers

Dry wreaths made of everlasting flowers and embroidery ring made of wood

Garden everlasting flowers are ideal for dry bouquets, arrangements and wreaths, because the strong flower colors are retained even after drying. It is important that you cut the flowers while they are still in the bud and then hang the cut flowers upside down in a cool, dry place. And here is a great idea how the colorful flower heads can be processed afterwards: You can simply glue them in turns to an embroidery frame with hot glue.

Wreath of dried hydrangeas

wreath of dried hydrangeas for the front door

Dried hydrangeas don’t just look good in a vase. The beautiful flower balls are also a great decorative element for the front door. To make this simple hydrangea wreath, you will need the following:

  • Cutting pliers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Dried hydrangea flowers
  • Grapevine wreath with a diameter of 40 cm
  • Florist wire

First, prepare your dried hydrangea flowers by cutting their stems to a length of about 6 inches. Then tuck each dried hydrangea flower between the vine branches.

Wreath of dried hydrangeas and grapevine wreath

Once the dried flowers are in place, secure their stems to the wreath with the florist’s wire. If there are empty spots, add a few more flowers.

Make your own wreath from dried hydrangeas

If necessary, use hot glue to better hold the small bouquets in place. Finally, spray the wreath with hairspray. In this way, the color of the flowers is retained for a long time.

Dry wreath full of color

Make a colorful wreath from dried flowers yourself

In the following tutorial, we will show you a colorful and sophisticated design that will give your front door an incomparable beauty. The velvet grasses in pink, purple and orange are combined with filigree dried flowers. A very interesting effect is also created by the two rings that lie one inside the other.

Make a wreath out of dried flowers yourself - materials required

Get a pair of scissors, two brass rings of different sizes, a variety of dried flowers of your choice, florist tape, wire, and a hot glue gun.

Wreath of dried Lagurus flowers in pink, purple and orange

First, tie the two rings together with florist tape as shown in the picture instructions. Then, make small bouquets of your dried flowers by wrapping the florist’s tape around the stems a few times.

Now start to design the metal ring with the small bouquets. To do this, create a bouquet, hold the ring and the stems in one hand and wrap the florist wire tightly around the stems and the ring three times until they are firmly connected. Then place the second bouquet very close behind the first and wrap the wire around it too. It is important that you always lay and tie the flowers in one direction.

Wreath of dried flowers in pink with a metal ring

Proceed according to this principle. You do not need to tie the wreath completely with flowers so that the metal rings come into their own. When you’re happy with the result, cut off the stems and you’re done!

Animal figure as an eye-catcher

Boho wreath with wooden rings and dried flowers

This decoration idea also works well with wooden rings of different sizes. The advantage of this type of wreath: you don’t need as many flowers. However, if you want to enhance the appearance of the wreath, you can also glue a cute animal figure as an eye-catcher.

Wreath with dried roses and grass

If you want to design a complete wreath with dried flowers, you should primarily work with small flowers (e.g. gypsophila or chamomile) and lots of green. First tie the delicate flowers tightly and then work in only a few larger flowers such as roses or everlasting flowers.

You can also paint some leaves with rose gold spray paint for a nice effect

When tying, the stems of the flowers and grass should always point in one direction

Orange and yellow wreath conveys autumn flair

Dried phalaris, mini roses, lonas and dried pampas grass in orange look very nice together

Yellow paper heads combined with orange grasses

Gypsophila and roses are a proven combination

dried roses as the highlight of the wreath

The filigree pods from the silver leaf (Lunaria) are also popular for dry bouquets and wreaths

Wreath with dried flowers and grass standing on the table

Blue dried flowers combine well with light green foliage

Maiden dried in the countryside next to everlasting flowers in the wreath

A wreath of dried flowers brings a nice boho flair everywhere

Boho wreath made of dried flowers for the wall in the bedroom

Thanks to its simple wooden ring, this wreath is very light and can be hung anywhere

Wreath of dried flowers as autumn decoration 2020

Wreath of dried flowers in cream and beige tones

Wreath of dried flowers in beige tones with country house charm

Decoration idea for the baby room in boho style

Wreath of dried flowers in combination with pampas grass in a vase

Rabbit tail grasses make for a nice texture

Dry wreath in beige with a rustic flair

Everlasting flowers, eucalyptus and cotton branches on grapevine wreath

Grapevine wreath decorated with eucalyptus and dried flowers