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Working with children: 14 woodworking ideas and simple instructions

Wood is one of the most popular materials from which you can make many beautiful things. The crafting options are numerous! Children can also enjoy working with wood and design beautiful figures, decorations and objects under the supervision of an adult.

Woodworking with kids ideas-elementary-school-pen-holder-design-man

Today we’re going to give you some ideas for simple Woodwork with children, which are easy to make with the right tools.

Working with children in daycare

Woodwork with children ideas-daycare-cubes-painting-towers-building

Smaller woodwork with children – that is of course a flexible term. Some of the projects can be done with a small tool box, others require a little more manual skill. Small children in the day care center, for example, can paint wooden blocks as they please and use them to invent their own designs. Blocks and pillars are particularly good for building towers.

Easy woodwork with children

woodwork-kids-ideas-boys-toddlers-racing-cars-buttons-wooden pegs

Wooden clips are an ideal material for handicrafts for children, because they are very versatile in the possible uses, but easy to work with. The advantage is that they are inexpensive and also made from a natural product. Little boys in particular would have a lot of fun with wooden clip cars.

Play corner in the nursery


To make these cool racing cars you need wooden clips, paint or washi tape, large buttons, toothpicks, glue and decorative straws. Toothpicks are used to allow the tires to spin. Also a great idea would be this car racing track on the floor, which is simply made with washi tape.

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Tinker wooden sailboats with small children


Tinkering a sailboat with children is perfect activity for hot summer days. If you are going for a walk in the woods with your child, take a look around and see if you can find some nice branches that can be used for a sailboat. Driftwood is also ideal.

simple instruction for sailboat


A frame is first made from four pieces of wood, then the others are glued in place. The mast is then stuck into the ship’s hull and glued. Sails, flags and the lifebuoy are cut out of construction paper. The child can also draw funny flags on colored paper using crayons.

Hedgehog pen holder made of wood

Woodwork with children ideas pen holder hedgehog works with children wood elementary school

A new back-to-school pen holder is a good idea for woodworking with children. Instead of making a box for the pens, you can saw a hedgehog. You can download and print out the template for this. You can determine the dimensions of your hedgehog yourself. You can use the following dimensions: 10 cm high / 15 cm wide / 50 mm thick.

Template hedgehog for woodwork with children

woodwork kids ideas template tinker with wooden hedgehog pen holder

The hedgehog’s spines represent the colored pegs. Make sure the drill bit matches the size of the pegs. A 19/64 mm hole saw attachment was used here. The holes towards the edge can be drilled a little deeper than the ones in the middle, as the hedgehog outline is a little higher in the middle. 12 holes were drilled. Then everything has to be sanded fine and coated with clear varnish.

Woodwork with primary school children

Woodwork with children - ideas-pen holder-mother's day-gift-photos works with children wood elementary school

If you don’t have a saw or a suitable template, but only have a hole drill, then wooden cubes are perfect for simple woodwork with children. Family photos can also be glued to the sides of the wooden cube. The perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day!

Small woodwork with children – instructions 

woodwork-children-ideas-pen-holder-elementary school-dice

Draw a grid of 16 fields on the top of the wooden cube. Drill a vertical hole 5 cm deep at each cross point. The drill thickness should be a little thicker than the pins. Carefully sand the wooden cube. Now kids can paint one side of the cube or all four. The pen holder is then rubbed with beeswax polish.

Halloween figures made of slats

woodwork-kids-ideas-halloween-decorating-painting-wooden beams

Saw-off and painted boards can be used to create wonderful seasonal decorations for the outdoor area. Also very easy to build. To prevent the pieces from falling over, they are fixed on a horizontal board.

creative wooden decorations for Christmas and in winter

Woodwork with children-ideas-christmas-wooden slats-painting-garden decoration

Once the wooden slats are cut to size, they can be decorated as you wish. Frankenstein, ghosts, Jack-O-pumpkins and mummies are particularly popular motifs on Halloween. At Christmas you can conjure up snowmen, penguins, reindeer and fir trees.

simple woodwork for Christmas


With small round decorative discs made of wood, beautiful Christmas tree pendants can also be tinkered with children. For a few years now, these wooden discs have been around really everywhere and in a wide variety of sizes. These small wooden parts can be used in many ways!

Self-made Christmas tree decorations from wooden discs

Woodwork with children ideas-christmas-wood-discs-thread-stars

You need a small drill to drill holes in the wooden disc and use them to create any pattern. A colored wool thread is then threaded through the holes to emphasize the pattern.

Pendant made of wood


These decorations made of wooden discs are great for giving away and offer many design options. You can make abstract patterns or well-defined shapes like hearts and stars. You can leave the decision to the children.

Wool thread in different colors


If the holes are very small, you can use a needle to help. The fine motor skills, dexterity and patience of children are trained by threading and tying.

Tinker thread picture with tractor motif for the nursery

Woodwork works with children ideas mural thread picture tractor

Thread pictures are again a great idea for simple woodwork with children and can be easily individualized. You can easily create beautiful motifs and letters with a nail, hammer and a lot of thread.

Make a picture with thread and needles

Woodwork with children just nail ideas with thread

For this project you will need a template, a wooden board, hammer and nails, thread, scissors, paint and brush, pen, tweezers and glue. A natural wooden disc can also form the basis of your work of art. It depends on what style you want.

Hammer in nails

woodwork children ideas thread picture make yourself needles

First of all, paint the plate in the color you have chosen, preferably twice, so that it covers well. Mark the corner points where you want to put the nails in. Place the template in the middle of the board and start driving in the nails.

Let all nails stick out about 1 cm

woodwork children ideas thread picture children's room deco

Make sure everyone is at the same height. Now tear the template off the board. You can remove the remaining paper with a pair of tweezers.

The tractor can already be seen


Wrap the thread around


Now you start to stretch the threads. It is best to start on one side and knot the thread tightly. Then the thread goes around each nail and first of all reproduces the contours of the motif.

The thread pattern is done!


You can easily fix a few nodes with the glue. After you have already finished with the contours, you can simply fill in the motif with colored threads as you like. For example, two different threads were used for this tractor: black for the tires and black and white for the tractor cab.

teach pyrography to the children

Woodwork with children ideas-pyrography-teach-template-drawing

Another interesting option for creative design is the old craft of pyrography. Older children can try this technique and burn beautiful motifs on the wooden surface. With an electric fuel rod (similar to a soldering iron), motifs can be charred and thus blackened in places.

The motif can be drawn on the wooden board with a pencil or it can be applied with the help of the carbon paper. Place your design on the carbon paper and trace the outline with a pen with a firm tip.

Burn a motif onto the wooden surface

woodwork-children-ideas-soldering iron-pyrography-wood panel

Ideally, objects made from untreated wood should be used. If the surface is varnished, it should be stripped as the fumes generated during the charring of the wood are harmful to health. Connect the fuel rod to the electricity and wait until the tip turns red. Adjust the temperature to the wood you are using. If too strong, the wood will turn black and smoke too quickly. Too little heat would not leave a strong enough mark.

Pyrography with paint 

woodwork-children-ideas-mural-wood panel-pyrography-beginners

There are all kinds of tips for the fuel rod, but the universal tip will do for beginners. You can use it to make lines, curves, points and almost anything. The tip is usually held between the thumb and forefinger like a pencil. You can also play with different temperature settings in order to obtain color nuances.

Make a doll’s bed


Building a doll’s bed with children is not difficult at all! No sawing, no special tools or wood connections are required here. With this DIY you can save money and you get a really good wooden toy.

Make a doll’s bed out of simple wooden materials

woodwork-kids-ideas-easy-instructions-round-head clips-chopsticks-ice-cream sticks

You will need four round head wooden pegs (also called American wooden pegs), four wooden skewers or wooden sticks, 6 – 7 ice cream sticks and glue. This simple construction is stable and durable

Bed frame made of round head wooden clips, wooden spatulas and skewers

woodwork-children-ideas-doll-bed-easy-instructions-wooden spatulas-chopsticks-round-head-clamps

When gluing, it is important to press the parts together until the wood glue has dried through. You still have to make sure that the bed does not get crooked, but that the parts of the bed that meet each other are at right angles to each other.

Sofa and bed in one with matching accessories


As soon as the doll’s bed is ready, you should also sew matching doll’s bedding. A pillow, a duvet and a mattress complete the overall picture. If several pillows are arranged on the long side of the bed, a comfortable doll sofa is created.

Make wooden dolls furniture yourself


Real solid wood furniture should not be missing in the Alpine style. Decorate the dollhouse with a round tree trunk dining table and mini branch-backed chairs. Thin wooden discs also serve as plates here.

Have fun with your children and conjure up decorative and practical objects from the natural material wood.