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Window pictures for Christmas – various techniques & templates for handicrafts for children and adults

Window pictures for Christmas are a great idea not only to create a Christmas atmosphere in the house or apartment, but also to make your home look cozy and Christmassy from the outside. That is why we would like to recommend that you make some yourself this year instead of the bought ones. You have various options for this, which we would like to introduce to you today.

Cut out beautiful window pictures for Christmas from paper - landscapes on the window

Both paper and the popular window colors are great if you want to make window pictures for Christmas. With a few simple templates, beautiful pictures for the windows are quick and easy. Take a look at the following ideas and choose your favorite idea to decorate your windows.

Window pictures for Christmas with window colors

Ideas for window pictures for Christmas - gifts and candy canes made of window paints

The classic self-painted window pictures made of window paints are a great idea if you are looking for colorful ideas. There are numerous colors available, so you are spoiled for choice. If you want to make window decorations for Christmas in the kindergarten, such window pictures are ideal. You need:

Make window pictures for Christmas yourself with window colors and Christmas templates - Rudolph

  • Window colors
  • Transparencies or sealable freezer bags
  • Templates of any motif (you can find a few ideas at the end of the article)

Window pictures for Christmas made of window paints are suitable for children and are fun

Insert the selected motif into the foil. You can also fix it with paper clips so that it cannot slip. And then you can start painting. Simply paint the motif in the desired colors on the foil. Make sure that all the colors and elements touch each other at the end so that a single piece is created. As soon as the colors have dried, you can simply peel the picture from the foil and stick it to the window. Do handicrafts in the day care center and then decorate the windows.

Window pictures with hot glue

Use clear snowflake made from hot glue or colored glue

As an alternative to window colors, you can also use the simple hot glue gun with hot glue, which is recommended for older children. Did you know that hot glue comes in a wide variety of colors? So you can find exactly the right one for your Christmas motifs. Of course, you can also use the transparent glue and decorate it with glitter while the glue is still wet.

Window pictures for Christmas - hot glue snowflakes decorated with glitter

Otherwise, make the window pictures for Christmas exactly the same as those made of window colors: Place a template under a piece of baking paper (the glue might be too hot for cling film) and transfer the motif with the hot glue. Since the gun releases larger quantities than, for example, the bottles of window paint, the hot glue cannot be used to create such fine lines. Keep this in mind when choosing your subject. Snowflakes are particularly suitable.

Window pictures for Christmas – children’s templates

Reindeer for children as a print template for painting with window colors

Snowman to print

Child-friendly window pictures to print out - paint a snowman with window colors

Candy canes as a template for window pictures

Candy canes as a template for children to make window pictures

Christmas balls

Design Christmas baubles - striped patterns and stars for the decoration of the window

Paint the snowflake with hot glue

Make beautiful snowflakes as window pictures for Christmas with hot glue yourself

Small snowflakes of different shapes

Templates for different types of snowflakes

Tinker window pictures for Christmas with children

Decorate window for Christmas with Christmas balls made of transparent paper

Parchment paper can be used to create wonderful pictures because, on the one hand, it is easy to work with and, on the other hand, its semi-transparent properties make it particularly pretty on the window. The Christmas balls in the example are just one of the many options for motifs that you have when you are looking for and making window decorations for Christmas for children. You need:

  • Parchment paper in white and bright colors
  • Glue (glue stick for smaller children)
  • duct tape
  • optional ribbon for hanging

Tinker window pictures for Christmas with parchment paper with the children in the day care center

You can use templates for these window pictures for Christmas or you can draw them by hand. Draw a circle on the white parchment paper (e.g. with a compass). Cut colored paper into snippets of any size. You then glue these snippets onto the circle. You can safely overlap the edge of the circle. Finally, just cut out the circles and your first window picture is ready. You can stick it to the window as it is with adhesive tape or make a loop beforehand from a ribbon, attach it to the Christmas tree ball and then fix it to the window.

Make snowflakes out of paper

Romantic window pictures for Christmas create a Christmassy atmosphere - idea with snowflakes

Crafted snowflakes are a particularly popular decoration for the window panes and if you are looking for a last-minute idea or just don’t have the time to get lots of materials in the craft store, this is the right choice for you. Children also enjoy such craft projects, since nothing more than paper and scissors are required. The paper is folded several times and then, depending on which type of snowflake is desired, incised in certain places. Here are folding instructions and a few templates to cut out:

White or blue paper is good for snowflakes

Use paper of any color for handicrafts

Beautiful paper snowflakes as a Christmas decoration to hang or stick on the window

Instructions for folding the paper

Instructions for folding paper to be folded into a snowflake

Templates for frozen snowflakes

Frozen motifs as snowflakes - the perfect window pictures for Christmas for the children's room

Cut out folded paper for different snowflakes

Instructions for snowflakes - fold and cut correctly for a nice decoration

Crafts for Christmas for adults with carving knives

Cut out landscapes out of paper and arrange them on the window or wall

Whole landscapes cut out of paper are a particularly nice idea. However, do not use simple scissors for this purpose, but a carving knife or alternatively a box cutter. Print out any template or draw your own picture. Cities or villages are particularly popular, but of course you can also choose forest or hill landscapes, as well as other types of Christmas motifs such as snowmen, Santa Clauses, Christmas trees and others.

Cut out pictures from paper or cardboard and with a sharp knife and decorate windows for Christmas

You will also need a pad to cut on. There are special cutting mats, but a wooden board is also suitable. You then place your template on this base. Hold it tight and start to cut out the design along the contours provided. Then you can easily stick the picture you have painted on the window. Below we have a few templates:

You can work precisely with a carving knife - Christmas landscape with a sledge

Make winter landscapes yourself

Idea for a Christmas picture for the window - snowman and deer in a forest on pine trees

Forest landscapes and villages are very popular

Tinker window pictures yourself for Christmas - ideas for adults and children

Templates for cutting with a craft knife

DIY window pictures for Christmas for adults - template for a winter village

Print out houses for a village at the window

Cut a village out of paper - stencil to print outCut out a village out of paper - stencil to print out

Use cities and villages as templates or draw outlines yourself

Use stencils for window pictures for Christmas or draw your own pictures

Ornamental Christmas tree to cut out

Original Christmas tree with ornaments as a template for cutting out pictures

Modern design for a Christmas tree by the window

Make your own window pictures for Christmas with a carving knife - template for a Christmas tree

Christmas tree template for cutting out or painting with window colors

Modern Christmas tree as a picture for printing - template for window pictures and for coloring

Children decorate the Christmas tree – a picture for the window

Template for cutting out window pictures - children decorate the Christmas tree

Precisely cut window pictures for Christmas – girl decorates a Christmas tree in the snow

Cutter stencil for handicrafts with a knife - A girl decorates a Christmas tree in the snow

Santa Claus with snowflakes as a window picture idea

Cut out Santa Claus with a cutter and make the window look Christmassy

Santa Claus in a sleigh

Santa Claus in a sleigh with horses and snow to print

Christmas ornament

Christmas ball idea to transfer on foil with bright colors

Decorate the window with paper Christmas decorations

Handicraft idea with a carving knife - cut out a Christmas tree ball and use it as a window picture for Christmas

Christmas picture with bell and angel

Make the window Christmassy with a picture of paper - angels, bells and stars

Beautiful arch with stars, candles and moon

Christmas bow with candles, moon, stars and fir tree

Cut out the bell with a craft knife and glue it to the window

Beautiful Christmas bell with stars to cut with a carving knife

Easy picture for printing – fir tree with fence

Christmas tree with fence to print out, cut out and glue

Pretty snowflake to decorate the windows for Christmas

Snowflake to cut out for children and adults as window decoration

The window in the nursery is decorated with a moon and angels

Cut out the moon, angels and stars with a box knife and use them as a picture for the window

Window picture idea for adults – angel with candle

Angel stencil for adults for handicrafts with a cutter

Simple Christmas tree with balls and garlands

For Christmas handicrafts with children in kindergarten - Christmas tree with balls to print out