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Wrap Easter gifts with these 23 original ideas

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Not only the Easter gifts themselves, but also the packaging should make a great impression. After all, it ensures that the curiosity and thus the anticipation increases. If you don’t want to choose the classic wrapping paper this time, but rather other great variants, you can use our ideas for today Wrap Easter presents consider, which you can also make yourself. There are interesting examples of labels, as well as Easter baskets and original boxes. Make your loved ones a special treat this year!

Packing Easter presents in egg boxes

Easter presents pack original-egg-box-decoration-ribbon-flowers

Let’s start with a particularly simple idea for wrapping Easter presents. All you need is egg boxes. It is best to look for them in a bright color. Ordinary, beige make it too. You can also decorate these by painting or pasting them. The variations are innumerable: Dried spring flowers, bows, labels with messages, paper grass and whatever else comes to mind. You can then fill the boxes not only with Easter eggs, but also with smaller gifts and sweets.

Wrapping Easter presents – Easter carrot


Why should a sugar bag only be useful for school enrollment? The triangular or cone-shaped packaging is also suitable as a container for the sweets that you want to give away for Easter. To recreate the idea of ​​wrapping Easter presents, you can use the instructions below or you can shape a simple cone.

Decorate with a label


Perhaps you would also like to add a name badge or a greeting tag to the Easter present. In this case, you can use this idea to add an interesting accent after packing the Easter presents. You can also use the label to label the packaging from an egg box as described above.

Fabric sign for Easter

packaging-easter-gifts-diy-sign-textile-sewing-easter bunny

Wrapping the label as a decoration for Easter presents can be designed in a particularly original way if fabric is used as the material. In this way, you also have the option of adding different Easter motifs and using scraps of fabric that you don’t want to throw away.

Owl shield


Owl motifs are currently rather modern, as you may know. For this reason, the owl is also suitable for wrapping Easter presents. Whether in the form of a label or as a decoration to stick on the packaging, the idea is suitable for any occasion.

Pack the wine bottle


If you want to give away wine at Easter, the bottle also needs suitable packaging. You can wrap wrapping paper around the bottle as shown and tie it around the neck area. For decorating, you can use an interesting technique. For example, add drops of glue of any size and sprinkle glitter over them before the glue has dried. In this way, you can design wrapping paper for Easter presents in any way you want.

Packing Easter gifts – paper bag


For this gift tag you can use the printable template in the instructions below. With blackboard paint, you have the option of writing on the sign and then erasing it after a while. In turn, you can make such a rabbit from a paper bag.

Stuffed bunnies


You can also try the idea of ​​the paper bag made of fabric. However, some sewing is the order of the day. But this is done quickly and easily and is also very suitable for beginners. With a little felt and colorful scraps of fabric, you have quickly conjured up such packaging for wrapping Easter presents.

Packaging with gold accents


These packaging ideas look very classy and personable. Take any box (for example a shoebox) and wrap wrapping paper with golden dots on it. If you feel like it, you can also add the golden dots yourself with a matching color.

Golden ribbons


Don’t you find the bow particularly pretty? Then make it yourself. You can find out exactly how in the instructions below. You will need paper that is decorated with gold glitter. You are also welcome to choose a different glitter color.

Make a gift bag

With this idea you can not only wrap the gift yourself in an original way. The packaging also turns into a practical gift. It is actually a bag that can later be used for shopping or the beach. You can find out how this idea is created in the video.

Easter basket made of cardboard

Easter baskets are also suitable for wrapping Easter presents. You can make these out of paper or cardboard, but it is best to choose cardboard with pretty, colorful motifs to create a spring mood. The Easter baskets are extremely easy to replicate.

Easter bunny basket as packaging

packing easter presents easter basket-idea-rabbit-fabric-plastic-eggs-moehre-form

With a little sewing you can make this likable bunny, which is an Easter basket. It is a great variant of the above example made of paper and actually not too difficult to imitate. Try it out and come up with an idea for wrapping Easter gifts that can be used for years to come.

Pyramid packaging


This idea for wrapping Easter presents looks complicated, but it can be remodeled quickly. The transparent windows that are added so that the recipient gets a little glimpse are very effective. The pretty bow gives the packaging the finishing touch.

Variant of the pyramid packaging


These funny bunnies are made in the same shape. In addition, the idea of ​​wrapping Easter presents is given paper ears and a pompom as a tail. Alternatively, you can make a tail out of cotton wool.

Ideas for boxes


As you can see, boxes can be made in different shapes. The boxes on the left in the shape of Easter eggs are very original and suitable for Easter. The box on the left has a classic cube shape. So that it doesn’t look too boring, you can perforate the walls using a punch. You can leave the holes open. However, if you pack smaller things that could fall out, you can cover them with cardboard of a different color.

Punch Easter motifs


Here you can see an idea for wrapping Easter presents without covering the punched hole. As an alternative to the example above, you can also pack the sweets in an extra bag that is transparent and then put it in the gift bag.

Buckets and bags for the Easter presents


Here you can see again an original idea for Easter bags, as well as an example for packing Easter gifts with buckets. The buckets can be designed in any way. Use paint or paper and stickers to stick on the surface. With Easter grass or parchment paper, you can close the opening like a sugar bag.

Make simple packaging


Even larger paper cups are perfect for handicrafts. You can give away various sweets in it. For the idea of ​​wrapping Easter presents, all you need is googly eyes, pompons, cotton wool and felt or paper for the ears. All of these things are then taped onto the mug as shown.

Make bags for Easter


Such Easter bags are made quickly. A simple design in white can be wonderfully spiced up with some Easter motifs. To close it, all you need to do is put a pretty ribbon through holes that you can add with a hole punch.

Shield in the form of a hare


You can see a particularly simple sign for the packaging here. The bunny is just one example and can also be replaced by chicks, an Easter egg or other Easter motifs. Simply paint the chosen figure on paper in any color and cut out the motif.

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